New Thunder Show: A Nuke in 60 Seconds

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

We’re making the show together with you, our players!

Today we’re going to show you the penetrating force of the IS-2, a smart anti-air gunner, an amazing lucky Maus [mouse], and two episodes for the book of nuclear weapon records.

Live —



  1. 00:39 can you explain it? Type 75 SPH has 30 mm of side armour and IS-2 fuse sensitivity is 19 mm… so the shell should have exploded… and not continue in one piece to another two tanks!

    • If you go into the protection analysis you’ll see that the side armor has an effective thickness of 15mm against both APHE rounds available for the IS-2, still should have detonated after hitting some modules or after penetrating the plate on the other side, but i guess WT doesnt model that

  2. of course the guy who got nuke in a minute was using overpowered event vehicle he probably bought
    if youre considering to start playing this dont you´ll get into it and when you get to higher tiers you´ll suffer like hell but you´ll be unable to quit the game becouse you got too far to just drop it
    realy this should be considered promoting harmfull content since playing it can make you depressed like hell but its quite hard to fully stop playing it

  3. Hope your company goes bankrupt <3

  4. The fact that the l3 survived in the first clip 😂

  5. Guis if you want to bui for me T-55 Premium from russia because my dad dont want to bui for me!!Please!!My name in WarThunder is:baleamatei

  6. another fvcker CHEATER here: Emercom52 a radar and aimbot cheating pos scm 100%

  7. new CHEATER here: TIMONIMUS is a radar and aimbot cheating pos!! no doubt about!!!

  8. You should be ashamed of yourselves as a gaming company. Not this garbage vehicle out, pronto.

    If you really like noshing off Putin, could you at least close the curtains?

  9. You know, some companies actually have enough shame that they don’t advertise their blatant P2W.

  10. Thank gaijin for ruining every possible lineup in japanese tank tree 😀
    And also that you keep adding Br to japanese tanks that doesnt need it at all other than ruining lineup with them.
    Like how is Chi-he at the same Br like 105 mm sherman which act like heavy tank that can penetrate everything because of overpresure feature.
    Or how is Ho-Ri genke at the same Br as JagTiger? Or how is Ho-Ri production almoust Br higher than both Jagtiger and Ferdinant while having way worse gun and armour.
    Also thanks for adding s***** american tanks to the tree and japanese tanks puting as premium or event vehicle…
    Also what is with new simlutators? Simply ruined as well..

  11. 2:20 Why is this video called “a nuke in 60 seconds”, when at 2:20 the narrator clearly states it’s after 4 and a half minute? Please dont lie in your clickbait.

  12. Drambo 913 Wardas90

    It a bait for people to buy pt 76. They love money

  13. How do us console players send replays, I can’t even log in the warthunder website to send my replays!

  14. I quit 4 months ago…watching this made me realise of what a smart move i have done

  15. So Reddit says I should submit my videos to here but idk how

  16. Best example for OP Clown Tanks and Choppers.

  17. 0:30 Well the dude who used the L3 in a high tier battle also needs a good credit because he was so lucky from getting shot by an IS-6

  18. I love how they care more about the thunder show then the actual game its not hate i love wt

  19. PT 76 57 Is balanced right ?

  20. pt-76-57 cancer

  21. Remember to use nuke! It’s free! (Only for russians)

  22. why you give gold for luck not skill? xD wtf

  23. WOW!!! Serious skill! Aiming at targets from above with missiles and not having a single AA shoot you down! Awesome stuff, so here’s 5K GE for using brain dead vehicles. (pt-76-57 included)

  24. I love how the L3 is the only one that lived lol

  25. Q: are we allowed to use game mods such as custom sight, climb speed indicator, custom hangar, and custom soundpack? i’ve seen a few people claim to be banned without appeal over this.

  26. wargaming has done simmilar show that was called rng god or something like 4
    years ago

  27. In light of the lawless actions undertaken by the Russian government in Ukraine, and their continuing hostility towards that country, I am urging all conscientious people to abstain from participating in Russian media, and at the very least, to abstain from contributing money to it. This includes War Thunder, I’m afraid. I will not be playing War Thunder for the foreseeable future and will be boycotting all Russian products and services. I urge others to do the same. Every foreign dollar, euro, pound, dinar, peso, franc, real, krone, and rupee that makes it into Russia is aiding the Russian economy and supporting the actions of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. If you are moral and ethical people, consider what you now choose to do. A lot of innocent people just like you are about to die in Ukraine, and I cannot and will not be a party to it. I urge you to make the same moral choice.

  28. records don’t count with the PT-76-57

  29. Hi so i just watched the last minutes of this video, they say we can spill out our opinions yeah?
    So first of all, when I play 3.7 BR tanks I will most likely meet 4.7s, but the match I played today, I met a 3.7 BR tank while I was just using a KV 85 which is 4.7. I don’t know if it’s a big problem, but in my opinion that is quite a problem. Because while I play the 4.7 BR tank, it’s an advantage for me to kill the lower BR tanks. And when I play 3.7 BR tank, I have a big disadvantage of getting up tiered a lot which sometimes get me into trouble trying to penetrate Churchill’s armor.

  30. nicee, good job guys maybe one day that one kill of an entire match will be just good enough to get me in there! 8.0 i love america 😀

  31. Not even the most cancer ground vehicle can get on the same level of cancer a helicopter is

  32. Yesterday i got three kills in 6.7 with schturmpanzer 2

  33. another 100% aimbot cheating pos: =FUMUS= uguht shot without aiming over a rock behind a hill with a T80B and even could know there is a target he never could hit it,impossible shot from 600 meters, classic scum cheating pos

  34. Making ground vehicles face aircrafts is not pathetic and cancerous enought, have to reward the cancer who ruined the entire match, gajin is the worst

  35. another cheater, yes! another one: [VE13] LuftwaffelGoring another fvck pos aimbot wnker fvck off bstrd

  36. a fvck wnking new CHEATER here: Diabolicaleo a sht wnking aimbot cheating pos level 47 playing BR10 shoot from any distance and position without aiming or even see the target and kill with one-shot always

  37. fvck cheater scum here: [BUSTY] LuLw_150_ and this ahole level 23 player in BR10: [MERDE] _i_am_kobe_ radar and aimbot cheating bstrd

  38. 2:27 he just was in a hurry because mom was coming home and he needed to clean the dishes


  39. the next cheater ahole wnker: ^TAL2D^ MrRamRanch a 100% radar and aimbot cheating pos scm

  40. next 100% CHEATER: * 1DA * Runolist fvck sht aimbot cheating ahole

  41. Title has a new meaning

  42. someone in the opposite team of the pt7657 must have opened a 500%booster

  43. In the beginning clip I was going to cry if the L3/33 got hit

  44. Hùng Hoàng Việt

    spaa: pew pew
    kv-2: boom

  45. Максим Ермаков

    Gaijin Entertainment cannot be donated, every dollar invested by YOU leads to aggression against Ukraine

  46. here you have the next 100% CHEATER: =IPARB= SuperWidowMaker a fck piece of a 100%aimbot cheating bstrd

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