NEW Tier 5 MERICAN Tank (War Thunder 1.61 Preview)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

M60A1 & P-47N-15 New Vehicles!

Thanks for watching!


  1. PLZ ADD B1

  2. Nicholas Pollizzi

    honestly I don’t think gajinn Is really looking at the outcome of what
    will happen when they throw in the new m60 which at higher battle rating
    matches would just make America the top nation in tank rb and arcade
    battles. Now the thunderbolt is a different story I’ve had my go’s and
    gones with it when I got war thunder and I never fully trusted it because
    of it’s fat ass wings that always got me killed even if I did boom and zoom
    with it the p-47n would improve that area of diffulculty if you end up in a
    turn fight with the new p-47 so I fully trust this new improvement with the
    aviation area but not necesscarily about tank improvments… talk about
    video game politics people! ——__—–

  3. can u 1v1 with slick on war thunder plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. I really do think that War Thunder SHOULD go down the more modern and
    modern tanks, as well as more modern planes.
    I think they could do good with T-90s and M1A1 Abrams

  5. APFSDS stock please Gaijin.

  6. If I were to take the hangar name and ALL possibilities with Saud name we
    have “Specification N.113” the Supermarine Scimitar, the A7 a ww1 British
    submarine |or| п113 A7 the hangar from what I heard had the Tu-95 built in
    it o.o

  7. Litterally if Warthunder goes any farther in the future it’s gonna be m60a3
    then Abrams idk if that’s good or bad

  8. Don’t worry german players. We don’t get anything as per usual…
    Gaijin pls add more leopards.

  9. Russian Bias

  10. little seed that British hight tier tanks dont have HEATFS all other have
    it way not thay.

  11. you say the M60a1 will throw down any Russian T-54 it meets but you guys
    are forgetting the T-62 is probably gonna be added meaning again Russia
    gets best tank of its class not to say the m60a1 can’t hold its own but
    let’s be honest the T-62 will probably be a lot better

  12. Rick McLightning

    So the new update has some cool additions and all, but still no Japanese

  13. if there releasing the m60a1 why don’t they add the t62 and t72 might as
    well. modern warfare in war thunder would be great, better than armored
    warfare could ever be.

  14. Just a matter of time until they add the BUFF

  15. Baron could you drive out the canvernon?

  16. Baron, why don’t you and phly collaberate any more?

  17. Mike Hunt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Ah yes, improved armor… which is useless in top tier battles.

  18. I think Germany is a bit left behind…
    Fighting goddamn cold war era british russian and american tanks on my
    world war 2 damn tiger 1 and panther A


  20. Japan needs some love..

  21. Did anything happen to baron and phly?

  22. The Russians need a competitive top-tier tank which can counter the leopard
    and m60

  23. I’ve got an idea for a Friday series of like, Q&A maybe of some sort or
    FAQ’s, called either FAQ Friday or Faculty Friday!

  24. im soo happy that they are coming out with another m60

  25. TheKoorallchannel

    APDS reliably blows up ammo racks, I find. I don’t get what people are
    complaining about, regarding HEATFS being superior to APDS, since in RB,
    the player that gets the first penetration on the enemy, usually prevails
    in the engagement…

  26. chieftain ammo is great, I one shot most tanks with Sabot and hesh vs
    Russian tanks.

  27. well now i really hope they will introduce m1a1 at some point of game .. :D


  29. No M103A2? tell me if its can be added

  30. BaronVonPatton, the best nigga in murrica

  31. So Leopard 2A7+ confirmed … :)

  32. Baron we need a bt 42 a baby kv2 with a 122mm gun and the speed of a bt 7

  33. Captain Dreadnought

    oh for fucks sake gaijin how many more tanks are going to be premium

  34. will alow the americans to better go head to head with the russians ?!?!?
    .. wtf are u talking about ..?!?!?!
    have u ever played a STOCK t54 at the br it’s currently at ?
    …………the only tank in russian line that could go head to head with
    anyone even stock is T10 M …

  35. another tank stolen from wot, NICE

  36. ok that means that the leo 1a5 and the t62 is coming too maybe the
    chieftain mk.5 with the added turret armor too

  37. And t95 b47 t55 zsu 23-4 are coming in 1.61 …

  38. war thunder is getting out of hand

  39. am I the only one who wants a new tier 5 American heavy tank that’s not as
    much of glass cannon ?

  40. The tumor though….

  41. Барон, жги еще, отличные обзоры, юмор – даже мне русскоговорящему смешно, и
    побольше видео про WoW пожалуйста)

  42. WT claims that the M60A1 will be able to bounce T54 APBC shells off it’s
    mantlet…. Let’s see how far that goes.

  43. Sabot not that good? What, Gaijin doesn’t model the pyrophoric tendencies
    of pulverized metal, especially DU?

  44. no one need more top tier tanks armor is useless all you need is low

  45. The super bowl is rigged..

  46. Historically the Cheiftan Mk. 3 has several shell types

  47. baron can u play the full invasion 2 mod for mount and blade please

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