New Tier X Gun is SICK! 🔥 | World of Tanks 114 SP2 – Ranked Reward

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 114 SP2 Gameplay, Tier 10 Chinese Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Ranked Battles 2022 Season, New Ranked Battles Tank 114 SP2.

I got a chance to jump back into 114 SP2, tier 10 Ranked Battles vehicle. Turn out, this gun is definitely not made in China.. It is an absolute BEAST!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Ranked battles are close and soon players will be cruising with this tank, so let’s test it out one more time… The gun keeps surprising me, in a good way!
    What do you think about it? Are you getting this tank from ranked?

    • Should try running it without the vents. Try an IRM or Turbo instead. It already has great accuracy, reload, and gun handling. IRM would give you a faster turning tank/turret for target acquisition and turbo for enhanced mobility.

    • look at the replay again where you hit, you are aiming a bit close to the front, and the shell also somehow went down (luck lol)

    • Stop promoting a Russian game, and the war in Europe, by serving money to the Russians, that this game pays too.

  2. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Basically is a bigger Grille but much better gun handling, a fully rotate Turret and having high camo despite is bigger than an E 50 M ….

  3. And the trash wz114 ? I shoted 4 times to pen 5th time a tier 8 from side god

  4. let’s get it next year, I am not getting there anyway. And next year it is anyway much easier to get

  5. I know that you can hear an arty shoot coming. But I think sound detection should be a smart pick skill for the commander. You’re huge and made out of paper. I can see many HE arty pens in this box

  6. Kinda reminds me of a bigger and slower Leo 1 with a bigger gun

  7. Fez I would use the bond turbo you can choose when one gets this. Bond turbo improv aiming and rammer makes this very mobile while keeping the gun accurate. Try it out

  8. Wish I could get this but I wasn’t playing during the last 2 ranked seasons

  9. Chinese leopard confirmed?

  10. rustedniddleslinger

    I can’t get this cause I can only get 8 tokens. I missed the first season.

  11. you know I tried ranked since I already new that it will probably be an awesome vehicle… But it was just so frustrating to play ranked that it was honestly just not worth it… Good luck to anyone who still grinds this season though

  12. Literally thought this was a Jagdtiger from the thumbnail

  13. This tank is essentially a better grille 15. The only thing the grille has over this is a bit better speed and smaller size. This thing is just as accurate and has arguably a better gun. It can sidescrape, harder to pen with HE, and has more camo (which is the stupidest of all considering the size difference).

  14. This is no hate to you Dez but Id say hate to Wargsming… they add a tank with 650 alpha damage with 11 second reload… just that is insane… but then the aim time, and the acc is fucking insane with only 0.25 acc like wtf! Thats better than so many tanks… I think wargaming does this by fault… they want their game to be broken and unfaif. People wont even be able to out trade it with its super fast reload time… its just insane how they keep adding those insane tanks to the game.

  15. china must be paying war gaming for this one🤐

  16. So they made a better fv4005 with the only disadvantage being lower alpha dmg

    • Let’s be honest though, nobody plays the FV4005 because it’s a good tank, it’s not a good tank. You play it because you get 1750 alpha with the HESH.

  17. Alexandru Ghetaru

    Why are you promoting a company that supports invading Ukraine?

  18. As much as I don’t want to play another season of ranked battles, this tank looks like it should be fun to play. Another nice review Dez, thanks for the vid!

  19. Let me guess…
    “Existed only on blueprints”?
    Not interested.

  20. unsubscribing since I won’t be playing a game with business interests in Russia.

  21. How much tokens am I able to get in this season?

  22. This tank has a better dpm than grille, better shell velocity with gold APCR and not a shitty slow HEAT, better concealment than grille (dafuq the reason…), has a turret and is more armored against HE than grille… So yeah the grind seems worth (WG should at least gives some love to grille especially when you have retard TD like strv…)
    Altough this is one of the most painfull grind of my life cuz ranked are pure BS when you’re not playing meta tanks like kran/ S conq… Fortunately I only need 2 tokens from this season and I’m done with this mode…

  23. Nice,Nice!

  24. Played ranked only for the Bond Turbos.
    This tank is a nice extra on top. ;D

  25. why are you supporting a game HQ’d in a country that supports russia

    • Just because a company is based in a country with a bad government doesn’t make the people running it bad. Instead of blindly looking at where their head office is, why don’t you look at what they actually think, like how they fired SerB for supporting Russia invading Ukraine.

    • @TheGiantPotato so you are ok with paying a gaming company. which pays taxes in a country that supports russia and is using that tax money to support russia…interesting comrade.
      and unlike you,,,i do look at the big picture…see above

    • be calm vonn


    Looks like a piece of sh..t …. Why play with this wile you can dominate with grille 15 ????

  27. Day 2 of watching Dez have an “average” game that is better than most of “great” games

  28. I’d just like to thank you for cutting the battle replays and concentrating on the interesting parts. For me that makes watching the videos even more enjoyable.

  29. Another tank only limited ppl can get and you have to grind through ranked? Fuck you wg

  30. How can I obtain this tank? 🐻

  31. Meh, I’ll never get one 😁

  32. i see this as a BBC tank, and not even the whole holy water poured in my eyes will not erase the image im thinking of

  33. i want it sooo bad but unfortunately I started in the second season :(((

  34. Tobias Teichmann

    Why play with the sp instead of the grille?

  35. David Jamgochian

    Thanks for again and again !!

  36. Aiming time and accuracy is nothing without RNG…

  37. WG as always putting superior vehicles to branch tanks, 11sec recharge is crazy, and this tank has some armor, the grille should have an equal recharge.

    • Armor that only works against HE, has lower alpha so of course reloads faster and is way slower than a grille.

  38. Kenny James Woods

    thanks for your video Dez! 🙂

  39. “I’m a CC and when I reviewed this tank it delivered.”

  40. Imo the new ranked format is easy and much more enjoyable. I’m playing all 3 seasons for the sp2 in only the Leo 1 just for fun.

  41. Day 156 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  42. This tank is what grille 15 was supposed to be!!!

  43. Yet another tank to stay away from as a “normal” player.

  44. Wait u guessed 3857dmg and it was 3855 damn

  45. To bad no HE action 🙁

  46. Okumichi Shigeru

    the next tank like the excluded waffenträger auf e100…

  47. I feel bad, because in order to get it, i would have to get to the gold league because of the amount of tokens i have

  48. This tank looks fun to play sadly i wont be able to Get it because i just bought back my t10 tanks ._.

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