New Tier X VZ 55 is a BEAST!? | World of Tanks VZ 55 Gameplay & Review – Update 1.14 Review

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World of Tanks Vz. 55, Tier 10 Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Gameplay and Tank Review. World of Tanks 1.14 Patch Review – New Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree, Tank Rebalance, Safe Haven, Frontline 2021 Mode Comeback, Artillery Mission Changes and More!

Official 1.14 Patch Notes Article:

Today I am going to show you and play with the cherry on the top of the Czechoslovakian heavy tank tech tree – The VZ 55. This tank seems to be quite a Beast indeed…

Let me know what you think about that!

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Czechoslovakian Vz.


  1. I wish the would make heavies heavy again. Not something that is able to go 55km/h around the map like medium.

  2. Just nerf depression from -8 to -7 and it will be ok

  3. Jon .knallpistol

    Mr- Dez – the text and info in-game has a very small font, the tiny letters are very hard to read.

  4. I wonder if it will be used to clan wars/advances

  5. Not a player of this game but sure enjoy the Dez commentary, fun, interesting and entertaining with a splash of humor, time well spent thx Dez thumbs up.

  6. Hey Dez, are you still spamming gold and hating f2p arty?

  7. Can someone translate this into English?

  8. If not russian heavy tank or médium tank it should be nerfed, haha it cant be as good as russians, that wargaming do all the time…
    Nerf it If Its not russian.

  9. this game need a fucking string or chain for help rollover teammates not new tanks….

  10. An update I actually like? 😮

  11. Guess I will save some credits for it then

  12. It is like welcoming a new kid to class xd

  13. Vz 55’s 130mm gun be like BOOM – – BOOM

  14. Omg about 3 weeks i wast my last 30 polski blueprints xDDD

  15. kinda looks like the yoh line in blitz with the double tap guns

  16. 2×490 should be great. Maybe this will compete with the chieftain.

  17. More auto loaders, just what this game needs. Seems like every new tank that comes out these days is a autoloader.

  18. It’s vee not wee

  19. you know it will get nerfed before release

  20. mabey you can try to play with normal stuf not the best ?

  21. Great…..Kill the game play, THEN release new content. Sad…

  22. André Jespersen

    Don´t worry it will be a beast until the release date. And the night before it they will nerf it and there you go Rhino next to last piece of C.. tank 🙂

  23. better than rinoceronte, that’s for sure

  24. Butter Apple Pie

    The smell of op.

    • Only smells, it has a cupola that is quite easy to hit and penetrate, and the gold shells have low penetration
      Overall it’s balanced tank in my opinion

  25. Aun existe esa caga de juego ya no saben que hacer de seguro ya estan en tier 8 con bots por que ya no hay jugadores

  26. I love our flag on this tank and gameplay looks like fun

  27. Excellent bro

  28. An 277 with Clipper.

  29. Thing is literally a armored bourrasque

  30. thumbs up Dez

  31. More powercreep and it had to be armor meta too, what a surprise to no one…

  32. Obj 277 and wz 5a will be obsolete now!

  33. WG is gonna nerf it since it’s not a Russian tank

  34. Ralphy’s Replays

    Hey Dez, Rhm. Panzerwagons/Panzerwagens H.E has 120mm of pen has it been buffed or nerfed? i would like to know because you’re the one youtuber that could show us and i have tried searching for it.

  35. World of tanks has become a bad game, especially with the wargaming decisions, laughing at the players, it stopped being serious when camouflages with toilet paper drawings appeared,

  36. Why the fuck game showing me servers are tenporarly are unavailable wait untill it restart?

  37. Hey dez what about making a episode about the best raming tanks in the game ?
    And actually making some examples of massive rams like for example type 5 vs e100 on a downhill?

  38. looks great to me. I ll be grinding this. Good, but not OP and with actual weakspots. Fun to play(hopefully) and good for the game

  39. Interesting tank, OP in the right hands. Will be nerfed in an upcoming patch for sure, of course after thousands of people paid money to get it:)

  40. First literation…
    They will nerv them to the Death

  41. T8 has 25sec for 2×320 dmg, meanwhile Bourrasque 22sec for 2×360 dmg, ok, super balanced….

  42. Mattias Ronnberg

    Give drowning tanks some penaltys allready WG?!

  43. developers saliva dripping: we are again generating good revenue, a lot of stupid kids will developing it with a lot of gold exchange

  44. The intra-clip reload needs a nerf, now it’s just a Bourrasque at tier 10 with more armor.

    Maybe 3 second intra-clip and slightly more dispersion after firing. Other than that the tank seems nicely balanced with it’s armor profile and mobility.

  45. So 260 pen and 9.7s reload time with 0.3 dispersion on the single shot gun.
    Meanwhile E100 with the 128mm gun. 246 pen, 11.5s reload and 0.37 dispersion. Only thing it has better is 40 more alpha damage.
    Just another power creep day in WOT

  46. Deeeeez, PLEASE, tell WG to F… Frontlines and bring back STEEL HUNTER (with more maps and much more tanks). Its better than randoms and it can be good stand alone mode or stand alone game, thx

  47. Don’t worry they will nerf it so bad before release that it will be like the Rhino all over again a POS that almost nobody plays.

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