New TL-1 LPC, The Offspring’s Special Premium Tank | World of Tanks TL-1 LPC Review

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Source: DezGamez

TL-1 LPC, New 8 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks The Offspring Special Tank TL-1 LPC, American Premium Medium Tank with Pretty Fly Special 3D Style.

Couple months ago I was able to share details about the TL-1 LPC, upcoming tier 8 American tank. We didn’t know what WG is going to do with , but today it arrived with a bang.

It is dedicated to The Offspring, with special 3D Style called “Pretty Fly”. It looks… hmm, let’s say different! 🙂

What do you think about it?


  1. Cant wait for the Miley Cyrus arty premium arty.

  2. Well non-historical camo is going to be turned off for me , that thing is so fucking stupid I don’t know were to start .

  3. I`m waiting for Astral projection tank 😉

  4. What a nubbin he didnt even see the album work on the boards

  5. This looks like it was planned to be a “fixed” T95E2, but someone in the office thought of making it a premium instead…

  6. Sabaton > Offspring

  7. its a black paint job, with a tacty band name on the side, in white. oooh wow … … … … The Primo Victoria … looks way better.

  8. They just completely went off the rails with this camo. Horrendous assault on the eyes. Way overdone.

  9. Boudicawasnotreallyallthat Smith

    Poonk rock. Lol

  10. I love it. here take my money WG

  11. Don’t use smooth ride in the first 4 skills

  12. Is the guitar on the right side of the turret modeled off the ones the use? Must be. Cool.

  13. They never had a chance

  14. This is so stupid. Please give me a plain tank.

  15. I think this skin has too much going on. Needs to be toned back a bit. With the Primo Victoria there were still some special things relating to the band with it but it didn’t overpower the tank and make it look bad. I’m glad it’s removable though, gives people who don’t like the skin the option to remove it rather than be stuck with it like you would be with some other tanks. Definitely did well on this one.

  16. they could add weather system , day and night , maybe campaigns vs npc , but what do they , making more dumbass stuff

  17. I’d buy it but I hate that camo

  18. Republic Of Texas

    I think the skin is rediculous and stupid but since you can take it off I might buy it

  19. Leave the speakers, remove the rest of the shit, allow it to play ride of the valkeries. Enemy can hear it when in proxy range. As a murican medium owner, that thing is fast.

  20. For Fucks Sake ~ more fucking premiums ~ WG accountants have totally taken over game content. ~ funereal dirge plays in background……………

  21. this tank just look a like a chieftain tier 8…… i love it very much…….. ^^

  22. poonk.. love it.

  23. This is stupid. Give me an Iron Maiden tank instead…. y’know… a legendary, relevant band on a sold-out world tour with a catalogue of military-inspired songs… throw “UP THE IRONS” on the side and watch the sales roll in.

  24. Well, I’m hoping that this is an indication that WG will start setting more aesthetic-only stuff, and start getting away from selling OP tanks. Also, does anyone look at this tank and think “THIS NOISE PLEASES SLANESH!”

  25. A tier 8 M60…
    I won’t buy it just because of that huge fucking advertisement on the side.

  26. I expected an Offspring inspired tank to look more like some sort of Crazy Taxi 😉

  27. Can you transfer the crew in other Merican tanks?

  28. Oh great, another WoT Premium tank that is basically unnecessary, as it looks like a further “cash grab” by WG.

  29. It is ugly AF for my taste :/

  30. As a theatre technical I do believe that it isn’t a smoke machine on top of it.

  31. You only Die when you get killed

    So it’s a t95e2?

  32. Please say each number after the decimal separately. It’s still really triggering.

  33. Gayest tank yet

  34. Honestly it looks amazing and starts are good and higher than others like T26E4 S.P. but I was expecting better voice commands more unique to the band…like most they said are the normal USA ones… I feel disappointed in terms of crew voices!

  35. All that crap on the tank is why I aint getting it, looks bloody stupid

  36. Where is my John Denver “Rocky Mountain High” mountain goat, All Terrain Vehicle, AND special mountain goating maps, ( toggle them on or off).

  37. The german voiceover is still better IMO… I don’t speak german very well but it makes me laugh almost every time 😀

  38. Well, I see no necessity spending Euros to WG. 😉

  39. Already hate this thing. OPed for the next two weeks then off to turdom !

  40. WOW wargaming finally made a balanced premium tank. Thank you wg.

  41. its a nerdy looking tank and I love them making skins like this a lot! but make it more punkrock, the offspring is commercial grunge at best.

    but lets be honest, the offspring was fun in 1997. a couple of 50+ dudes singing the kids arent alright talking about how damaged your tank is is pretty sad.

  42. Uh nothing unique crazzy view range 415 stock and alpha on gun 280 average I have hit for 340. Sorta like the lansen

  43. The drum set on the tank had me laughing my ass off!!!! Way to much shyt on that tank. The stats don’t look good on pen and the fact I dislike The Offspring music and I have better tier8 prem mediums I will not be buying this. Only thing I’m missing out on is 4 crew members with 2 skills already but I’m going to use my money I would have spent on this tank and I’m just going to finish my great race commandeers with gold and have 3 two skilled crew anyway.

  44. Forgot to ask can you move this crew to another American medium tank? Can you re-train for another American class? Also why not fix the observation device when it broke at 5:16? Doesn’t that effect view range?

  45. Thank you copywrite laws for sparing my ears.

  46. Pavel Medek aka Meddy

    I like those 3D styles, but I have to say this one is not so great as I thought it could be. Too many speakers here all around. I hoped for something more punk related.

  47. Pretty fly for a White guy

  48. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    Seriously, who waste’s money on this…

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