NEW Trading Event for T-22, Kirovets-1, Bond Equipment and More 🔥 | World of Tanks Trading Caravan

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New Trading Caravan Event 2022 – Offers for Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks, Bond Equipment and More. World of Tanks Kirovets-1 Premium Heavy Tank, T-22 Medium Tank.

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Today I have a very special news episode for you, featuring new event called Trading Caravan… Very special, because it was recorded LIVE together with my live stream . 🙂

What do you think about it?


  1. hello YT from twitch

  2. Hallo again from Twitch

  3. So, what is your take on the topic? Looking forward to it or not? 🙂
    Also, the CODE: MU6WRWOTYTFEBRUARY – Worked on EU at least. If you have codes for other servers, feel free to share them!

  4. Hi YouTube, diz is Twitch

  5. I wanted to hear about your thoughts about this Dez, I’m concerned about the value this year, since this is this year’s Black Market.
    Last year I got the Death Star! Will this year yield as much value?

    • If this is the replacement for BM i think we are better off, no need to show up during certain hours to see if you want something and no auction to inflate price

  6. The Sanity Assassin

    Hello to the DezNation from the Twitch Beasts

  7. Dez — You are the best, bless you.

  8. I was there was it happened!

  9. Dez — The prices are not discounted. Bounty Rammer is the same. So, where is the discount!

  10. It’s always when I spend all my credits that stuff for credits comes up like this lol

  11. Dez — Sadly, many of the sales by WoT have in the past, been nothing to get excited about. I fear this will be another major disappointment.

  12. Hello Dez! I think the t22 would be nice to get.

  13. Kirovets-1 = Obj 703 ii but with only 1 gun lol

  14. putin ned monwy for war…pay moreee

  15. I do like the idea of the save for a particular purchase. You may want to think about it or see what else may show up next. Thanks again for another great informative video! You are my “go-to” contributor for all things WOT! Take care and stay safe.

  16. I want su 130 pm

  17. So how is this trading when you still have to buy the shit? That isn’t trading.

  18. I have 151 premium tanks, so the only tank deals i should get is the new ones correct?

  19. Wake me up when they sell Bond Turbo….

  20. Ill take kirovets for this year, and that eill be bout it

  21. another stupid event that makes no sence when you trade a tank for a tank and u still have to pay some extra golds for it

  22. Chromium Photography

    Will there be a list of everything available – have a feeling it will be more hype than substance. Not going to skip if what is on offer is garbage.

  23. Ok, honestly: I will try to get that Kirovets. Despite the gunstats already being shitty back in 2018 when there were some reviews on youtube!
    A tier 8 premium heavy is max 10600 tot 10900 at max price, so anything more is just a cashgrab. I’ll give probably an extra 10% for the ‘hype’ which means I’ll force myself to not exceed a 12.000 gold price. If it goes for credits, ah well, no idea, I have plenty, but I’d think 18-19 million would be a max.
    But we’ll see. I hope they have put the ShPTK-TVP 100 into it as well, sneakily, because that is the tank I have been waiting for, for a while now!

  24. holy shit finally, kirovets have been in the game files for years, i was wondering when it was going to be released, pretty much 703-ll hull with is3 turret and gun (well is3 has better soft stats in the gun)

  25. code is not for NA

  26. Is this instead of the Black Market this year, or an additional event do you think?

  27. kirovets-1 have worse gun handling then the IS-5. Just F*** no, I’m not even remotely tempted.

  28. Seems like I have 50+ premium tanks on my 10 year old account so I’m always curious what it’ll show me. Last black market I got a key for FV215b so it worked for me…

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