New UDES 03 Alt 3, a Reward Tank? | World of Tanks UDES 03 Alt 3 Preview – Update 1.8+ News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks UDES 03 Alt 3, New Tier 9 Swedish Medium Tank. World of Tanks New Reward Tank? World of Tanks 1.8+ Patch News.

Today I have some early details to share with you about one of the upcoming tier 9 Swedish medium tanks called Udes 03 Alt 3. This tank looks like a slightly upgraded tech tree Swedish medium tanks, not super impressed by it, so far. Will see, or maybe I am missing something.

What do you think about it?`
What would you like to see my Commander name being?


  1. So, the first and the last name of my in-game Commander… Give me something! 😛 How should I be called?
    I may pick something from the comments! ?

  2. Usernam: Count_Gorgonzola
    Server: EU
    Dez Ignator

  3. Name: trollmaster13 serwer: EU

  4. How about Dez Rumble because rumble is how I think of you voice and a rumble is a fight, like a tank fight.
    no name I got the tank. marry X-Mass

  5. >Iwanttohithemwithmysword
    >NA server

  6. Vallutaja Dezmond (Dezmond the conqueror)
    Username: MaddScottsman
    Server: EU

  7. prevenge

  8. DezBeast
    Eu server Korih0r
    I already have strv premium (first premium tank) so or type 64 ? or give someone else ?

  9. guigui222
    I would say : Deznutzer !

  10. IGN: Mkroets
    Server: NA

  11. Dez Bonez

  12. I dub thee Dez Chainz
    Username: Ace_With_The_Mace
    Server: SEA

  13. HastaDezVistaBaby

  14. Username: alf2499
    Server: NA

  15. Name: Nordk
    Server: EU
    Answer: Dez FourYou

  16. Username: Zaijtsev
    Server: EU
    DezBoss or DeztheBoss or commanDez

  17. Name: NovaFantom
    Server: NA
    answer: DEZmond Howard

  18. User: Catalin_campean
    Server EU
    DeZmember/ DezAssemble

  19. Username: ThorVonTeutoburg
    Server: EU
    Answer: Dezmond “The Boss” Nutshipper 😉

  20. Username: Polish_Soldier
    Server: EU
    DeZert DeZtroyer

  21. Dezperado, Deztiny, Dezstar

  22. Name: Sir_Tanken
    Server: NA
    Answer: Commander Dezerve Boomstick. Up and at ’em Lads!

  23. Answer:Watterson Dezonfo III(third)kidah american italianish sounding Name:SDA001 Server:EU

  24. Server: EU
    Username: giaco1799

  25. Name: suskutti
    Server: Eu
    Answer: Dez “Helmut” Est (and no,its not typo)

  26. Name: SunK1sS
    Server: EU
    Answer: I’ll keep it short and simple. Cpt. Dez

  27. Hey Dez, merry Dezmass to you.

    Maybe think about the name: Deztonian beast, or Deztonian tankist … it uses your country and dez together.
    My name: Iceman_42ndCSVS, server: EU

  28. username: tank_master_sniper_
    server: EU
    Answer: DizzyDezLeader

  29. Answer: Deztinator
    username: Klickinator
    server: EU

  30. Name: julien25102001
    Server: EU


  31. Name: __Vegeta__
    Asia server.

    Answer: King. Dez.

  32. Username: Quenqeror
    Server: Asia
    DE BeasZ

  33. NA server Sippy_Cup_Kid

    Baron Von Dezenoff

  34. Name: skeri123
    Server: EU
    Answer: Sgt. DezNuts

  35. Name:tankkillerkevin
    Commandername: Commander Deztroyer

  36. Answer: slidingindezDM
    Ingame: 2512
    Server: eu

  37. Answer: Dezmond Gamezson
    Server: EU
    Username: Pszemyslav

  38. IGN: VonBenyo
    Server: EU
    Name: DEZminator

  39. Username: Cvele__15
    Server: EU
    Commander Deztroyer

  40. Username: btay114
    Server: NA
    New In-game name: Dezorder

  41. Username: evosieg
    Server: SEA
    “Deznots Unyorfez”

  42. username :Hellmarch99
    server :EU
    your commander name: Dezzy Dizzy or Dezz BezFace(no face)

  43. p14b (EUK2)
    (if i did win could i give the T6 to my platoon friend)

  44. Username: _Ilija__2016
    Server: EU
    Your commander: DezMas

  45. The turret looks like tier 8 which is penned by everything hull overmatched by everything garbage tank nice vid Dez merry Christmas

  46. Username: “_Shot_Gun_”
    Server: “EU”

    Cheers Dez!

  47. Name : Dezmus Ex, Dezmond The second, Dezmond Youtubesku 😉
    Server EU
    My name : armoredpsycho

  48. Dez the HEZH or Beastnutz 😀
    Username: DeathRave
    Server: EU

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