New Unique Big Alpha Chinese Tank? | World of Tanks 122 TM Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 122 TM, New Tier . World of Tank New Unique Premium Medium Tank? World of Tanks 122 TM Preview. World of Tanks Update 1.11+ Patch.

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Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction
00:55 | 122 TM Introduction
01:50 | Official Description from WG
02:50 | 122 TM Tank Specs (Early Details, Subject to Change)
06:40 | 122 TM Opinion
08:13 | Prime Gaming
09:20 | Outro

► Information from: WG

It was over a week, guys, since WG has released new information about the upcoming tanks, but today this chain going to break. I am going to share some very early details about upcoming tier 8 Chinese medium tanks called “122 TM”. Which is unique in many ways, the name, the firepower… Take a look at the video and you will see what I mean.

What do you think?


  1. Some hot-fresh-juicy news for you, before you are going to enjoy your weekend!
    Have a good one, my friends!

    • Sir Wöhrnen von Wernohn

      I mean, I love my T-34-3 and it’s my most played tank but what’s the point of playing this tank if that thing is around and the only advantage (preferential mm) is not working. Guess my T-34-3 is getting power creeped even more…

    • Interesting fact: those bars mounted on both sides of the turret are actually ATGM launchers, they should add those also😂

    • @DezGamez the 122 is just the number after 120(t9) and 121(t10). It has maybe a 122mm canon . Or a 130mm canon. But that would be a weird combination.

    • No comparison of stats to similar tank t-34-3 dez?

  2. Who needs a Chinese premium medium tank ? They need to buff tech tree tanks !

  3. 16 second reload for 400 alpha? No thanks.

  4. i haven’t played for so long so i hope this update will bring me back to wot

  5. Put new premium tank ! Forget to make Other in line playable ! I like wz -120 but accuracy and the most improtant -3 depresion makes this tank worst t9 medium tank.

  6. WG again got wrong dealer with a drug…

  7. 16sec reload time 😂

  8. Daugirdas Kulvicius

    Stats of a tier IX tank. premium. yes seems like something wg would do

    • It’s got 1600 DPM and mediocre everything. There is nothing op about it. You are the reason why never listens to players, because morons like you will just never be happy

  9. Seems balanced… Dpm of 1500 is gonna keep your performance in check

    • Daugirdas Kulvicius

      no it won’t, because you can play a hill with 0 pens on your turret and you can even win trading agains’t same tier heavies

  10. So when are they going to buff my Lowe I bought 6 years ago so it can be competitive again?

  11. I played the t-44 with the 122mm quite a few times for the memes and the dpm is so bad it’s unbearable… Now seeing this tank… just imagining playing it scares me…

  12. Look that 1500 hit point . For a medium tank ? Same as heavy tank Wg while wants to make money

  13. I would buy it but not even 2k Dpm with full purple eq food and directive that’s soo bad

  14. I think it’s not suitable for a medium tank role plus it can’t 1v1 properly, not a good tank with these stats imo.

  15. Sheesh, 1 hour and already 2k views

  16. Νίκος Χελιδώνης

    The gun is smoothbore and fires apfsds in reality. But in game it is implemented as apcr. Also I this cannon is actually a licensed copy of a German one. The tank is definitely an interesting one. Plus, I think that this version of the wz 122had a hydropneumatic suspension. It would be nice if they implement this feature.

    • The 122-1 did have hydropneumatic suspension, though not quite for the same reasons. While something like the Japanese Type 74 had a 3 axis hydropneumatic suspension (tilt forward/backwards, raise up/lower, and tilt left/right). However, for the Chinese at the time, this was a very new and complex system. As such, it only operated in one axis, and that was only the ability to raise and lower the vehicle as a whole (no tilt). The main reason was they wanted a softer riding suspension. However, by the time of 122-2 (and later 3), the decision was made to cut the hydropneumatic suspension and opt for simple torsion bar suspension.

    • B. Feltwell wz122A is the version with hydro pneumatic suspension, wz122b returns back into mechanical suspension because it is too much difficult to make reliable hydro pneumatic suspension

    • B. Feltwell the in game 122tm should be the B model

  17. Lower the reload to 13 secs and you have a darn good tank…

  18. its more like a fast moving TD than a Medium.

  19. med with Gut alfa , Nice Armor ,speed 55km/h
    Heavy tanks: 🤔okay

  20. This might be one of the loot boxes tanks.

  21. This is joke, 299 pen on VIII tier medium tank. IS-7 has 305 on tier X XDDDDD

  22. Its slower than all wz111 heavy tanks and worse hp/m

  23. Look like we will have a healthy and balance tank, i guess

  24. Great now we have a Chinese version of the Chimera

  25. Mark my words THEY WILL NERF ITS GUN HANDLING they always do and maybe the apcr pen. Really looking forward to this i love Chinese mediums.

  26. I doubt a lot of stupid players will think it is invincible and go on have brawl with heavies and die helplessly and blaming the tank is a trash

  27. ROLM radio operators lives matter. Yea i said it. Ask the kv 5.

  28. This might be a better version of the T-34 American Heavy Tank but its an Chinese Medium Tank

  29. this is why im playing online free games Im starting to hate wot now so tried of the pay to winess

  30. and the PTW tanks wot isn`t even any fun anymore

  31. this is so fricking retarded wish they just had historical tanks lol

  32. 2:50 savage cut

  33. Seems interesting, but that reload is far to bad for a medium. Not sure in the effective it’s gonna be competitive

  34. what is that pen

  35. When will they reveal all the tanks officially?

  36. 1500 dpm with a good dpm pen and armour ? forget about 16 seccond its can be reduced by use a skill perks and consumables and directives. i hope this tank is sightly worse camouflage

  37. next powercreep. this is was a real premium tank should be: better than all his brothers at the techree. dont like, war gaming.

  38. T-34-3 Gameplay! 😀 My fav tank (my most played tank ^^)

  39. Well, the 121b has a 105mm instead of a 121mm…

  40. Best tank ever for trades… ridiculous stats… better than nearly every HV of T8 (armor and gun) except for reload time but with medium mobility and camo.

  41. A Chinese tank with gun depression woah

  42. Ok they set the tone: High-Alpha good gun handling. We saw this in the CS-52 LIS, and now this one… The power creep is real! And the turret armor… next Hull-down monster.

  43. Just another money grab. So I’m guessing I don’t need to snipe with any tds. That’s all this useless piece of c r a p is going to do. Don’t waste your money. There is no way you could brawl in this tank. 16 seconds reload. Are you kidding me WG ?

  44. New t8sh heavy incoming 😍

    Edit: they should bring it as CW reward or sth. like that

  45. I like pancakes

  46. uhhh, the 1500 is not the dpm, thats it HP pool

  47. The second 430U ?

  48. I guess this will be in the lootboxes this year

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