New Update 1.14.1 in 108 Seconds – All You Need To Know!

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World of Tanks Update 1.14.1 Patch Review – Buffed, Tank Type 59 and Type 59 Gold Buffed, Map Changes, Field Modification Improvements and other Changes.

Today I am going to let you know everything you need to know about Update 1.14.1 in 108 seconds. It was not the biggest patch, but some good things and improvements still.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Finally switching off the alt configuration warning is very nice.

    Server: NA

  2. nice format dez,keep up the good work

  3. My fav part of the update is bug fix on overturning and drowning icons, definitely:-D

    Nickname b1zz4r3 Server EU

  4. the medium buffs are nice…ty for your vids….Boodabee…NA

  5. Once u really could make some Sliphantom-cameo with “Thank you and now f@ck off !” at the end…just for lolz… 🙂

  6. Bacon

    Name: TerraInvicta
    Server: EU

  7. Really warnt to Grind out 121 now.

    Soul_Surfer from EU

  8. Wait wait… Who did the what why?

  9. I like that new format short and straight to the point, now i wait for that update to start grinding chineses mediums !
    Name : RoMiX_Fr
    Server : EU

  10. Added some useful things, nothing special imo
    Server: EU

  11. I am most grateful for the fixes to drowning timer not showing, now I will drown way less in my arty!

    Nickname: Herpedodo
    Server: EU

  12. As long as German tanks are historically accurate, buff everything else please… Fucking WG…..

  13. I like this short format. Good video Dez.
    Name: JediKing2004
    Server: EU

  14. NERF GOLD when???? I don’t want to see everyone spamming gold like a mf.

  15. great. best update ever. more like that.

  16. they basically implemented a windows setting with the extra decimal on the reload timer

  17. Repair timer is the most important thing imo.
    T3erik, EU

  18. So, actually another update other games would call a minor patch again.

  19. Now thinking about trying the new chinese meds:)

  20. I looking forward the new tanks (im mostly interested in knwing how to get them. hopefully at least one is a reward for something :))


  21. Nice dez. sometimes i dont have enough time to watch full episodes. This was rly informative and short. Good job. 🙂

  22. wow, WG really done it repair timer, i wonder what’s next…

    Username: ScorpioZs
    Server: ASIA

  23. *chefs kiss

  24. Chinese mediums are finally getting some love!

    Name: Jakaja
    Server: EU

  25. Freshwater Spaceman

    Nothing important then. Onwards to the next non-patch Wargambling!

  26. I wont play the chinese meds but ok and they should give us all the stats but trek rep is a start 😉

  27. The most rigged video game on this planet and they still keep digging it even more

  28. “_Rocko_”

  29. Epic video

  30. OMFG I died when you mentionned the repair time requested by absolutely no one and we all want 3D penetration models and stuff xD

  31. Slobodan Stankovic

    Bringing Chinese tanks into meta.

    Nick: NousInfinitum
    Server: EU

  32. Tank you very much

  33. nice change with shorter to the point videos, instead of 25 mins videos

  34. Доржоо Баяраа

    That is super good waste no time

  35. Favourite part of the update is fixing the drowning bug so the arty know when they’re drowning.
    Username: Plumfish47 Server: Asia

  36. Lowe this speed and accuracy mate you are the best! 🙂

  37. Me stopping binge drinking again. And there is new update in world of tanks and new things going on. Thank You Dez for informing alcoholics.

  38. best updates video series on the entire world wide web
    nick: MungosXT
    server: EU

  39. Nice format Dez

  40. i don’t know if i like this yo thanks, they feels BS

    but i don’t care and like you anyway
    ps: Russko server EU

  41. 121 buff….interesting

    server EU

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