New Update 1.16.1 in 178 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Update 1.16.1 Patch Review – New Vehicle Outlines, Frontline Comeback, Art of Stragety Game Mode, Object 279A and More. What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.16.1 Patch.

Update 1.16.1 Patch Notes:

Another update is and this get some interface improvements and changes + new game mode called Art of Strategy, Frontline comeback, Object 279A added testing and more!


  1. How do you rate this update and what do you think about the new outlines?
    Have a good one, stay safe and catch you soon!

  2. Synthetic Danimal 90

    I with they would remove spotting all together, you should be able to be seen across map, would make it so you actually have to hide correctly

  3. 2:43 i rather WG supertest/release the TS-54 rather than another Soviet HT…as if we need more of them in the game.

  4. that lag when u want to leave battle is very sweet.


    RIP World of tanks

  6. Dez once again faster then my sex life impressive…

  7. i have to correct you, this is not the Obj 279A, but the Obj 259A… great content, as usual 😉

  8. Holy what? RTS style World of Tanks. Honestly, that sounds like a helluva lot of fun. Hopefully it’s actually done well

    • Its pretty fun ngl, but one bad thing is that the meta is very well armored tanks and a lot of camping, but the controllling of tanks and all is amazing

  9. Love these videos, thanks dez

  10. Just Doing It Jim

    You can no longer scroll to see who was shooting what at you in the hit register. All you can see is what’s viewable at that moment. Match Making has changed also. I don’t know the specifics yet, but for me it sucks. Arty view range was changed. In the ground view it’s no longer smooth, it’s choppy or lagging! It takes longer to enter a battle now and when coming out of a battle, that takes longer also! This new update was pretty much a big nerf on the whole game!

    • the first thing sucks, didnt notice any changes to mm, i dont play arty and on what server are you playing on for mm to be longer?

  11. Mikhail Vershinin

    So they made it easier for muppets

  12. More feautres for new generation Z (like zero brain cells).

  13. might be a very unpopular opinion but Frontline should be tech tree only vehicles.

    • Then it would not be played that much.

    • @DezGamez true but it becomes a deterrent to play when you face monsters like the Skoda t56, the t77, renegades and progress and even the Skorpions and ebrs . Would be better if ot was tech tree only BUT you could make way more credits and XP similar to playing a premium tanks with premium time.

    • @DezGamez if the credit income of standard vehicles was increased in Frontline to prem vehicle level it would certainly be played by a lot of players.

  14. BenW Piano Covers

    and they keep removing climbs:) wg basically openly telling people not to invest in playing this game because whatever advantage you try to get by learning/discovering stuff is gonne get taken out anyways:) world of tanks, the game where you are not allowed to be a good player

  15. This game trash full off chetears end , scam game fraud game , garbeage game chetear rng nat wort to play, the world of tanks the mowst chetear game in the world

  16. The new outline thing is kinda useless. sure it will show wether or not you can shoot him, it wont show if youre gonna pen them. so bad players will just shoot them cause it shows they can hit him.

  17. i have ping problems 🙂 200 ms and its unplayable

  18. Recker_YT -StayFrosty

    I like the “company of heroes” gamemode. Cant wait

  19. I knew about the E8 climb, but it is very difficult. Never knew the south spawn climbs even existed

  20. Object 259A not 279A. Description gave me a heart attack.

  21. Dez and his chat are always nice to me.

  22. Alexander the great

    I hate invisible walls. Why does wargaming patch them. Pointless

  23. I’m most excited about frontlines, tbh.

  24. love this quick update news video. 🙂

  25. It’s about time WG changed the outlining.

  26. Is it out in the live server??? I’m a weekend worrier so idk shit

  27. There was a mod that did the same job as the outlining and people were banned for using it.
    Are Fraudgaming going to reinstate those accounts??

  28. That outlining is ugly, less to learn for nubs. F this Ruski tanks spam…. Sadge

  29. Hate the penetrable and the impenetrable texture bit of this patch they are adding stuff like this for ease of use. I’m starting to wonder what’s left for people to master and i wouldn’t be surprised to see mods that are borderline cheats end up in the game.
    we’ve seen one already in the commander view lmao funny how they called it that and no CC cared but prior to it’s inclusion plenty did a youtube vid on the mod pack with the same view condemning it, unfair advantage many said.
    I’ve seen this ‘let’s make this easier’ attitude happen in a few games now (most notably Eve online) when they struggle for new players so they dumb it down and make it easy it’s just shit and ends up killing the game for those that have played it for years.

  30. Unnecessary, dumbed down, distracting, immersion breaking.
    Why was this needed ? Where there that many snowflakes whining about having to learn how to shoot ?

  31. Outlining…… good luck doing the blocking missions from now on (or the combined ones).

  32. so…lets dumb the game down MORE, rip crap gaming company

  33. Anyone remember the sharpshooter medals? my panther was a god back then.. so how about a whole new update to allow the player base to play the game from whatever years update they wish to play. for me 2012-13 was about the most fun. skip all the bull and just play the game from whatever year was the one you liked the best.

  34. Slow the speed on that obj259a!!!!

  35. short and sweat, i love it!

  36. I do not like it but enjoy.

  37. Hey Yuri the players are noticing the bots in the game what should we do?”

    Let’s just call it a feature and make a game mode out of it then we can charge them more?”

    That’s an excellent idea Yuri I’m going to go swim in my pile of money and think about it for about 3 seconds.”

  38. in playing strategiest do you need tier X tanks in your garage?

  39. Cristian Nicolae Marin

    The CT is still working?

  40. LOL Dez, “as if we need more Soviet Heavies”.

  41. The outline feature is heavily buggy. Enemies have green, friendlies have Red lines.

    How on earth can this in such a state pass the beta test?

  42. Outlining, another advantages for tomato players.

  43. I want to count removing tier IXs from Frontline a victory for us! It pretty much the only thing we got. We got wall cheats to lower the skill level even more, and make the games even faster and raise the cancer level, and also brand new invisible walls, so you cant use “unplayable area” that wargaming puts in their maps because they suck at map design.

  44. Where can i find the song name?

  45. Dumbed down the game again, the cheaters controlling the game mods now. If you cannot stop cheaters join them poor poor WG

  46. Next trash update. *Sad* what is happening to this once great game.

  47. Hey, can you turn OFF the background music in your recent vids, please?
    It is very distracting and offers nothing beneficial.

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