New Update 1.16 in 128 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

World of Update 1.16 Patch Notes Review – K-2 and ShPTK-TVP 100 Premium Tanks, Map Changes, Battle Pass 2022, Season 7, New Tanks Cobra, Lorraine 50T and Ranked Battles Reward Tank 114 SP2.

– Update 1.16 Patch Notes:

Update 1.16 will be here tomorrow, so let me quickly tune you in what is going to be new in this update.

What do you think?


  1. Wanted to upload completely new game for the channel, yesterday actually, but ran into some encoding issues while editing/rendering. Fixing it and hopefully tomorrow.
    But in the memetime, here is all you need to know about update 1.16. How do you feel about it?

    • I feel like its gonna br super annoying for the defending team now on ghost town and that the redshire assault mode will be unballanced.
      Apart that I honestly cant wait to get the 114 SP2 after so much time spent in ranked

    • Wish the advanced stages weren’t so expensive in gold for battle pass…otherwise still excited for it.

    • I like the map changes, and look forward to assault mode on red shire

    • Good video but would have been better for my OCD if it would have been 116 seconds long!

    • Just wanted to mention that NA did not get Improved Hardening. :o(

  2. Aloha; thanks Dez for the quick update! Mahalo

  3. when we gonna get hands on that sp2 ?

  4. Dez, Am I reading the token cost on one of the two new battle pass tanks to be greater than all the tokens that can be obtained for all seasons? What is the point? Also, I think you can only buy improved equipment once with tokens, which is a bit disappointing.

    • jose armando borjas gomez

      he forgot to say that you get 3 more tokens per battlepass in the standar pass meaning that you get 4 tokens in each stage of the free battle pass meaning that you get 12 tokens per battlepass, and with that you only need to grind two fully to get the cobra.

    • Don’t talk to me about tokens! I took so long to decide last year which tanks to buy (I had like 22-24 tokens?) and didn’t realise they get taken away, the year/season ended and they were by default converted to about 2200-2400 gold instead 🙁

      Was so bummed as I really wanted the char futur and ae phase 1

    • @jose armando borjas gomez Not sure where my reply went. But I see a max of 21 tokens and the cobra costs 24.

    • @retroarcadefan there will be a chapter 4 in this season

    • @retroarcadefan no, dont you guys read. Its 24 because they wanted to keep it unpurchasable until next battle pass as they are still testing and changing the stats.

  5. That’s how I like my news quick and with a sexy voice

  6. Nemanja Ružičić

    When will update be realised

  7. Why in the last few battlepasses you only get like 30 blueprint fragments, in the first one you could get like 300, sad sad sad

  8. Is any tank buff or i loze time ? Stupid trash wg team

  9. Oh wow rubble on the middle road in Erlenberg more changes to appeal hull down meta shitters that don’t bother playing for weak spots.

  10. Not really appropriate to support any Belarusians company at the moment.

  11. Like those short briefings. Only important things. Ty Dez

  12. Siegfried line is awful since they changed the defender spawn location. When I spawn in a heavy I just get stuck in field when attacking.

  13. Thanks again, our friendly Red Arrow News Guy for saving our time with these quick vids. Keep em coming!

  14. hello dez, are u sure that the next ranked battle will start on 7. march !!! 😳

  15. Great video. So helpful.

  16. You can select each line, equip the base skin & then go back to the lkne you want to grind. Also the you can start the 4th bonus stage straight away after purchase

  17. do we know when it comes live ?

  18. I really like the format Dez, keep it up!

  19. The new battle pass tanks are so overpriced.

  20. I will get back to this by this week if not next week.

  21. Short, snappy and punchy! Nice one Dez. Thanks.

  22. did i do something wrong? just spent a ton of gold and can’t find this improved hardening?

  23. Why is it that Wargaming like to remove trees, shrubs, and bushes with every map update. Do they hate the fact that some of us like to play low armor, stealthy TDs? Stealth is life for those kind of TDs.

  24. more sleek with X1.75

  25. Hulldown corridor meta is still shit

  26. Day 153 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  27. i wanna see Ukraine attach Moscow map!

  28. Dez what’s the background music name? Please

  29. love it just to the point 🙂

  30. Nice short fast and clear video, love it! gg Dez

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  32. TLTR: Channel maps now more channely.

  33. This shows that you dont have to be a unicum to be a wot contributors/streamer/news man? Who knows ,but you get it thx dez for awesome content keep on going brother🇱🇻🇪🇪

  34. bounty turbo seems interesting

  35. Bogdan Ionut Ungureanu

    Thank you Dez 🤝

  36. 0:41 now it’s easier than ever to get perma-focused by artillery!

  37. This is the first battle pass that I have seen where you can’t even earn enough to afford a tank meaning that one that cost 24 tokens yeah we only get 21 for completing this thing so you will either have to have some saved up from the last season or wait until the next that is crazy.

  38. All you need to know is that wg sucks

  39. Short and informative, good

  40. You have destroy the game. FUN is gone. Nothing will fit it. No new maps, no nothing. People should stop playing WoT until game is back again, as it was… HE power 😜

  41. make amx 30b good with equipment and bring attention to how bad it is s wg will buff it next pls

  42. Ukraine vs Russia TANK real war

  43. That Redshire assault mode seems a bit unbalanced. Really hard to get enough gun depression over the hills. Haven’t defended on it yet though, but seems like there would be lots of easy defence spots.

  44. What they need is some new content. Maps ,game modes etc. Why do they just keep polishing a turd?

  45. Moin Thx GJ

  46. Oh yea! Another dosage of Dez and all you need to know. Thanks Dez!

  47. Thank you , Dez .


  48. So after 7 march there will be no way to buy the tank rewards from previous ranked season?
    I really wanted that KPZ 50 :((((

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