New Update 1.17.1 in 142 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

Tanks Update 1.17.1 Review – New Frontline, Retraining Orders, New Game Mode, T-26 CN, Lago M38, TL-7-120, SVM CC-64 Vipera For Supertest. What is new with World of Tanks Update 1.17.1 Patch.

Update 1.17.1 Patch Release Notes:

Music: Ooyy – Together

What is new with Update 1.17.1 Patch? Let me give you a quick overview!

What do you think?


  1. Update 1.17.1 will come on 13th to EU server. NA should already have it, right? 🙂
    Have a good one, Legends!

    • Weak spots we want back! Stop this boring stale as fuck meta of hulldown monsters and gold spammers. This games in the worst state in over 10 years!

    • Jon .knallpistol

      @R E But why put this rant in a reply to a informative comment made by the creator ?

  2. World War Toons mode?

  3. This Cobra battle… Disgusting RNG

  4. Thank you good sir, it is annoying af. Worse than 3 arty plus ebr

  5. Great format… But the Cobra shots shown are just unreal… None of them aimed in and none flying into the ground on purpose… Black magic.

  6. Thanks for the good info video as always! but I gotta say that cobra in the background was getting insanely lucky with how accurate some of his shells were going lmao

  7. July mode where we can create custom tanks would be superb ,like a workshop where to create custom parts etc

  8. A Fan Of Black Sabbath

    It’s not mentioned in “known problems” section nor in “fixed issues” so… do they not know how to fix it? Did they not notice it yet? I don’t know but I think it’s here to stay and dear God it’s really annoying.

  9. Theyre both anoying and cool in the same time,but ngl i preffer that they fix it fast.

  10. ThatCrazyTankGuy

    These are so helpful for someone like me who can’t play as much anymore as I would like

    thank you!

  11. isnt the battlepass running intill august the current one right?

  12. TehButterflyEffect

    Still no fix for dancing TDs, still no fix for ghost shells or terrain clipping, no fix for clipping decals, no fix for garage camera bug, no fix for track repair indicator often being up to 2 seconds off of actual repair time… but they made the autoreloader sounds better! Woo! Yay WG!

    • I have a very WTF bug…

      you see the elements like inscription, emblem even the impacts of the shells to put on the tank. and well the bug is only when you’re in ffa. and when you turn to the turret where you have the body, there is a moment when it disappears through the turret. and when you go forward or back, it shifts from front to back. here here

    • and worse when you return to the garage. and that one of you char hasn’t come back yet. you see the clan logo floating. WTF

  13. I remember when the “free” tank had actual value, cause if you already had it then you would get gold….. So players were incentivized to care about them.
    WG of course put a stop to that once the greed kicked in cause it was a feature that doesn’t funnel you to the cash shop.

    • Same like the current match maker right, any tank over 50% win rate gets considerably worse team mates over and over again so you spend money on premium time to spam premium ammo hoping to farm as much damage as possible before you get 15-0’d by all the green players on the enemy team VS all the red s on yours!

  14. TehButterflyEffect

    @Dennis K. Definitely not as annoying as EBR, but definitely more annoying than arty.

  15. Love the videos, but those Cobra clips just remind me why I’m in no hurry to return to WoT.

  16. Will this update fix the broken tank decals/moe?

  17. No random, no balance and a matchmaker for premium.

  18. This Cobra player in the background hitting every shot while just holding down the left mouse button and not aiming at all.
    He was truely blessed by rngesus.

  19. I think the new setting will be similar to war thunder style spotting where you really have to spot for yourself and all tanks will be visible.

    • I think it’ll be something like WoT Blitz crazy modes. But it could possibly be like that aswell, if you want to know how the being visible all the time would work go look at consoles cold war mode.

  20. Americans showing off their BBQ gear, nice. I’d like to see how well beef would grill on that turret protection grate.

  21. Ahhhh. Update takes longer than 142seconds, right…. >5mins of farting ’round in Game Centre settings<

  22. Finally the retraining order! Very nice!

  23. Georgiii Vaampire

    I wanna know HOW did that guy in the background battle hit ALL of those snapshots like nothing

  24. 0 gravity mode?

  25. 0:52 most unsatisfying moment in history xd

  26. I hope it is going to be football

  27. That italien tank looks like the kpf pz 70 on blitz

  28. Maybe make a newer version of your last frontline video. “Best Tanks For The Frontline Mode” tanks has changed a lot since then.

  29. Love this format for a quick rundown on features in an update. Full videos with more in-depth look can always come later.
    (There’s a channel that does this for Star Citizen, and it’s great getting the “Coles Notes” version right away.)

  30. That patch had broken the Queue. In the NA server.

  31. Deutsch Schäfer

    Thank you Dez! Straight to the point.
    Oh i wanted to see how the match ended, nvm xD

  32. That cobra popping off with rng blessings dou. What even xD

  33. STEEL HUNTER PLEASE, all year round, imagine, 50 different tanks in steel hunter, 40 maps, it will be a hit or a not wot mod but a new game ,, Steel hunter,, that would be great. I work all day so I dont want to grind randoms, steel hunter is great for us working people, play 1 or 2 hours and thats it, go to bed
    Dez, you have the power to pitch that idea to wargaming, pleas do, thx

  34. World of Autoloaders might be good for a non whale player like myself

  35. Retraining orders is the best thing they have ever done!!

  36. Still didn’t remove the fantasy tanks like the EBR 105 which never existed or the Kranvagn which is just an EMIL II since the “Kranvagn” never existed. Or the object 780.
    Still no improvement to the catastrophal matchmaking.
    Still no physics in this game.

  37. That replay on the background, cobra looks cancer on a level * _ *

  38. ClarinetSniper Games

    The new mode will be 15 vs 15 kranvagns and they have to go to a pre selected hulldown spot , with infinite ammo and try to kill eachother , sounds amazing

  39. i_m_cheater i_m_cheater

    thx for info

  40. watching you clip that Char Futur was effing disgusting, nice

  41. The surprise feature is going to be “Women’s Tank Football”

  42. damn i have this bug too. and not all even the classic emblems, inscription do things WTF

  43. the branch will surely arrive either before Christmas or after the New Year. since the premium will potentially be in large chests

  44. thanks for the nice quick run down on the update was very much appreciated <3

  45. Riccardo Paolucci

    With the new update i’m playing at 40 fps before over 130 with the same settings (all max)

  46. as much as i want to play this game..i cannot while belarus supports russia”s aggression and benefits from it

  47. World of tanks story mode?

  48. Surprise hunch: Modern Tanks.

  49. if i give you dislike — is dislike for WG
    pls push to WG ,if no who cares

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