New Update 1.17 in 131 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

1.17 Patch Review – Batte Pass Season 8, Steel Hunter Rework, Stronghold Rework and New Maps with Recon Mode, TS-54 Double-Barrel, FV4201 Chieftain Proto and Udirniy Test. What is new with World of Tanks 1.17 Patch.

Update 1.17 Patch Release Notes:

Music: Oliver – Pura Alegria

Update 1.17 goes live tomorrow, so let's take a quick dive into it to see what is new and what has changed with this patch.

What do you think?


  1. Update goes live tomorrow, so let’s take a look what is new and what was changed.
    What do you like the most in update 1.17?


    • Damn Dez, it’s been really nice to hear you again! I’m not playing for a couple of years now (after 7 years of playing) and i’m not watching WOT content anymore, but damn you made me wanna see more, what has changed and the most imporatnt thing… i wanna buy a pc to play again… Keep it up!

  2. I would suspect they would make another on track for Obj. 430U and E 100.

  3. these videos are to long, please nerf and make shorter 😀 also feel better dude!

  4. Also, it is time to bring up the WOT mod site up again.

  5. Video is actualy 132 seconds long. Can’t believe you would drag it out like that and scamm me. Clickbait title, disliked, unsubbed, reported and reported to the police

  6. Evildarke Evildark

    Now this is more like it! more meat less shit 😀

  7. gundorethemighty

    last time i left tokens unspent on the battle pass they were deleted

  8. Isnt the Cobra crab?

  9. WisconsinCRHunter

    The game said I had received like 7 tanks and crews however none of them are in my garage.. am I doing something wrong?

  10. Elektra Elektra

    tnx deez

  11. Filip Priečinský

    so 24mil credits spended for 155 is equal to 12k bonds… joke

  12. Dawid Kaczmarczyk

    Great vid.

  13. I hate myself for paying 20k bonds for Foch 155 in the event at the start of this year. I’ve not even recovered yet. I think I managed to gather about 6k, maybe 7k bonds since then, whilst the amount of bonds I overpayed is 8k.
    I don’t want to be whiny boy, so I’ll finish this comment saying the Foch 155 can be mighty fun. The first month that I got it, I’ve had some of my highest damage games in it, altho it is not treating me well last months.

  14. we will never get a mapp only for test xd

  15. Why should we teat more maps? We never saw any of the past maps tested introduced into the game.

  16. Lots of cool stuff coming/already implemented. My only gripe is that we got 0 balance changes to tanks….

  17. Gediminas Urbonas

    Finally, an update recap video a person with a job can manage to watch 😀

  18. hey but in battlepass information panel is written that the poinits will be removed

  19. Thanks Dez!

  20. Is the kv5 from the bond store going to be premium or just reaard

  21. Fast and clear thats how you do it Well Played man i love

  22. a lot of info. you explained it very good and it’s clear. I love this short video format

  23. short and sweet… thank you Sir

  24. thx Dez

  25. i always dig the speed review is awesome

  26. Very slick

  27. This video is way too long. Can be shortened to single static image. TL;DR: nothing at all. Long version: new battle pass, new steel hunter, new something in some mode that is long dead.

  28. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Yeah I already stop playing this game is because of how much Premium tanks, bullshit RNG, Arta and grind fest is just tiring and stressful ….

  29. The game must remain true to its principles. Any other addition that is not related to the classic game with features of World War 2 is not nice.

  30. Literally NO balance changes to any vehicles.

  31. Wonderful!! Love the video!

  32. 1.5 gig update that is a waste of time! Let me drive my su100m1 now!

  33. New maps!? This is just a trick to get me to start playing WoT again isn’t it!? I’m 1 year sober and I’m not falling for it!

  34. WTH? They said old BP season Tokens are lost at the end, they said NOTHING about saving any for this new season!
    WG is so Effing bad at giving us straight honest information… In fact they often just bald-faced lie to use in reality…
    and now that I know I can’t get one still I just might save my money and get nothing this time around…

  35. The bond store update only for RU server man…

  36. Sadly I already slid Cobra Commander into my Bobject, but hey, it’s an opportunity for anyone who sees this to wait next time the G.I. Joe bundle is sold to have Cobra in the Cobra.

  37. Gaming with Luke

    what is that shown bc 25t 3d style and how do you get it?

  38. Dez thx for the fast update. That will be no WoT for me upcomming month. Cheez. Terrible game……

  39. Michael Levenberg

    Dez, thanks for the clear, concise explanation of1.17.0. (AntonioAndolini/NA server).

  40. Quality info in a short amout of time. you found the recipe Dez!

  41. No bond store update yet, maybe it will be updated in the upcoming days?

  42. Thank you for the impressive summary of the new season !!!
    Anyone knows how to claim Cobra IX ?

  43. Nicola Righetto

    Update installed, no modifications in the bond store unfortunately

  44. That e100 looks dope as hell

  45. In other words they are screwing alllllll the game modes, where there is no reward to play anymore…
    Why not instead of fixing old maps bringing in new but slightly or big reworked(i cant count how many maps in Team Training that are not used anymore)…

    Why not make more useles russian tanks with Anti Missile that cant beat Oekraines WWII Misiles because there is no technology in those xD

  46. i really hope the Chieftain prototype is gonna be a premium or limited event vehicle. It would be so cool to get it

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