New Update 1.18.1 in 179 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 2022, New Onslaught Game Gameplay. World of Tanks 6th Sense Crew Skill, Map Rebalance and New Personal Reserves. World of Tanks Update 1.18.1 Patch Test Server.

Update 1.18.1 Patch Notes:

New Update 1.18.1 is almost here, so here is a quick information about everything you need know about 1.18.1 patch. New game modes Onslaugth and Halloween 2022, Map rebalancing, new supertest tanks like BZ-176, Lion, Char mle 75 and more. Free 6th sense for everyone and reworked personal reserves.

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  1. WHEN?
    – On 12th of October.
    Looking forward to it? What do you like to most and what the least?

  2. What happens with all the 6th sense boosters I bought for credits?

  3. The tank on the book is clearly the Lion. Maybe a reward ?

  4. DezGamez should become like an legit employee for his dop ass information videos. The WG own kinda suck NGL

  5. i have feeling that lion will join as halloween tank

  6. Leopard 2k or OF40 atleast what the silhouette looks like

  7. Stopped playing in february this year and seeing no change in gold rounds patch after patch do not have mood to come back.

  8. So is the tank in the book supposed to be a leopard 1A3 or something?

  9. Good review, thanks.

  10. BlackGost SchwarzGeister

    looks like leo 1L44

  11. Fuck Wargaming, They dont want to do anything about game riggers and scammers, but yet want you to spend real money in order to try to stay on top of the game so to speak. Claus Kellerman called them out today and for some reason his post got made private. Makes you wonder what the hell is going on. Who wants to play a rigged game? So Dez what’s your next step?. Kinda reminds me of WOS that happend last spring. Do you have the balls to call them out or just go for the $$$.

  12. Literally making this game potato friendly.

  13. extremely good video

  14. That last img looks like leopard 2k

  15. is that tank the new Vipra? So everyone who logs into the game gets a FREE Vipra?

  16. It only took WG like what……10 years after promising sixth sense for all commanders to actually implement it?

  17. That tank is a Leopard 2K, a prototype version of Leopard 2 with 120mm gun, no armor and 1500 hp engine, its also supposed to have a 20mm gun on the top. Most likely our enemy in the event if not than its the reward for the event.

  18. They should’ve changed the timer on the booster to x amount of games before the booster disappears instead of an hour

  19. The Lion tank in the book looks like Leopard 2K without its 20mm cannon. Wish there were Mbts ingame someday.

  20. I cant wait to forget to turn on boosters in battle xD

  21. I like this video format a lot, please keep doing them in the future! Also, have a nice day!

  22. The tank in the book is a pt16 (leopard 2) basically Leo 2K without the 20mm auto turret

  23. Waffenträger Auf E100

    So does it mean that I have to use all of my 2000 boosters now or I will lose them?

  24. Waffenträger Auf E100

    2:14 so they already nerf the already bad tanks that they first buffed??? Just wtf!

  25. The cat tank has to die 9 times. It must be German.

  26. Sebastian Lenkiewicz

    I’m very curoius about this halloween event. I really liked Mirny, so I hope for somethingat least as enjoyable. And of course, finally! After years a free 6th sense. Took them long enough.

  27. short and 2 the point ; tnx

  28. the tank at the end of the video looks like a Leopard2K

  29. This series is absolutely brilliant – please keep on doing them for future updates!

  30. this is Lion tank new

  31. 12th of october? Guess I will play the shit out of it today untill it gets nerfed because of chieftain players crying that there is a normal tank thats as competetive as a chieftain 😉

  32. a new marathon for the italian lion

  33. The lion kinda looks like the OF 40 MK2 A
    And the end tank looks like the leopard 2K

  34. can no longer access Steam for purchases.

  35. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    six sence is amazing boost

  36. 2:56 that is leopard 2k if i am not mistaking, further versions of leopard 1a5. It is a lightly armored mbt but it is fast and strong

  37. I would like the Mirny event back

  38. Reminds me the Lion/Leone will have something to do with the Cat at Halloween…. Kept every Italian Tank in the Garage, all that’s Missing is Carro 45T, Leone, and the Low Tier Freemium they’ve been Testing…

    The Rest, looks Interesting to Say the Least…

  39. This is The Leopard 2K

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