New Update 1.19.1 in 153 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 1.19.1 Patch Review – New Chinese Jet Booster Heavy Tank Tech Tree – 10 BZ-75, BZ-68, Tier 8 BZ-166, Tier 7 BZ-58, Rocket Booster Heavy Tank Tech Tree. World of Tanks Steel Hunter, Clan Wars Campaign, New Supertest Tanks Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK, BZ-58-2, Type 5 Ka-Ri (Type 5 Ho-To?). World of Tanks BATTLE PASS SPECIAL: JUDGMENT DAY and T-832 (T-32M) New Tank.

Update 1.19.1 will be released in couple days, so here is a quick of everything you to know about this patch!

What do you think?


  1. What exp to get? Gonna grind daily mission for blue print to get them for 0 exp just like how I got the Italian td line

  2. WG really dares to update! The results of the CT1 test are much better than the current garbage dump, thanks to WG for saving us time and money.

  3. Honestly getting tired of them giving COMMANDER LOCKED Crew… if I want to make Sarah Connor a radio operator let me do so God damn it!

    Currently got 17 commander locked recruits gathering dust…

    • TehButterflyEffect

      Yeah me too. The worst is when it’s nation-specific commander locked crew members. I never plan on playing a single Chinese tank, and I have unlocked all of the Russian tanks I care to play. Why do I need commanders for them?!

  4. My friend got the BZ yesterday and 1st battle 3&half k damage. This one has to be WG most OP pay to win tank yet and they don’t even care if it ruins game play. Disgusting.

    • 3.5k isnt even a good game on it, it’s basically the average damage per game that a lot of players get on it, maybe just 200-400 more.

  5. Cant wait to see the second big gun in BZ,cos its matter of time to come!

  6. Filip Božičević

    2:24 i meet them all the time…

  7. BZ176 needs a nerf

  8. I hope BZ will get buffed in next patch.
    Such a bad tank that is… I think it needs wings, so I can use Swedish TD’s as a ramp, and fly above enemies, spotting everyone.

  9. A Phásszátosok bunkhók

    Bull$hit unfair MM ? Still unplayable? No need more sh!t 😉

  10. So massive grind,25$ for the gold at the end to get the tank AND none of the commanders voice lines are original? How about no and say I did? As if the “Holiday Ops” thing wasn’t insultingly money grabbing as is, now we have this shitshow.

    • TehButterflyEffect

      Yeah the holiday ops thing this year was a joke. They used to give us tons of free stuff. This year they gave us absolutely nothing. Last year they only gave us a few days of premium time, but hey, it was free premium time and I used it to grind a lot of credits. This year? The bonuses were really weak and no premium time AT ALL meant I really didn’t hardly get to grind any credits. So I didn’t play very much.
      The only valuable thing I got was some bonds, really.

  11. I sold the BZ, to unreliable. 2 mil credits

  12. The new Chinese heavies are the second line added recently that I just don’t care about. There are fun tanks in the game already, why bother grinding what everyone else is playing.

  13. It’s pitiful that they failed to make the new tech tree line any good due to one OP premium, hell, the stats they had when they were put in on test server were honestly fine, gun was still a tad derpy but at least it had dpm to match like the 60tp, it will (almost) never be op solely due to the fact the entire top of the turret is covered with three weakspots. The tech tree nerfs, at least to the tier 10, were incredibly unwarranted, the entire line itself is lackluster now.

  14. what a shit game this has become, rockets on tanks, a terminator version of the T32 lol and that thing is even better then the original T32. I have played this game for more then 7 years and >35.000 battles (W/L Ratio 55%). After so many stupid tanks, nerfs and buffs, this is just ridiculous. Some players will have fun playing this game, but me as a older generation of WOT, Ight Imma Head Out!

    • TehButterflyEffect

      35 battles over 7 years is pretty impressive. You limit yourself to one battle a day for three days out of each year?

  15. You rock Dez. I can always rely on you to bring me the latest news in a concise and straight forward way.

  16. Can’t wait for CAMPAIN

  17. Tier 8 has more turret armor than the tier 9. IM SO CONFUSED!

  18. Everyone talking about BZ-176 now because it is OP and broke the whole game etc etc. Guys. Listen. Its just the start! We will see Obj. 279e type of tank downgraded to Tier VIII and also a Chieftain type of tank, once again downgraded to Tier VIII. How I know? Well, iam guessing. This game is going to mooore and mooore p2w than ever this year. Iam pretty sure we will see even worse tier VIII tanks than the BZ-176… We got Skoda T-56 before and now BZ-176 and what next? Object 279e tier VIII version?

  19. thomas katzmarski

    Not all is coming with me new Update!!

  20. I have no appetite chasing down this line, why bother when tier8 premium has better armour and bigger hitting gun than tier 10. This BS is driving even paying players away from the game. It makes the Chrysler GF Sir Foch incident look like a mild irritation!!! Whoever allowed the BZ 176 into the game in its current state must have been 3 sheets to the wind.

  21. i so dig these video always great

  22. At first I thought these BZ’s showed promise now they have Nerfed so much that almost no one’s gonna grind them and even the Italian tds will be more competitive and overall better tanks and no one plays those as it is.. Wargaming be tripping

    • TehButterflyEffect

      I want to grind the Italian TDs, but I just got done grinding the Japanese mediums and that grind was HORRIBLE. The Italian TDs aren’t much better. The low tiers are garbage.

    • @Dakota Whitt skill issue.

    • @Dakota Whitt goes both ways, the tank feels way too powerful regardless of gold spam or matchmaking in the hands of a competent player. So much so that at times it totally kills the challenge as your vehicle just functions better then your opponents..

  23. Update is already live on the ASIA server

  24. TehButterflyEffect

    How much you wanna bet they still don’t fix the ‘dancing tds’ bug?

  25. this is a dark day for world of tanks

  26. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Another german joke. This game is still the same, perhaps will be ever this shit.

  27. The last time I heard “we made steel hunter more enjoyable with better rewards” they added a bunch of p2w tanks, took one of the few good ones and locked it behind a paywall as well, and pretty much removed all the rewards. used get tokens, supplies, a metric ton of credits. They pulled all of that. Unless wg brought back rewards that are actually worth suffer thru the mode for I’m not even gonna bother, it’s not worth the headache for mediocre pay off.

  28. Jet boosted heavy tanks
    So when do the US get a shield heavy tank line?
    Then the Germans get a MG42 heavy tank line?
    Japanese get a line that gets bayonets attached and do quadruple ram damage.

  29. trash stupid game

  30. BZ-58-2 looks like WZ-111 with 50TP turret and gun.

  31. this gonna replace 60tp…

  32. I hated the tier x if i get i will prob get the tier 7 and 8 only

  33. And the players with hack mod, wg don’t do nothing…

  34. BZ is a way the devs can say fuck you f2p plebs.

  35. I’m not very excited for the new Chinese heavies, the only reason for me to grind them was the navel gun (huge derp guns) which they have removed.I do not care about the rockets that much.

  36. I was really hoping for an update in 147 seconds but I suppose I can live with this.

  37. ArturoDelavegaS_ spulgis

    Sadly but game just gets worse and worse. Wz 55, obj 279, Chieftain, EBR , minotauro, BZ . What the hell will come next

  38. Can’t wait for the new Steel Hunter 2023.

  39. Moderators are the servant’s of WOT.

  40. maps /tanks Reblalance ?

  41. 0:48 To be fair they were tested with the same massive alpha HESH guns as the tier 8 prem on super. But going by the reaction to the prem, I suspect WG removed them just before CT. Then again… Would it be better if they had it on too?

  42. Terminator crew without original voices — baaaad move…

  43. Bz 176 is better than the tier 10, not saying tier for tier

  44. When is this gonna be updated? im still in 1.9

  45. Very very sad update.

  46. Any idea when 1.19.1 goes live?

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