NEW Update 1.20.1 in 197 Seconds | Everything You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Update 1.20.1 Review – New Destroyers, New Crew System, World of Tanks Plus (WOT+) with TS-54, Tier 8 American Double-Barreled Premium Heavy Tank, Battle Pass Collection, Onslaught Ranked Game Mode, Random Events, New Supertest Tanks and More.

Music used: Come 2gether – Ooyy

The massive update 1.20.1 is finally here, so let me tell you everything you need to know about it.

What do you think?


  1. Soooooo… What do you think about this update after everything?
    Stay tuned for more stuff featuring 1.20.1, have a good one!

    • anotherknight75

      Sea server mm is broken. Most likely going to leave the game.

    • @anotherknight75 NICE FKING UNINSTALL

    • Worst update ever. Asia server’s 10v10 in pubgames completely destroys it. WTF were they thinking?

    • For SEA Server, there’s a new MM. New MM is minimum of 10 vs 10.. and anything in between up to 15 vs 15. Been getting a lot of 10 vs 10 games. In addition, numbers of TDs will be restricted to 3 for certain maps.

      With such MM, it is almost impossible to complete certain Backup Campaign missions and takes much longer or more games played, even to complete some daily missions (e.g. 4 kills, Damage 20, etc.). Also, I had one 10 vs 10 games where there were 7 TDs in each team! This is so ridiculous that in restricting 3 TDs per team to certain maps that resulted in non-restricted maps getting unusual high proportion of TDs!

    • Wot Addict Global

      Hello Dez my friend. This is me with that crazy Mod you enjoyed yesterday on stream. I want to send it to you, if you can feature it! Thank you!

  2. Ho-Ri shit that’s alot of stuff….

  3. Jonathan Jäger

    50 and 75 % crews are staying in the game?

  4. How many euro ?

  5. El Muchacho Enamorado

    My real garage looks cleaner than the one in wot too many crap i cant sell, stickers emblems garage slots etc

  6. in regards to the new crew perk system. if u have BIA on only one crewmember. does that mean u only have lets say 1/5 of the BIA when u have 5 crewmembers?? or does it give u the full 100% of BIA only when only 1 crewmember has it skilled to 100%??

    • lets make it simple fro you. 5 member crew gets in total 500 points of BIA. they all have 20% trained, you get 100 out of 500. if only one member has it and it is trained to 100%, you get 100 points out of 500. if all 5 have it trained up to 97%, you get 485 point out of 500. that 500 point will give you the full benefit of having it trained up to 100% on all 5 members. it you only have 2 members, you get 200 points and that will give you the same full effect as does 500 points with a 5 member crew.
      or, lets make it even more simpler: think of how repairs, firefighting and camo work in WoT;)

  7. Not yet!??

  8. I could not see anything of the siegemode stats in the new update, I have a small account on NA too. But it is good with the direct training brother and arms and more, will start the Japanese TD:s. Seams good update.

  9. Uninstalled WoT today after 12 years and owning pretty much every premium tank. WoT+ was the final straw. I have 2 years of premium left. Even though I dumped more money than I care to admit into the game every year, WG decided it wanted an extra 120 euros, and there’s a point where enough is enough.

    • @Rohan Brown jup ur right, peoples dont need to buy this abo. u got only 1 tank more, the ts-54 and u can just ban 1 map more. the extra gold is nice, u can save just 2 euro per month as an active player i think thats great.

    • @Rohan Brown 1. If you are marking or acing tanks, the WoT+ extra map ban gives you a 66% advantage over ftp players and a 33% advantage over Premium players with regards to the unsuitable maps showing up.
      2. The free training allows you to build up crews with no effort. When ftp and premium players have to have their crews skilled up through gameplay with earned experience, being able to train a brand new crew through idleness is a huge advantage over the long run. Wanting to get to that 6th or 7th skill? … just turn it on and you don’t even bother having to play the tank.
      3. Gold is being devalued at a huge rate. 500 “free” gold every few days will deflate the spending power of everyone who has gold on their account that was already purchased. Imagine the next black market or auction event … the gold cost will shoot way up, devaluing the gold non-Wot+ players have on their accounts and forcing them to buy more gold or subscribe to WoT+, just to keep up.
      4. Being able to train ANY nation crew in an exclusive tank gives a huge advantage too … see point 2.
      5. Providing an exclusive tank that is only a rental is predatory. It’s never going to be your tank unlike a premium, and if you stop paying for wot+, it’s taken away from you. For a tank collector, or Ace Tanker collector, or MoE autist, it’s a slap in the face that you’ll never be able to complete it without paying WG more money and once you do so, the tank will disappear and can’t be played again without forking out even more money.
      6. With today’s real world problems and economy and money tighter than ever, the game should offer escapism and awareness of the above. Not one subscription based game on the planet is retaining players at the moment. All are losing players. Despite this, WG have decided to embrace a losing business model, 10 years out of date, to make money in the short term at the expense of the long term future of the game. The NA and Asian servers are struggling at the moment, the days of 500k players on the EU servers are long gone. The biggest player base, the RU servers are a separate company now. Why would they make a decision to split their player base further? Surely they would be focused on retaining the player base and/or attracting past players back rather than asking the remaining player base to pay more. I probably have about 200+ players on my friends list from over 12 years …. not one is still playing. The last of them stopped about 5 months ago.
      7. My original post didn’t mention “advantages.” It wasn’t my point, but I thought I’d address your response anyhow. You’re right, no one is forcing me to pay, but no one is forcing me to play either, and despite putting in 500+ euros a year, WG are telling me they still want my money for premium, premium tanks, loot boxes, battle passes, and gold, but that to get the complete experience, I’ll need to throw them another 120 euros a year. Straw that broke the camels back.

    • “You’ll be back” ~ WG

    • You are forgetting one very important thing. 97% of WOT players are freaking clueless, so this update really doesn’t change anything. You see it really doesn’t matter if a 43% player has bond equipment on his tank or a 7 perk crew, he is still a 43% player and will make the same stupid misplays. Played today after the update for about 5 hours and nothing has changed. Same Baddies every battle doing Muppet things. So all this hype about not being competitive anymore is just nonsense. I was doing just fine running standard equipment and 3 perk crews the whole time.

  10. Good im retired from this game, just adding more garbage and P2W in the game with some minior good things.

  11. that Ho-Ri S*** on 1:31 almost made me laugh out loud during working hours.


    Delet wot

  13. better matches will never be a thing again. WG aren’t interested in actual strategic games that might take a minute. They want you out of battle in 5min or less and on to the next one.

  14. Asia server will close down due to 10vs10 matches. No players in asia now

  15. WOT can kiss my butt .

  16. STRV 103B 308mm pen.

  17. You now only get 2.1 mill credits for selling tX tanks.

  18. So, what happened with the “no more 50% or 75% crews”, and being able to convert crew members into training booklets? That’s going in other update?

  19. Been said, but on SE Asia server in THIS PATCH the MM now allows as low as 10 v 10 in Random Battles…. due to low numbers on the server and especially the AU server which is now at about 900-1200 players (total!) at best in peak times….so continues the slide into oblivion… niche tanks and the extreme different types of tanks are becoming irrelevant, and it’s just going to become MT and HT / prems / OP dmg dealers… so no new players are going to be coming onto this server, as it just gets increasingly Old Dog players with OP tanks and crews and WOT Plus… (vs new players in stock tanks?… ha ha)

    I enjoy playing LT, MT, HT, and even arty… and now just starting to get a few good TDs and having fun with them… but now in 10v10.. if you take say like an Strv… you are disadvantaging your team. And if your team’s top tier player is trash, in 10v10 the game is over before you start….

  20. idk if this counts but T92 has 372 ap pen does that count?

  21. theycallmesteve

    It doesn’t look like the dynamic map changes are in yet…

    Tested it on a 15min training battle in Safe Haven, and no it ain’t there yet.

  22. They removed hot swapping bond equipment and fully upgraded equipment… they won’t be getting any money from me.

  23. The asia server received “unique” matchmaking, which cuts the amount of SPG and TD and server queue time. The result is 90% 10vs10 game, and with Asia server players propensity to camp, it creates severely unbalanced gameplay. The old meta was team with fast heavies will win the game, now the new meta is the team with more aggressive fast mediums almost always wins the game. It does make the game faster, but it is not the World of Tank I like… I’m even reinstalling War Thunder, for fuck sake…

  24. Japanese TD Ho-Ri-Crap!

  25. Teofel Fernandez

    My GOD, the new mechanics (ASEA SERVER)10vs10 , 7vs7 is SUCKS.. it is like onslaught in rondom battle. +1 -1 matchmaking. I hated SO MUCH.. WG fixed it this BUGS.

  26. SoraGaming_2020

    random events are the only thing that will make the game much more interesting during battles. for the moment they only put for 2 Map that they quoted, but I imagine many other maps with this kind of random event.

  27. I’ll keep the game installed but not play it. Just in case WG manages to get their shit together and actually remember they have a community to PROPERLY cater to.

  28. Any idea release date?

  29. Shit update

  30. VioletStetPedder -

    How so?

  31. Silent Screamer

    …and of course still no new map…

  32. SHIP (!!!) Good morning.
    1st. I think WOT’s should provide more than 3 maps to block; some are just not suitable for Arty and it hurts your team; wasted slot for another vehicle. Makes sense. Consider 5.
    2nd. I don’t even play Oyster bay. I simply drown myself. Useless.
    3rd. why don’t you have anymore Coffee Chronicles segments, that delicious moment of your coffee slurping before and after a SHORT-segment, insights or casual topics.
    4th. Spring is coming to Europe; are you going to offer another Motorcycle touring video of Estonia areas? Had to ask.
    5th. Is WOT’s going to increase the ammo capacity of Arty? they need to, you get into grand battles or other areas and have only 15 or 16 rounds…for a big match? How can you support your team effectively?
    6th. The new options, to subscribe and pay more money to WGing and gain some form of benefit while you sleep or are away from a day of playing? Really? Good or bad, they avoid the elephant in the room, MM. Fix that before you come up with other garbage.
    7th. I’ve been chat-banned more time than i have played in 2023! Is that a new stat to carry on my players profile? Like how many trees or scarecrows you drive over. :)))) Admins ban me because I suggest they have all been mobilized by Putin, that is why there are so few of them in the general chat window. Too funny and they are offended.
    8th. I miss HighFlyer-15.

  33. Macko Bogdaniec

    The most mourners are among purples because the free change of modules eliminates the slight advantage that the player with the colored set has over the player who has regular modules. Notice how the players were manipulated by youtubers that it was pay to win and it was only about this small difference of a few percent advantage in battles. And if you watch battle videos now, you will see that absolutely all purples have wot plus bought 🙂

  34. I was a very active player in this game but stopped at least 3 years ago. Looking at these changes and a few others over the years , i am happy i stopped back then because i still remember it being a tank game , this now looks more like a hero shooter to me but the heroes are tank shaped.

  35. When they will release crew 2.0?

  36. cheers Dez

  37. Looks like WG has ruined the ASIA server with 10 v 10 games

  38. daNi - eSport for fun ;]

    So for casual gamer who play 5-6h in a week i dont need this wot plus ^^

  39. nobody play this garbage – this game dead 3 years ago… Better try Warthunder

  40. uninstalled

  41. Sadly no bond equip demount for free with wot plus anymore

  42. “Ho-ri shiee…. 3”
    Nice one.

  43. so we barked for nothing !!!

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