New Update 1.20 in 206 Seconds | All You Need To Know

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Update 1.20 Patch Review – Oyster Bay Map, Battle Pass 2023 Season 10, New Bond Store Tanks (113 Beijing Opera; the Lorraine 40 t and T23E3) New Supertest Tanks MBT-B, TITT Rozanov, ST- Version 2, 5 Ka-Ri, Map and Tank Rebalance.

Update 1.20 hits the servers tomorrow, so let's take a look at everything it has to offer!

What do you think?


  1. I’m super excited for the MBT

  2. May the rng god’s let me get on the new map

  3. Russian dirt only ingame !!!

  4. I have a Maus, how do I add the style (level 1) to my Maus?

  5. cant believe they are nerfing progetto because it was popular in the past 6 months. they made it popular coz it was top of tree for a month and it had a style in battle pass which also meant bonus points for battle pass aswell to get through it quicker. of course it would become more popular

  6. Personally would have loved the chinese dragon… Quilin or however spelt than the opera… but I guess they can’t have cool tanks for free… gotta pay the scrilla

  7. Wallet gaming nuked the progetto. What a dumbass nerf.

  8. Great I wasted all of my bonds on a KV5 because Quakybaby said it was fun when it really just gets smooshed because it sucks. Would have really liked that Lorraine 40t or 113 though…

  9. Good thing they nerf this absolute overpowered beast that is the amx 65 t

    • In 2 years they will be like “so we noticed the Progetto 65 is under performing so we buffed it’s dispersion and gave it a tiny bit of reload”

  10. Thanks Dez, very useful!

  11. Every update is giving me more reason not to research any new tank lines. And certainly not to giving them more money, thats for sure. Just playing few tanks i enjoy, and thats it. They made a system that you need to pay to be sure they wont nerf your tank.

  12. Still waiting for ATGMs…

  13. why add lorraine… I was hopeing the E75TS was gonna be next

  14. Straight to the point cheers.

  15. YES – TiTT is coming <3 <3 <3

  16. finally the long awaited 65T nerf that was overshadowing the chieftain nerf

  17. Gib T95E6 or Carro 45T to bond store plz.

  18. The new map will be awsome and the upgrade of others. Though I’m really getting sick of paper tanks in WOT. If it was a prototype that was built okay fare enough(Japanese TD branch thumbs up some prototypes where made.) but the fake blue paper and made up tanks I’m getting sick of. Wargaming need to introduce a new techtree how about a joint Hungarian, Romanian tech tree or branching of other countries tech trees from Tier 4 or 5 like Warthunder has done with thier Isreali tech tree as a lot of countries started thier tank making way after WW1 or WW2. There are still so many other tanks that where in service that are not in the game one example where is the PT76 light tank that came out in the 1951 for crying out loud and The T64A MBT in service in 1966. They could create a new British tech meduim line with an or Premium Indian version(Vijayanta MBT) of the Vickers MBT which went into service in 1965 WHERE IS IT IN THIS GAME.

    I’m starting to play this game less now because its historical factor is going down the toilet esspecially with stupid rocket propelled tanks which is fun but its starting to piss me of. There are so many more tanks not in service not in the game they could strech the years and put Tier 10 into the 70s or just make a tier 11 for each nation and lets see whats in the 80s. The only tank so far this year that gets my tick of approval though hard to get is the Lion – Italian Leopard MBT (Which is bassically the OF-40 MBT prototype) at least this is historically was in a actually a prototype and the Italians had the Leopard 1 tank in service also but thier version.
    I’ll still play this game but I’m starting to play more Warthunder now as its historically a lot better game. Please wargaming enough with the fantsy BS lets get back to the root of things tanks that where or still are in service.

  19. Absolute legend

  20. They really went through with the progetto nerf…. Fools.

  21. New map and map changes seems to be the best part of this update. But when are they gonna fix the soapy rock feature?!?

  22. Nerf everything!!! Buff Cheeftain, 279 and obj268/4 instead!!!! Make sense right?

  23. I’ve played the game on and off for 11 years and every time I get near the tier X tank, WG go and nerf it or remove it. The Foch, the WT 6 shot monster which did need removing and now the T95 and E4 just as I get to them. I’m all for balance but the OP pay to win premium tanks which are many and Reward OP tanks. How can you balance when there is OP unbalanced tanks everywhere in the game… WG logic.

  24. Ah yes nerf the standard b and progetto 65 bcuz they are popular.They need the lion to be more popular and that’s the main reason.Bullshittery as always

  25. If they did anything about the strength of the hill in Mines, it wouldn’t be Mines any more. The whole point of the map is to be a King of the Hill style experience.

  26. Well, that was nice and concise.

  27. I gotta say I love the 1v1 tournaments just won 800 gold and 5k free xp for readying up, no one else that I got matched up against did so won all my matches by forfeit

  28. I mean, i knew most of the stuff already but your videos help sum it up shortly before the update hits, gj!

  29. Zaijtsev's World

    Nice quick summary like we love.
    The tournaments and challenges already existed, they just integrated them in the garage. Previously you had to go to the wargaming site to subscribe and/or participate. For the tournaments the rewards where gold. The higher the tier the more price money. Ideal for free to play players to earn some gold.

  30. Dez you legend

  31. WoT playerbase: please buff and nerf tanks based on their performance

    Wargaming: Nerf tanks based on their popularity which we artificially increased? Gotcha

  32. Still butthurt they nerf the prog again.

  33. WG clearly made sure NOT to add anything useful with the new additions to the bond store XD

  34. These are the best update videos for fast effcient news.

  35. they are nerfing the T95 this is my favourite tank in the tech tree greedy basterds

  36. Love the format, punchy and informative. Great stuff Dez

  37. Update on the A44
    It still sucks.
    Still doesn’t have 200mm of frontal armor.

  38. Christopher Teichert

    amx m4 54 is not going to be nerfed?

  39. With 22k bonds saved up is the 113 bo worth it? How much are the 907/chief nowadays?

  40. this patch would bring so much of positive vibes from the players to WG if they would listen to feedback of players and CC about nerfs of some tanks ..

  41. They changed how tanks names are displayed in the minimap, names are displayed on the sides and not under the the tank type symbol

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