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Source: QuickyBaby

just released a new tech tree American tanks, the YOHS, in a update – here’s all the new tanks including the M-V-Y!



  1. If I wanted to play the game twisted metal I would buy twisted metal. These “prototypes” from a mechanical standpoint would never work. They are make believe just like unicorns.

  2. I’m ok with non-historical tanks, all I care about is balance, and these tanks seem manageable.. until tier 9 & 10 oops… At least they look funny so I wont be so mad getting plonked by them for the next month, trying to get used to their new meta. My fav part with new lines isn’t to research them but learn to crush them. Given their shape, I might have trouble with the YOHs haha….. Gonna stick to my TDs with high pen for a while lol.

  3. QB, in this video there is an awkward switch between Tier 9 and Tier 10 – no transition, no introduction to tier 10.

  4. thats it, I am quitting WoT, what an atrocious things those are… next hulldown retarded tanks, in this state WoT is we dont need more hulldown unpenetrable tanks, this is just unplayable. Sorry for a rant, but I gave up on this game(i really liked it a lot)

  5. there higher the tier the more ugly

  6. the strange thing of having the 5th higher in the tech tree than the 6th isn’t so unusual in WoT. The IS-5 and IS-6 are both tier 8 while the IS-4 is a tier 10. WG doing whatever they want with the tree progression isn’t new and imo isn’ teven harmful. It’s a funny trivia for sure but there are more concerning stuff to worry about in this game and with this new line haha….

  7. 13:38
    Blasphemy has a cost, my friend.

  8. That t6 yoh looks like a Dalek frim Dr Who.

  9. Hold up, that tier 8 has 290mm of pen on a 90mm gun??

  10. stop spend your mony on this game !!!! they dont deserv it ….. this is not world of tanks this si world of aliens …. drunks …..

  11. The M-III-Y is impenetrable frontally for most tier VI, VII and even some stock tier VIII.

  12. Polaks are everywhere, even in U.S. tech tree.

  13. It feels like the Tornvagn, the turrets/hull down capability is so broken that they have to nerf the guns to hell and make them very weak to balance the tank.
    Serisouly, they have guns that are 1 if not 2 tiers lower.
    It seems that here again these tanks will be boring both for the owner and for the opponent, inneffective but uncontestable when fighting over a ridge line.
    Also, players will feel forced to spam gold to hope to make the DPM work.

  14. Average Stegosaurus

    Yikes, such ugly tanks. I don’t like the idea of more hull down monsters, but I guess kranvagn still will be better

  15. finally we have a strong hulldown tanks, the only thing that was missing from this game

  16. so is it out yet?

  17. How can i play test server ? I cant find it and the last version doesnt work

  18. I really really they’re they’re not gonna be good

  19. How the crew are going to get in the M-V-Y they have special training or some?😂

  20. I also like how you said oh it has. 102 mm of armor on the stock turret and 140 on the upgraded turret how it’s not good. Technically it depends where it’s at and shape.

  21. M-V-Y: 😮

  22. Hej Quicky u tell that the Renegade have the Higher Alpha dmg but if u look at 15:41 the YOH has a reload of 6,4s instead of 10,2s so…. the Renegade made me in 20s 720dmg and the YOH can give him the same back and is 2s in reload!!! After 30s the Rene will fire the 3rd time and the MIIIY has shoot 5 times!!! 1080 vs 1200 not good to make trades?

  23. These tanks have in my opinion nothing to do in World of Tanks. I wonder, when the first hover Tank and the Mamuth Tank from C&C get Introduced 🙂

  24. The Tier 9 looks like Mickey Mouse. The Tier 10 like a peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies 😀

  25. Whenever I’m grinding new Tanks, I always use Free XP to get the top Gun, Turret and Engine so that I can be effective in Battle and grind the rest normally, I use Improved Hardening so that I can mount things without the Tracks, it don’t take long to get the XP to research them anyway so sacrificing a useful equipment piece for a few Battles wont hurt and either change it once I have the Tracks or keep the Equipment on that I used in the first place, depending how I feel about the Tank.

  26. Lol, the decline of wot has quickened its pace , next thing they will do is charge a mandatory log in fee

  27. 6-8 are complete pain in this line…the tier 9 seems like the sweetspot with its gun, armor and mobility and the Tier 10 just seems painfully underwhelming. I mean they have to balance out the track mechanic but still…I got very mixed feelings about the line…probably another E100/ Rinoceronte/ AMX situation where you are better off sticking to the tier 9

  28. DPM is useless :/ unless you only fire gold. normal people don’t have enough to pen anything lol

  29. I wish the yohs in world of tanks have autoloaders like in wot blitz

  30. The American/British gun should read as the M68A1 105mm cannon, a British designed cannon we used them on the M60 series and later M48 marks ala M48a5

  31. Thank you for the video but by god please stop being flittery on it. You were all over the place.

  32. The Tier 7 is pathetic. Not that I expected much at this tier but the tumor makes it unplayable on a ridge despite it’s new gun depression. The slant of the turret causes the shells that would otherwise miss the tumor to ricochet up and hit the tumor anyway. It’s been a misserable grind thus far as even the tanks with the worst gun handling have been able to consitantly smack the tumor.

  33. Viktor Kock Appelgren

    You said these might be hull down monsters but I think that’s not the case.
    The 10degree depression is the whole turret (consider the pivots), so the potential weak-spots are always going to be exposed!

  34. by now they do not even care to pretend to listen the players and balance the tanks with the test server… Good luck

  35. Wargaming learned in World of Warships that they do not need a test server and can just throw out new vehicles as “early access” on the live server and then patch them over time. WoT apparently also switched to this system now … A system that is genuinely hated by the community over at ships.

    But it saves money and that is all WG cares about.

  36. wot is a liar, all games are non balanced, and it is made just for stay most of your time on game, if you have competitions to kill 10 tanks they have an algorithm that make the most possible game mode to keep you in game so much as it is possible, just focused on to spend more money to extra thiongs with which they say you will be better then the others. That`s the manipulated gaming method so keep in focus this players 🙂

  37. Why are they implementing a double track feature if they want you to got to rigdelines??? I thought them would be sidescrap gods.

  38. If you look at the turret of the tier X’s from the front it looks like a pea shooter form Plants vs Zombies

  39. Looks pretty decent and not broken.

  40. What? They made them all non autoloaders? That’s gonna change how they play significantly. Im thinking they are using other platforms to test for pc now.

  41. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    It looks like xenomoph head from aliens movies lol

  42. I feel like just showing that the tanks are already in blitz would be enough. A lot of people in the comment section are talking about blitz, and I think that it would’ve been an interesting comparison.

  43. HAHHAHA QB thinks WoT cares about our opinions, fools will continue to pour money into premiums,
    WOT have not fixed MM, lok at all the unbalanced matches, they have not fixed gold shells, they nerf one tech tree branch after another yet ok not to nerf premiums but also buff them.
    WOT will continue to be emboldened by those who pour their money into it, why fix game fundamentals when money is coming in.

    Most fun tanks are not playable anymore

  44. 21:54
    That’s an oscillating turret, the cupolas will have the same visibility when face to face as when using the full gun depression .. they will however be hidden when you point your gun up, in which case I’m guessing that egg shaped turret becomes penetrable.

  45. Anyone else think these tanks don’t belong and look utterly egregious in this game?

  46. Has anyone found a fix for my in game store stating it is temporarily unavailable everytime I try to play…looked all over and no one has found a solution thats worked. Any help would be great.

  47. i question the X’s armor because the turret supports are only 260mm thick. Heat will eat right through it without a problem. You can’t hide the weak spot on top because the whole turret moves with the gun, so if you’re using -10 of depression and you aim up to hide the coupla then enemies are just going to slam the underside of the turret. Along with that button looking thing under the turret it looks like that how it connects to the hull to rotate, its probably a massive weak spot. If you aim down to hide it then you expose the coupla. I think this thing is going to be frustrating to play…

  48. 666k subs

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