NEW VEHICLES – KV-220 – FW-189 & MORE (War Thunder KV-1 Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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NEW VEHICLES – – FW-189 & MORE (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Music – Binary ORCHESTRA!


  1. End my suffering

  2. hi phly!!

  3. leopard 1 leopard 2

    bounced a 37mm from a mig 9 in my f82e

  4. hey Phly play out the M16 .50 cal truck of Murican Justice and the P-40E-1
    freedom fighter

  5. I want my peace maker of the bear is being added

  6. Mark Jayson Miranda


  7. beautiful job on the photoshop m8 *clap clap clap* (kill me)

  8. Haven’t seen many biplanes flown in a long time maybe you try some biplane
    action in one of the He 51s

  9. Wow I was in that game and I didn’t even notice you haha

  10. next update we get Leopard 2 and T90

  11. cupof “cupofacid” acid

    How do i get the Fw 189?

  12. the kv220 looks like a t150 from wot

  13. Legend Pinuy_Gaming7

    how to get

  14. Why has no-one on youtube made a video about the P-47N???

  15. Come on Phly. Vietnam combo. It’s been almost a year. m60 and AD2

  16. Stern? What the heck is a stern? It’s called Sten!

  17. When does it end please mention in your next vid

  18. I would like to see all these war thunder youtubers in a match as opponents

  19. when is it gonna start im so hyped for it

  20. Waffles

  21. I hate you, your a fucking twat

  22. it’s like a T-150

  23. you are a great youtuber. One of the best.

  24. I don’t believe I have ever cringed more when I heard this guy say mate

  25. in the thumbnail i saw a m3 lee with the gun on ther other side and a t-150

  26. Kepler_44b RBLX.

    Phly to repair faster press F for the time for repair for a quickly repair.

  27. KV-220 does not use KV1‘s chassis,also the turret is not come from KV-2’

  28. Do The Tiger 1 H with do-335
    Make Führer Proud!!

  29. Mrshamrock Zero07

    Doing tank requests? How about t-44 and the grandson of the tu4 IL-10 with
    the 20mm back gunner have fun with it at 6.3…

  30. whirbelwind has 80mm of armor near driver optics

  31. Dave Daily??? I fought you were Steve… :C

  32. War Thunder Custom game T44s vs Chieftains or Centurions

  33. Ardjan Timmermans

    where do i find those tasks?

  34. Why don´t i have this event available?

  35. Today’s my birthday . :)

  36. 22 seconds in we learn the name of Phly

  37. your name is Dave I thought it was phly

  38. I don’t understand how this new event works. Where do I participate? Where
    do I click to see what I have to do or what rewards I can get?

  39. fly the R2Y2

  40. Do I have to play every Day and every task to get one vehicle ? Sorry for
    my bad english :D

  41. And more fucking russian bullshit… Why are the japs and muricans getting
    so less?

  42. The russian tanks back in WW2 and Cold-war were so fucking ugly. xD

  43. Check KV220 with some russian players, those that where in the closed beta
    got it :D

  44. challenge! fly out the 20mm p51 xD its a challenge alright

  45. next update will be….

  46. Dave Daily?

  47. i wish there is a mod that brings back the old graphycs in WT

  48. I am Japanese. 毎日楽しくムービーを見ています!

  49. MAROLLEAU Alexis

    what’s the music in the intro plz ?

  50. Could you do a mini tutorial series for aiming and bombing and such for
    those of us who aren’t as good at this game as you?

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