NEW VK 28.01 10,5cm in 150 Seconds | Well Deserved Reward 2021 in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Well Deserved Rewards 2021 – VK 28.01 105mm. World of Tanks VK 28.01 MIT ,5 CM , New Tier 6 German Premium Light Tank Review.

We called it correctly guys, this year’s well-deserved reward is going to be VK 28.01 105mm. So let me quickly how you what is good, bad and ugly about this tank in exactly 150 seconds.. Buckle up!

What do you think?


  1. We called it guys, so… You happy about this or not? Free MEMES are Free! 😛
    Enjoy the rest of your day, beasts!
    PS! Was away for 2 days, inthe bed actually as I was completely knocked out by a stomach virus, but feeling like a human again, so… LET’S GO! 🔥

    • So will we get all Tanks they removed from the Techtree now as “well deserved” Vehicle? OMG…
      And stop feeling like a Human! You are a WoT-Player! *sacasm*
      Hope you will get even better soon!

  2. Notification team thanks for the video I love the V K I’m going to play the hell out of it

  3. Thanks for the shit tank WG, this wouldnt have been a hot garbage tank if those braindeads in your department decided not to screw over He shells.


    Derp guns at low tiers? Count me in. Although it would be more fun if the HE nerf didn’t get implemented XD

  5. Not playing the game anymore, still looking at your videos!!! Keep up the good work dez!

  6. Ah yes another tier 6 shitter im never going to play. Surely war gaming can do the maths and see people with over 40k battles do not care for low tier tanks as much as they think we do. Yes, I know people enjoy them but that doesn’t mean that I do. Especially after 9 years of service.

  7. Tell the truth Dez, how many misses / bounces did you have to edit out?

  8. This is the best reward yet imo. Might be biased, since the nomal VK is my favourite mid tier LT

  9. Looks a cute little scout tank .. played the tech tree one like this and had fun, but that was pre-HE nerf days. Will have to see how this works out now.

  10. both happy and sad at the same time. Nothing will bring back the old VK 28.01. Still not coming back to WoT for this, but I still love you Dez.

  11. I’m just sad I can only get 2,500 bonds, I need 5k more for the Charlemagne ;-;

  12. That’s a cool short video! Perfect 👌

  13. u forgot too say when< dont tell me i missed it

  14. I love the normal 28.01, one of the first tanks I got a M badge in, so this will be much fun

  15. So I guess having played this game since the beta and having sunk probably around 500,- Euros or more into it just to see it transform into a retarded powercreep fest of epic proportions does not make you worthy of a unique premium tier 8 tank or something? I am sorry Dez but I do not share your enthusiasm for this in the least. Same garbage rewards year after year after year…

  16. Just looking at the stats the tank needs a buff esp with the HE nerf

  17. Pointless, tier 6 is super toxic tier, it has shit like kv2 and m44 lefh artas

  18. For the YOUNGER Players: VK 28.01 HAD a 10,5cm Gun before they “nerfed” it. VK 28.01 was always a valid Counter against Cromwell (just RAM them and then durp them to death with one HE-Shell) or the T45-85 (wich you need to attack in Groups, 2 good Hits and also this Tank is gone). VK 28.01 was also beloved in Tier6 Strongholds back then (as WoT still made Fun an had more Tank-Options then nowdays! Now you get more Tanks but they are mostly useless because 2 Weeks later next uber-Premium/Reward/Russian-Tank gets introduced… Back then we played MARATHONS for BOOSTERS! Not for Tanks..)

    Then WG NERFED it because: It can not be that a GERMAN Tank can outperform others….
    So they took away the 10,5cm Gun and modified the smaler Gun to be as useless as possible.
    That was done before they removed Tanks like the HETZER and others from the TechTree. Back then Hetzer, VK 28.01 and Panzer 3 shared the 10,5cm Cannon.

  19. I wasn’t able to get to this tank before it was removed and now I will never play it before the HE nerf. Hoping to still have a little fun with it. Happy hunting guys and gals!

  20. Wasn’t hard to guess that this would be the well-deserved reward when they had already redone the other 2 OG tier 5 scouts. Was just a matter of time for this one to be given out.

    But this was my favorite of the OG tier 5 scouts. Took a while to get up to speed and not that agile, but it went fast and rammed hard. My most notable memory in this tank was on the old Ruinberg map, speeding south at 60-70km/h along the inner ring (between the city buildings) when I suddenly exploded. The kill cam pointed to a KV-2 ally in the village on the eastern edge of the map. He had launched a 152mm derp from that village down the east-west street at the enemies around the fountain on the other side of the map. I just happened to cross that intersection at just the right time to catch that shell instead. All I could do was laugh with the KV-2 about the absurdity and chances of that happening.

  21. I started playing since 2018 ,i will get that tank or not?(sorry for my bad english)

  22. Need to make this my most played tank now! 1100 battles to play…..

  23. But… tis!

  24. Cant wait !!!

  25. They should have just put the 105 back on the vk instead of do this shit.

  26. Used to be my favorite tank and one of the 1st ones I 3-marked. And what a video for the announcement, thanks Dez!

  27. I have a lovely video of how great this used to be. It’ll never be the same after the HE nerf, but I’m still looking forward to getting a hooligan platoon of these together in ram spec.

  28. When could you get it?

  29. how do u get this tank

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