New VK 28.01 MIT 10,5cm & Girls un Panzer | World of Tanks Update 1.13+ News

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World of VK 2.01 MIT 10,5 CM L/28 Premium Tank Preview, The Ultimate Derp Tank Coming Back. World of Girs und Panzer Crew, Skins and Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.13+ Patch News.

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– WG

Big news, ladies and gentlemen… The legendary VK 2.01 with the 10,5cm derp cannon is coming back… But as a completely new vehicle! 😀

What do you think?


  1. How to make money

    1. Delete the derp gun from a tank
    2. Wait for some years
    3. Ta daah! That’s now a brand new prrrrremium tank!

    • @Jim Davis I guess you will get it just like Schaffee and T-50-2 as reward tank.
      It is in line with first generation of top-of-the-tree light tanks, that is, doped up Tier Vs.

    • @budebade Actually they did replaced the top gun on it.


      Same thing with isu 152

    • This happened also with the ISU 152k and the normal ISU152 (this is a Russian way of making money)

    • VK.28.01 used to be my favourite light tank, removing the derp cannon on it was actually a big part of why i stopped playing this game. now putting it back on as a premium tank is insulting.

  2. Good! Now they have to do the same with the ELC AMX! Bring back the old version of it as a tier 6 premium.

  3. Let’s all thank Estonia for making Dez!

  4. I am outraged… I asked for my derp back but they are unbelievable! I am not paying money for something that was removed from the game after I had it. They have no ethics what so ever.

  5. Fuuck yooouuu WG!

  6. @1:47 that’s a lie. E25 gun is the old JgPz4 gun. ISU152K is the BL10 from ISU152. Etc. Now we have the VK’s 105mm for premium cancer.

  7. Isn’t the exactly same case with ISU from last year lootboxes? It gun was also removed from tree tank

  8. CASH GRAB 100

  9. the MIT is german for with, although I am not sure why it is written in caps

  10. The stats show 9 sec reload time but in the replay, it’s shooting about every 4 seconds 🤔

  11. I must have this one. So many good memories ahh

  12. Why remove wargaming everything and resale it after 2-6 years ? This is shit sorry but I found no other words for that look at isu k or Lorraine 40t or afk panther

  13. Why u spell it ? It means Mit …. it means with…. xd

  14. And the point of a derp tank – when you plan to nerf HE into the ground – is what exactly Wargaming??

  15. Its a fastest hetzer 😅

  16. I hope they do the same for the S35 CA after they castrated it by taking away its beautiful 105mm gun.

  17. Paweł Szkudelski

    Compared to 9.17 derp build this one has:
    1 sec slower reload
    10m less view range
    4km/h slower forward speed
    1.81 hp/t more

  18. Rip it off the awfulpanther but keep it on this, I’m going to lose my mind

  19. Basically mobile Hetzer

  20. How Dez says it: M I T
    How it’s actually said: MIT

  21. “MIT” (Mit) is german and stands for: “with”

  22. I thought you were from Finland. Nice I am from Estonia too wow

  23. Just put it back into the tech tree modules…

  24. I don’t want that Anime tank in the game… UNLESS it actually has the crew from Girls und Panzer with japanese voices <3

  25. The vk will probaly be a well deserved reward

  26. Analog Weeb Music Repository

    Yeees finally a girls und panzer collab! And i think in a way that isn’t too offensive to people who are not interested, being that it’s just a skinned version of a normal tank, instead of something totally fictional like the ones from valkyria chronicles.
    Of course, i’m almost 100% sure people will still find a reason to go around complaining, but oh well. Suck it.

  27. They can take this infantile Girls und Panzer dweeb horse manure and stick it where the sun don’t shine!

  28. Shameless

  29. Now we need the MT-25 with the machine gun


    hears 10.5 coming back 🙂 hears separate vehicle probably reward tank 🙁

  31. On the dooms day of World of Tanks
    KV2(R) will be renamed KV2 because there wont be any in tech tree

  32. sounds like 152k to me

  33. I hope they bring back the “old” 59-16 aswell , that autoloader was beast … for a long time my most favorit tank ever

  34. They never should have removed the 10.5 cm gun. This tank was one of the most played scout in tier 6 scerms.

  35. Wow they take the 10.5cm from my beloved baby and now they are making a separate vehicle of it. That truly pisses me of right now.

  36. I enjoyed the VK2801 with the derp (i 3 marked it because i enjoyed it so much)
    But if it becomes a premium i will buy it but i also will lose the last remaining respect i have for WG

  37. I am glad I stopped playing this shit game. It turned to crap in every aspect.

  38. Bruh…..isnt it enough that we already have these animes shit skins in wow?!

  39. I can already see they implementing anime comanders 😒

  40. Thanks Dez my G

  41. Next one will m41 bulldog with 10 shells magazine ig

  42. GuP is just WoT Random Battles in a nutshell with anime grills.

    So they’re heading the path World of Warships because of delicious Weeb Bucks.

    They know their audience. Weebs are more likely to buy the really expensive stuff just because it has something to do with their waifu in a way.

    For example: the infamous ARP Yamato.

  43. hoodie orderd. Let’sq support our Sexy leader 😉

  44. yea weird even for wargaming to remove a gun and then bring it back….. isu…kv 1s ……

  45. My favorite tank of all time over 2k battles in it Name is str9257 if you don’t believe me and at that time it had a 68 top speed but the power to weight was worse also the turret was a bit different

  46. YOOOOO thsi was my buddy deadshot who used to be in fame wooo

  47. 8:20 THAT SHOT

  48. Well done dez 100000000 nice

  49. I’m just glad they aren’t adding yet another auto-loader…

  50. Ofc prem tank.

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