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Source: DOLLARplays

This time i’m playing with USS Douglas, American coastal vessel added in Danger Zone update. USS Douglas is unique because has 2 AA missiles that can reach up to 14km distance. They’re are pretty powerful against anything at battle rating 4.0. Makes USS Douglas either completely over powered or almost useless.
Also I’ll be playing with USS Arizona Battleship in Naval Enduring Confrontation gamemode .

On this DOLLARplays Youtube channel you will find highly edited funny moments, memes of War Thunder(free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer game similar to World of Tanks with more realistic gameplay), Escape From Tarkov (a multiplayer first-person shooter video game), SnowRunner( off-road simulation video game),Elden Ring (the first open world Dark Souls game), Cyberpunk 2077(an role-playing video game), Enlisted (squad-based first-person ww2 shooter game),Star Citizen(multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game),and others most popular video games.



Intro: Mercury82 – Unspoken

Background: I Gotta Hunch – El Flaco Collective
Presidential – El Flaco Collective
Black Battle – Tunc Alicioglu
Attenuator – OTE

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat multiplayer game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. has a cross-platform format for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Shield Android TV.
War thunder danger zone update brings a lot of new vehicles like F-14A Tomcat, HMS Hood, G6 Rhino, Pvkv III, SMS Bayern, M1A1 AIM, Kronshtadt, ZTZ99A, and many more. AMX 50 Foch in War Thunder similar game to World of Tanks, and World of Warships, but with more realistic approach. Similar to games like hell let loose, post scriptum , squad, and others


    • The 3re The First in Game is a Japanese Guy the 2do the Italian and Now This

    • Dollartry play all cv90 variants in single lineup (it will work 100%) 😂👍

    • Daniel Alves de Moura

      What about play with random subs?

    • I noticed that you haven’t posted the last video for the low to top tier “Destroy me and I will steal your tank” seris yet

    • Thanks for another great video, could you play in Helicopters sometime? I havent seen you fly one yet unless its an older video, and I think I have liked and viewed every video and am subscribed to your older meme channel and live feed.

      Cheers from California USA

  1. Great video dollar

  2. Yeah the other day I told my friend: “let’s play naval, it’ll be fun”. Then there was one of those sitting in their spawn the entire game behind a rock island spamming missiles.(it was arcade)

  3. O know this is super noob shit but I managed to hit 2 AI planes from an insane distance with a 6 rocket burst during a dynamic campaign mission. That was super satisfying

  4. Just living ma life

    24 minutes of awesome content 🙂

  5. Dollar i got 1 million sl on daily crates, is it a curse

  6. Still waiting for the heli version LOL

  7. 1:14 😂
    Betty won’t do this

  8. Really, that’s like si-dart missiles in the Malvina’s war xD.. It’s like:

    English mans: Argentine a4 Skyhawk spotted… Firing missiles

    Argentine pilot: jaja, órele puto, VIVA LA PATRIA!!
    (Translation: u have been tricked my boy, VIVA LA PATRIA!!!)

  9. 11:47 well…
    Betty does do it

  10. 18:10 ->
    18:18 Yes, the japanese knew it, and because they didn’t have a beautiful ship like this one, they destroy it in Pearl Harbor

  11. dollar plays you are the war thunder youtuber i like and you are also my fav youtuber and you are a good player Greetings from Indonesia

  12. Optimaloptimus50 50

    What your firing are RIM-66 Standard MRs. They’re definitely good if they can down an airliner climbing up to 30-000ft.

  13. 16randomcharacters

    Lol, a 4 engine strategic bomber attacking a battleship while the battleship fires at the plane with main guns. Oh videogames…

  14. Magikarp Used Splash

    oh yeah, love the it when my prop planes gets smacked out of the sky from 10km away by a guided missile

  15. Dam good content

  16. Thunder in Paridise ended too soon

  17. Just imagine playing modern Guided Missile Destroyers. Just an ocean covered in smoke trails.

  18. 2:00 that “WHAT?!!” had me dying

  19. How to check ranger 🙁

  20. Dollarplays the only channel where you can find someone using SAMs against battleships
    And actually killing said battleships

  21. dinner time up + dollar uploads a video + its a weekend = perfection

  22. When dollar says they’re multiplying but there’s no grease reference:

  23. How to get the decal? Just by clicking the link? Asking cuz when I click the link I can’t see any option to receive/ add it

  24. Those Bpuzz guys play a lot of naval

  25. you should fire your missiles high into the air and then curve the missile down onto the target. if you have the distance, you can calculate at what time you should curve the missile down onto the target.

    maybe if you hit them on the roof of their hull, you may get some kills without shilling so many rockets.

  26. How do you get this type of view in war thunder

  27. Love the content dollar, I really want to get your in game decals buy I cant seem to find them

  28. hue Br

  29. Love your videos man. The editing is god tier lol I tell everyone about you.

  30. earlyt stages of some tomahawks

  31. We have cruse missiles now haha

  32. FROM LOW TIER TO THE TOP TIER #4 Destroy Me And I Will Steal Your Tank (War Thunder)

  33. DOLLAR PLAYS plz can you tell me how to put out a fire on a plane in tier 2 ?

  34. Márton Stráner

    I’m still waiting for cold war ships

  35. Charles Narry S. Doctolero

    Hey Dollar, you should play Concept 3. Just like a Puma but better

  36. Samir Mikayilzade

    man you best youtuber ever.

  37. Really enjoyed it. Have a nice weekend sir ;D

  38. Dollar your one of the smallest wt YouTuber but your one of the best

  39. “how many meme references?”
    DOLLAR: yes

  40. **Uses SAM missles against ships**
    **It has little effect**
    “It’s terrible!”

  41. This makes me want ot play War Thunder, but then I remember I’m shit at it and the only thing it leads to is rage

  42. How do you shoot one gun at time?

  43. 0:33 lul🤣

  44. this thing in arcade is nasty

  45. The crowbar is of course for opening the pirate treasure chests, what did you think?

  46. This ship is shiet bro

  47. Жанна Рейх-Панзерфауст

    BBs just too big for guided rockets. It’s like hitting giant hanger with meter thick walls with lots of empty space inside.

  48. theperson personman

    Use SAV m/43 (1946) heat (is very funny)

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