NEW WEAPON IN GAME | VS-8 Mine layer aka pointless atm (War Thunder)

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NEW WEAPON IN GAME | VS- Mine layer aka pointless atm (War Thunder)


  1. I lost 7 in a row and it unlocked for me!

  2. The mines should stay in game until detonated

  3. sea mines are great fun but useless system like hedgehogs in WT sea battle…

  4. I feel like if the guns can’t be on or very near where you point them then they should not fire (along with a semi-constant notification). Conserves ammo and frustration when turrets are blocked by the craft and they try and shoot down Kars from Jojo.


    At least it’s better than YA-5M
    Edit: I take it back, YA-5M is better

  6. Chocolate balls?

  7. Phly, the EM series morred mine is composed of a trolley (box with a winch with cable) and the mine itself (metal sphere), the trolley acts as the mines anchor, while the mine itself is mostly empty so it floats.

  8. Time fused MINES… Only the developers at gaijin could come up with such a stupid idea, glad i stop playing this pos

  9. It’s gaijin‘ xd jk

  10. The idea is good but the mines stay active only for 2min so you can’t really make traps + enemy sees the mines like torpedos and that makes them so easy to dodge. If the mines would stay in forever and could only be seen by bare eyes that would make this useful

  11. Take out the CAC Boomerang! Attempt #13

  12. Now that minelayers are in war thunder they should add louhi

  13. You mean it’s not YET behind a pay-wall 🙂

  14. What aload of crap thats just useless

  15. WT totally gutted any worth this stupid Blivet has by giving the mines a freaking time limit! Were They Smoking Loco Weed when they shat out this steaming pile o uselessness?

  16. What a dissapoint

  17. The word is climactic, not climatic. Climatic relates to the climate. Climactic relates to climax.

  18. Did the Russians use time delay mines in Afghanistan?
    I think not.

  19. lol :D… mine life 2p30s and him have dont kill anyone =]]

  20. *Phly looks at Stuka*
    Good lord man you’re going full Jingles.

  21. Flameskillz adkisson

    Keep it up Phly I love ya don’t stop making videos

  22. 3:17 thing keeping it afloat would be first to the surface, heavier part sinks. Physics 😉

  23. Man WT is really dropping the ball on naval forces. Not only does the game mode not compliment boats, (PTs where not meant to cap and hold objectives like tanks do, but meant to conduct tactical strikes on key targets), but the fact that they want to add mine layers and fail to implement the basic concept of a mine is just infuriating

  24. Phly, do a custom match and get a group and do a carpet bombing run on an urban map.

  25. Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie Sub to PewDiePie

  26. On EU server u just cant find a game or wait 10 min… nobody is playing ships… they have to change many things but first , the russian double barrel 76 auto gunboat destroyed the balance … to op and albatros too … 4.0 and u have no chance against it , with Emden or any destroyer…

  27. M24+P47D Combo +12

  28. Boatdaily….

  29. Kill with it a plane

  30. 11:40 My man! It is gonna happen.

  31. Hey phly can you make a vidio with the ru251

  32. Same post 16:36 ?

  33. YouHaventSeenMeRight

    These are area access denial weapons. You have use them to block passages and entrances the enemy has to take to get to the objectives. This forces them to either go the long way round or slow down and carefully negotiate the mined entrances.


  35. give it a closer spawn than everyone else and make the mines permanent and this could actually work. with the closer spawn they can get to key areas and mine it before the main combatant come and then act as support to the main ships

  36. A.V.IV please

  37. These are german “Ankertauminenen”, the box on the bottom drops and make some kind of anker

  38. that is stpud. The mines should stay like you said, They also should render the icon further for allies.

  39. Think allies can pop them, even if they don’t affect allies (that would’ve been really amusing xD), so you can get trolled easily unattentively/ willingly. Still, a fine new introduction 🙂 Am also guessing they have an internal timer of around 2 to 3 minutes to avoid super spam I guess. This could go well, but if later they appear they should be limited per team to avoid spam, and then greatly increase their duration.

  40. Got this boat a few days ago for an one day test drive and guys. As long as not everybody knows these mines are in game they reck the enemies. Just put them in the cap points and drive away. The rest will be done for you..

  41. At least you should always pop it up on the early game to reach a cap and plant a minefield, but this is a mix between offensive and defensive gameplay that has a huge drawback : if nobody gets in the cap and hits one of those floating shits your gonna be useless all day long. I far prefer to enter a game with a G5 shvak and 2 torps to hunt down Krasny Kavkaz & co. That’s a lot of fun and I hope you will do a video showing how to smash big ass with a BR1 tropedo boat and a single fish. 😉
    Since I put the PE-8 with the 5000kg bomb i have a very good time playing warthunder. 🙂

  42. Simpely lay them near a cap

  43. I “won” a test drive of that piece of crap. I played 3-4 games in it before realising what a complete waste of time it is

  44. This is actually a great sneaky weapon system. An area denial weapon that could net a player some great kill rewards. You should tell Gaijin to remove the timer on mines. They should stay active for the duration of battle. Thy should only detonate when a vehicle hits them; friendly who will take no damage or enemy who will be destroyed.

    This may however be potentially very taxing to the server but I’m sure they can work that out. Great video though. Thanks.

  45. So not mines but timed bombs?

  46. Just A Normal -YT Channel

    If the mine is don’t have something to self-destruct like a timer or long range detonator

    what happens if the conflict is done or the war has ended?

    A lot of civilian casualties

  47. Haha!I have idea!When deploing a line of mines ,use smoke for hiding them

  48. VS-8 Hydrofoil was a transport. It was able to transport one Pz 38(t) or one Pz IV. The loading bay in the back was a pontoon with its own motor.
    Only VS-8 was delivered but broke in two pieces after a crash. It’s sister ship VS-9 was never finished.

  49. Aircraft carriers! Sooner or later!!!

  50. Attempt 55 # PLAY THE LEOPARD 1A 1A L44

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