New Weird Auto-Reloading LION Preview | Challenge for Gold and Tanks | World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Lion, New Tier 10 Auto-Reloading Medium Tank. World of Tanks Challenges for Free Gold and Free Premium Tanks. World of Tanks Update 1.18+ Patch News.


00:00 Introduction
00:50 Challenges for Rewards
01:50 Challenge
02:58 Maus Challenge
03:15 How to Join
03:53 Lion First Details Preview
09:40 Conclusion

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– WG
– Wotexpress

Today I am going to talk about a tournament or a challenge I made for you featuring T95 and Maus, where you are able to win some free Gold and Premium Tanks, but the main topic will be about the upcoming Lion. This tier 10 Italian auto-reloading medium tanks and the son of 65 and Leopard 1, with one quite a weird twist on its reload timers.

What do you think?


  1. Honestly, the shell reload seems like a mistake

  2. Bro, I hate that they love to add tanks with magazines, I hate that shit, you can’t brawl against these fuckers because if they want, they could just yolo and kill you, or then make you be with low HP, doing more than 1k damage within seconds….

  3. my lep 1 got it to load 6 sec.

  4. WG are determined to ruin world of tanks by keep adding better tanks that the average player like myself will not be able to get !!!!!!

    • that’s the point, if you are good you deserve your reward, if you are bad, get good and get your reward, ez clap! bad players ruin the game not the tanks!

  5. what a joke it becomed this game!!!

  6. this thing looks like Carro armato OTO melara OF-40 MTCA

  7. Didn’t watch the video yet, but I just wanna say that I felt they were adding too manty auto loaders back when sumoa SM came into the game, these days the game is a shit show for many reasons, and nobody should take it seriously statistically. Its changed so much and its so unbalanced that you can look at any stat and say “did I really get that because of my skill?” which just isn’t good imo.

  8. You’ll find the Lion in the Christmas Loot boxes

  9. Im calling the LION being the next tank for the workshop second tank only after the Obj 780 of course.

  10. Progetto 65 was raped by IS-3A and this is their fruit of love.

  11. Of course they have to do something stupid with the reloading.

  12. General N.Gabriel

    That is just a Leopard 1A3/4 with the Italian flag slapped over it and a autoloader jammed inside

  13. Uhm, never bought the t95, never unlocked the Maus :/

  14. An OF 40? That’s cool, wonder if we’ll get an XM 1 as well for the US

  15. aiii, sad challenge. I have neither of those two tanks. Better luck next time!

  16. Supportive commentary.

  17. nobody talking about the 10 frags background battle?

  18. Thx for info bro 😀

  19. Soo this can see tiger 2 on battles ? Oh ok balance

  20. In my opinion it will be first tier 10 premium tank and there will be a Challenge for it. (Just my opinion XD)

  21. On xbox over here..
    Not sure I’ll ever get to see that tank but I guarantee the release over here will be two week availability for probably arround 14k to 19k gold with various items bundled in with the different tiered prices.
    Usually these ten premiums are not available again for some time after initial sale then can be acquired for 450k free xp.

    I’m not 100% sure I’d get it. They’d need to rework that pitiful interclip for me to consider it..

  22. Its like carro 40 t

  23. Lion’s inter clip loading time is too long. 3.6-3.4s for buff?

  24. Do not own it, to dam hard to get thru lines…oh well

  25. I wonder if it will have something to do with new tier 9 french light. Maybe that is a burst of two shells, which seems very op

  26. Just what the game needs. F Wargaming

  27. A Leopard 1 with BIA, bounty vents, bounty gun rammer, and food has a reload time of only 7 seconds. Why in the world would anyone want to play an auto-reloader with the same alpha damage as the Leopard, but with a 5 second intra-clip reload between shells, plus 42 seconds to reload a full magazine of 4 shells. Makes no sense.

  28. OK first giveaway from Dez which I have 0 chance to win. I do have T95, but according to my performance and 0 gold ammo it is pointless even join it. And Maus is only my dream, still do not have it.

  29. my god. im so tired of all these auto loaders. one or two on a team isnt that bad, but when there is 8 its ridiculous. worse than arty ever thought about being

  30. Why keep introducing so many different gimmick guns? Make the game interesting, not the mechanics.

  31. when i see all the new auto loader i keep thinking up grade all the old tank so power creep is not a problem

  32. And another autoloader. Why not call the game world of autoloaders?

  33. wargaming needs to stop puting auto reloading tanks, every single tank can one clip you now , my t54 mod1 feels like useles tank with poor damage and poor pen and poor armor coz everyone can pen it frontaly. f*ck new meta

  34. Looks like leopard 2k

  35. Holy shhh. Looks like WG is breaking their 1970 tanks rule adding new tank. Lion is called Leone. It is a 1970’s tank. So now WG can add AMX 32, M60A2, Leopard 1A4, Type 74, Panzer 68, etc.

  36. cool looking tank & i hope its not for CW or ranked! great vid info and a great game u played with Leo!

  37. Roland Yancy Dorol

    it would be good if they are going to put it on the bond store for us to purchase but i think the prize is gonna be 20k bonds minimum.

  38. The editing at the end for that replay in the background was masterful.

  39. wait isnt it the other way round? 13s for first shell, then 10, then 8, and 21s for the last? i thought it was that way

  40. Edvardas Jakutavicius

    Tnx dez for your chalanges! And good luck everyone! 🙂

  41. Is there gonna be another battle pass? I got 18 tokens and I want the cobra

  42. Is than OF-40?

  43. Would be interesting…. Maybe a bit easier to keep dpm up…


  45. If assembly shop or ranked, then fk wg like never before

    Ranked is their worset game mode ever, it consumes credits like its water

  46. Prefer the simple Leopard 1 reload

  47. Loot box tier 9 premium?!

  48. Great content.

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