New WEIRDEST Tank in World of Tanks | Char Mle 75 Holiday Ops Box Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Char Mle 75, New 9 Premium French Ligth Tank. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 Loot Box Tank. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 – Loot Boxes, Free Gift Tank, Rewards.

First tank I am going to feature from the holiday ops 2023 boxes is the new 9 French light tank Char Mle 75. has more than 1 weird or unique feature for a light tank.

What do you think?


  1. 2 videos in 1 day, YAY! 😉 So what do you think about this weird animal?
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    More Information about the event:
    Let’s fill our progress bar by completing daily celebrity Holiday Ops missions together, playing random battles and get rewards such as a 2D Style. The more points we get, the more goodies we get for the giveaways (gold, boosters, premium tanks and more) + top collectors will be rewarded with more goodies.

  2. So basically it’s a on and off EBR front what I’m seeing

  3. I want this one…

  4. It can be trash but it can also be fun. Take well deserved reward this year. That KV is no way near OP, but it is really fun to play. at least for me
    I bought 56 boxes to get T5 SU-2-122 , got 3 t8 premium all other tanks, but not that…

  5. They said EBR was too much because of how fast it is for a wheel tank
    “Ok they want a track tank”

    • tbf, char’s balanced. it’s what EBR’s should have been

    • @jasper aers so you dont mind with an un-Halt-able wheel tank with a stable gun handling that can deliver a total of average 1200 damage with premium rounds loaded?

      Ok then, WG get to it

    • you get tracked…you move no more…EBR? Drives 85 instead of 95…and we do not count the criticals with out any dmg

  6. New tanks are gimmicky for me , but obj 283 i like that one.

  7. How do you get so much money from you match?

  8. I like it. My team RNG this session was terrible but in the matches where I had a team with enough skill to open flanking opportunities it did very well. In cases where the team was total crap and no openings were available I got wrecked fast. Also I’m only using basic AP shells so frontal attacks against anything other than paper tanks is not an option for me.

  9. While this vehicle can scout and is a LT…I feel this is more of a MT.

  10. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Nothing weird here jsut a teir 9 bourrasque

  11. The muti shot mechanic is already in the game at low tiers

  12. Damn i missed you name and clicked skills Santans helper 🙁

  13. This thing just looks like a faster, more accurate Tornvagn

  14. I found a way to cancel the auto fire mechanic. If you change modes while your burst is still going, it doesn’t shoot, and keeps you shells, even if its 1 or 2 left in the burst. One can save ammo by mastering this I think.

  15. More and more downhill. Gonna quote Sir Foch: “a bunch of degenerates running around in EBR’s”. Did you know that WG is shilling out for the Steam Awards? Offering some consumables for a vote. Laughable.

  16. i removed 3 skorp tanks arledy in 3 shots 1150hp,dude not even get how it go to garaz in 1,5s

  17. I think this is a tank for players who have mastered swiching in and out of drive modes in EBRs. For example if you have a gaming mouse with programmable buttons. They are the ones saying it’s been the most fun. Watch some replays of people who really have the hang of it and you’ll understand. For the rest of us mortals, it’s gonna be another tank in the garage, too frustrating to play.

    • you stupid? ebr switches immediately while this takes 3s to get into combat mode. it’s not even comparable
      also the mobility isn’t that good, in combat mode you are slower than many meds and in speed mode it’s still slower than T100LT or RhmPzw. Also other t9 or even t8 like the Ru or T49/Bulldog versions go like 72kmph easily with same mobility. Char has bit better p/w, therefore terrain resistances are worse than most other lights so it gets compensated by that.

      ebrs have great mobility even in standard mode and they don’t lose any gun handling or turret rotation. plus wheels
      Char is fun to play but not really competitive imo. 40s clip reload is also huge drawback.

  18. i like it all but the 1150 hps

  19. where is the resources from daily missions? i cant colect …

  20. Ik think iron army is prettig cool Its just a armored tank and Its signet by Arnold himself i just love the look of it and i love armorbecause i am a bigginner ofcourse

  21. dropped it from 4th lootbox then went on to full 50 drops to get another – m47
    thi lt is fun which is almost impossible to get in this game

  22. I got some stuff from the boxes but I am missing my beloved bc arty skin 😢

  23. thia tank is a small trush but is very fun to play with it 🙂

  24. Cant stop wont stop…

  25. That light tank can kill my Obj274a in 5 seconds. A light tank.

  26. I love this Tank

  27. Really a very fun tank to play, you win, you loose, you go back to garage fast or stay in the game to the end, whatever, this funny thing at least please me while gaming.

  28. You need yo let the gun cool down

  29. Yesterday I was having fun with my BZ176 (+Vipera) and that Char Mle 75 shot me and I did not understand how he could shot so fast ! Now I know lol
    But this is such a waste of ammo ! That’s ok in tier 1-2 but not for tier 9 !! I’m happy not to have it

  30. I really want to play this back on console again but ever since update 6.0 on console the game is total crap

  31. Well i did expect such a gun somwhere to be fair but on difrent nation meybe japan mediums …sinc on earlier tier they have tank like that

  32. 5:16 RIP 2CV

  33. I think you ned to play it a bit like mix of light and medium focusing on dealing dmg

  34. Are there other streamers as dez, skill and AOE?

  35. Its a huge problem because most of The players will try to use it like a damage dealer and not a spoter.

  36. Fun but ultimately useless by comparison to other LTs.

  37. its like cs-63 and tvp having a baby

  38. It’s just another lazy attempt by wg to increase the amount of credits you waste while playing the game forcing you to shoot 3 times the same reason as the recently added tech tree where you literally need 200k XP to not have a stock tier 9 Italian TD where the minotauro is literally the same amount forcing you to use free XP if you actually wannę enjoy the game.

  39. Annihilator in wotb but an autoloader and a light tank

  40. Light tank? It’s bigger than most mediums.

  41. RU251 is better. Do not need changing modes and has better view range and out spots you and has good HE. Clow cars are faster. Gun is situational. It is very team dependent to. Did only one game with 7,2K assist. It is very very situational tank. Got high WR in it but weak WN8. Personally in this meta it is garbage to me.

  42. I got every tank except this one and this one is what i wanted, also the double barrel td is nuts

  43. I got it.. didn’t try it yet

  44. Clowncar on tracks

  45. I like this tank. It force you to think differently. Can I place all 3 shots? Is it time to rush because of Turbo or better wait in a bush? Also the limited amount of ammo is helping you think much more than spamming “unlimited ammo”. This is probably why I love also Gonzalo and Caliban: more in game diversity versus using the most armored tank around.
    In short, as you said: Having fun!
    Note: Myc rew is the one from ELC90, coming from EBR90 :)…. Three light tanks so much fun to play.

  46. Funny enough, turbine tanks are actually a bit quieter than normal diesel/gasoline engined ones. There’s a reason the Abrams is nicknamed the silent death.

  47. Wg has a burst of cash flow ..happy days for this greedy money company🤑🤑 gonna skip this one!

  48. Imagine how hard it must be to get the Fadin’s medal with this tank.

  49. I would say Iron Arnie Dez 🙂

  50. This tank mechanics brings to light that we can now have the long overdue M50 Ontos in game

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