NEW WORLD RECORD EXP in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Blast___ is going to set a World Record in World of for Tier 8 EXP playing the infamous BZ-176!



  1. Florian Fierlinger

    What is the tank called “nameless” on his team?

  2. BastionDeGuerra38

    props to that foch for actually listening and wining the game thanks to his sacrifice

  3. Asian server must be small. I recognise half the players in this game

  4. Dominate the hill with full gold ammo, consumables, equipment..

    Full pay to win gamer.

  5. 150 more damage and better pen on the gold rounds. they are not evening attempting to hide that this game is P2W dumpster garbage now XD

  6. thats weird, i had a kv-2 game with 2,9k base xp

  7. R̴̮͆S̷͉͝X̵̞̀ :̴D̵

    Thats why I stopped playing

  8. Spencer Woligrocky


  9. shit game…bad MM ..this game is pay to win…i cannot play this game like before…i dont pay wot + and i have only lost battle

  10. and he made credits wp wargaming

  11. When in doubt, use all premium ammo and pay to win instead of using skill… Pretty standard in this game.

  12. Phú Minh Channel

    Bz – 176 is tier 10 ?

  13. Guy played well, but doesn’t change the fact that this is a disgusting tank and should’ve never made it to the game. Weak point’s almost nonexistent, unless you have big enough gun (which at tier 8 are not that common, since they needed to add that 1 extra mm to the roof armor, let alone if you need to fight this bs of a tank as a tier 6 or 7). Gun handling is still way better than any other gun with comparable damage output, and to top it off it also has mobility through the rocket boosters.

  14. Perfect explanation of WoT. You have 1-7ms lag and you will hit all your shots. That is how streamers do it and that is how this guy does it. I have played many battles with him on Asia and was always wondering how he manages to hit all his shots. Well, thats how. Big bonkers whoever say 80ms is ok. It is far from ok. I play 50-90ms or 80-110ms on Asia and I see what he is hitting and that I can not possibly achieve the same with my latency. P.s.: Im purple player in the 11500 rating field, just for those reading this and wondering if I have the experience to tell.

  15. I had a dog once...

    I easily get penned by the BZ-176 when I’m in my tier 10 Jagdpanzer E100.

  16. Christian Kroemer

    I could be mistaken, but I am pretty sure that shooting lower tier tanks gives you less XP than shooting an equal tier enemy vehicle.

  17. Played tanks for 10 years quit for a year. Came back to the game they released this tank ruined t8 mm. I haven’t played since. WG’s bad choices have consequences and drives players away.

  18. love how this t8 can still bounce some tX prem rounds on its upper plate

  19. Best tier 8 heavy in the game

  20. It’s not a tier X QB

  21. “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” *Dale Carnegie

  22. Amazing! Congrats! And thank you, QB for showcasing this!

  23. WG should at decrease the turret armor of this tank or at least decrease the alpha dmg. This tank is too OP.

  24. This tank really destroyed few of my games.


  26. Stupid game. Pay to win. Heavy tanks are pointless, they just trade hp with speed. Armor is meaningless.

  27. Lol was that an enemy team of very bad bots?
    Not contesting middle? ignoring a BZ parked sideways halfway up? Drive in front of it sideways multiple times?

  28. I somehow swallowed the existence of the likes of skoda t56, bourrasque, etc; tanks that should only have +1/+2 matchmaking. It was the arrival of 176 when i said I can’t take anymore of this sh*t!
    This video was a good reminder that I made the right decision to gtfo of world of tanks

  29. Also he is using “Tundra” forbidden mod. Watch careful how he aim tank behind bush and the rock.

  30. This tank is a shame.

  31. This tank is a disgrace and anyone who plays it is a disgrace

  32. me asian

  33. Cancer tank..never seen a tank with firework on it 🖕

  34. Stupid tank, stupid game….

  35. BZ is the reason I play less often.

  36. Another example of useless crap players who cant clear ONE single simple jerk on the hill, T30+Borsig+whatever, rush, push, end of domination. 101% idiot coward shit play = 95% of all WoT players who do not reach anything in life and in this game. Every day the same shitty behavior of cowards who really (!) think their lousy pixels are WORTH anything. Disgusting.

  37. Matthias Bouillon

    Lucky that there was no arty. I got smashed so many times in this position on the hill by arty 😅

    Got the BZ last Christmas too, but boy I hate this thing. Barely play it 😂

  38. Andhika Razannur

    Ah yes everyone else playing passively, a lot of camping stuff happened, pushing one by one

    Yep this is Asia server alright

  39. You can never have BZ-176 and WG Balance Department, because they are mutually exclusive.

  40. Typical CC who is paid by WG to promote WOT.

  41. What can you say? These types of games are only able to be achieved by such stupid tanks; bz being one. Highly doubt a game like this would be achieved with any other tank, seriously, it’s just not possible.

  42. That monkey mains the BZ-176.

  43. Douche Bag!!!!!

  44. BZ-176 Drivers have little PP

  45. I have the Tier 10, and I met a 176 hulldown in a match, and strangely enough, he penned my turret weakpoints more then I penned his. And his gun did way more damage even though it was slower.

    It was disgusting to think the Tech tree tanks are weaker then this. If they all had Type 5 heavy guns it’d probably be a different story

  46. Congrats for farming the mobs🙏✌️.

  47. One of the biggest D*ck Moves from WG with this tank is that they give it 41 mm of roof armor, knowing exactly that with that thickness it won’t be overmatchable by 122 mm guns, of which there are quite a few in the game. Even with 40 mm of roof armor that tank would still be incredibly OP, but at least lower tiered tanks like the IS or or other soviet tanks which feature a 122 mm gun would have some chance to fight back. But with 41 mm of roof armor that tank is basically unbeatable when its hulldown. This tank is just a pure p2w-sealclubbing tank.

  48. Ariliquin Ariliquin

    That was a blast of a game, nice

  49. I honestly hate the bz, it’s top speed is abysmal, and I can easily pen it’s armour with average penetration at tier 7. It’s cupola armour is on existent and it has a horrible lower plate and side armour. I don’t worry much when I see this tank in mm. Asides from the first month or two, I never found fighting this tank challenging, it was annoying at best.

  50. If you think you are good at something remember that somewhere there is a Asian guy better that you, gg

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