New WZ-113-II has 113 Hull & Obj. 140 Turret in Tier 8 | World of Tanks WZ-113-II Preview

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks WZ--II, New Inverse AutoReloader Tier 9 Russian Medium Tank. World of Tanks 590, New Reward Tank? World of Tanks Update 1.14+ Patch News.

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Another new tank is in the development this time it comes from China, with parts from different tanks. Hull from the tier 10 113 + turret from the 140… And it tier 8. 😀 Let’s take a look what WZ--II has to offer!

Let me know what you think about all of that!


  1. First once again for another informative and enjoyable Dez vid!🙂

  2. All these tier8 premium heavies would probably make a solid tier10 with some adjustments

  3. Christos Siderakis

    Second here

  4. Dez-nation 🤩🤩

  5. My morning is now complete.

  6. Yaaay early again! Keep up good work Dez!

  7. Hey there, Dez Nation… Have an absolutely freakin fantastic day! 🙂
    Congratz to the winners and best of luck in the future giveaways, MANY more to come!

  8. just what WOT needed. another Russian tank to bounce all your shots off.

  9. Day 17 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  10. ka- ching

  11. Hey Dez! Would love to see M4 Jumbo with Derp 🙂

  12. why? We absolutely don’t need this tank! its completely useless to make it! Why not just buff 112 or WZ111????

  13. And now you know why they nurfed HE when stuff like this comes out.

  14. 112(8Tier) and 113(10Tier) have the same hull

  15. Jens-Ole Jürgens

    …but a Tier 7 gun so EVERYONE has to shoot gold

  16. as if almost every tier 8 premium in the game right now is not just a tier 10 copy. *T77* *Progetto 46* *ebr 75 fl10* *vk 75.01K* *TS-5* *Turtle mk1* *LT-432* *M54 Renegade* and we have not even gotten into the vehicles that are actually different and better then the entire tech tree such as the cs52 lis or every tier 8 french medium that is not the dreaded amx CDC.

  17. The armour seems crazy ….it won’t matter much about exposing yourself if your armour is amazing. Tier 10 armour with tiny turret hatches.

  18. The tank literally just bounced the JgPzE100 twice in a row and this clown Dez is saying this tank will be frustrating, what a douche

  19. A new t8 premium, just what we need, gj WG

    • generic username

      wargaming is company, a company that needs money. They cant just keep selling old premiums

    • @generic username well yes i get that, buy does it have to be another premieum tho? I think more 3d skin is a good alternative

  20. So it’s a 112 with 110 gun

  21. Of course its not double barrel, because its not Soviet, only Soviets have double barrel

  22. No4imbutFAME Der allerechte


  23. With every new information I got about today’s wot I am losing any interest to return.

  24. A 112 with a better gun but no pref-MM sounds pretty solid

  25. Literally 113 with obj.140 turret, well since this is game, new stuff is very welcome

  26. so they removed tier X 113 and are adding premium 113 at tier VIII, sad

  27. it looks like 113-hull with obj.140-turret

  28. I must downvote this because of Wargamings choices in yet another BullPoop Overpowered premium.
    It is nothing to do with Dezgamez.

  29. 112 have the same armor as tier 10 113. While 113 hull isnt that good in tier 10, but sure it works wonder in tier 8, it is near broken. Bouncy af, even without angling.

    BUT. If you spam HEAT in 112, then 112 is actually better than this tank in its current stats. 112 is underrated.

  30. gun dep isnt really an issue since WG removes most hull down positions that do not favor the RU/ chinese tech tanks.

  31. lol for tier 6 and 7

  32. so…. 112 with better penetration and non preferential matchmaking, okay?

  33. David Villamarin

    When do i get a tier 10 hull on a tank tier 5 to smash them all?

  34. They should ease up on the gun depression for the Chinese line

  35. the 113 is easily one of my favorite tier 10 heavy tanks.. its so underrated in my opinion. Can’t wait to see where they put this new tank so i can get my hands on it.

  36. Just goes to show, there’s basically no difference platform wise, between tier 8 and tier 10. The difference is only in the statistics.

  37. Deutsch Schäfer

    I like chinese heavy tanks, so this is good news for me! Thanks!

  38. The turret seems to be the object 140
    And the gun has incredibly bad handling, while the terrain resistances are alright

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