New WZ-114 & Map Changes to Erlenberg and Siegfried Line | World of Tanks WZ-114 Preview

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks WZ-114, Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Erlenberg and Siegfried Line Map Rework and Changes.

Information from:
– WG

Another day, another premium tank WG is working on. The WZ-114 has couple quite a unique things for a heavy tank and for a Chinese tank overall. On the top of that, let’s take a look at couple map changes they are thinking about doing on Siegfried Line and Erlenberg.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Desperately needed changes look promising. Just wish they would rotate more often.
    Mechna Yerikov

  2. I like Siegfried changes a lot, definetly step in a right direction.
    I dont know what would I say abot Erlemberg, it remains to be seen on PTR.
    New premium…..dont get me started….disgusting, just disgusting…..112 HE pen seems like a tanks gonna be trollish as hell. Speed doesnt cut it for me, it seems it will be slower than the Mouse, it aims for a century…..what else….everything about it just seems bad either in a way its going to hurt the driver or the poor chap on the recieving end (im looking at u 112HE).
    Gunerstile EU

  3. That 122mm pen would be interesting to see. The accuracy is great, but the aim time pretty much negates it.
    Noobfury NA

  4. All the best luck to all of you guys! Love the changes of the maps.
    Username: dany_stana
    Server: EU

  5. Congratulations Dez!!! Keep it up and share infos, tips and awesome contents :-). Looking forward to more upcoming videos. It’s helpful for peeps like me who is new to the game.
    Username: Deviouzground
    Server: EU

  6. Good map change.
    That new prem really has some odd stats.. 🧐 dosent tickle my “i want” nerv..

    EU server

  7. I like both maps, before and now after this changes.
    EU RuskiWafel

  8. I think the changes are fine, but the new tank seems like a troll, can’t wait to see it in action.
    Duckdingo25 NA

  9. Well, is it gonna be another powercreep tank? I guess we’ll see.
    Username: DelHuge
    Server: EU

  10. Not bad changes.

    Username: Hakkolinen
    Server: EU

  11. Sigfried line is one of my least favorite maps, especially for attackers… We’ll see how the changes will influence that.

    Username: Kubka4
    Server: EU

  12. Yea,more premium tanks…
    Username: sasa011 EU server

  13. We need bigger maps.. Tanks got faster year after year now we have tanks that can cross biggest map in less than a minute.. Years ago you needed 2 mins to reach your flank.. Now it can start within 10 sec in small maps.. Way bigger maps to slow the games and make it enjoyable as before

  14. extra bunker looks nice, but it wont change 15:3 simulator at all

  15. User Name; M1A2_Tank_Commander
    Server; USC

    It seems to me that every time they make a change to the maps it is to get rid of the ability for TD’s to do what they were made to do. Sure there are a few that can go in with the tanks that sport some heavy armor. But TD’s like the SU-130 PM are sniper TD’s and can not take but 3 hits and die. So in essence they are forcing TD players to play a TD like a tank. This is one aspect of WoT that really pisses me off. They fix things for a certain player and screw the other players. So what if a Grille 15 can sit in a spot and get a shot off and then be seen. The Grille 15 has no armor to protect the 1800 hit points it has. That is the same amount of hit points the new tier 8 WZ heavy tank has. That is very low hit points for a tier 10.
    But WoT would rather eliminate TD positions for the cry babies complaining about getting sniped. So here we go again making it an unplayable map for TD’s. Fantastic job WoT’s!

  16. Would be fun testning out old version of Earlenberg now in 2021


  17. I like the changes in Siegfried Line…….especially for heavy tanks that want to use their depression…..and that bunker is useful for TD’s…..and wow…..Chinese Heavy tank with 10 degree of depression, that’s new for well known for no depression …….oh well I hope it will not in Christmas Loot Box…..
    User: Johnki12
    Server: SEA

  18. Erlenberg needs to be completly reworked. Other changes are not that bad.. Tank=kaku.
    Sm00thxD98 EU

  19. I dont like how the heavy tank sounds but all the map changes are awsome

  20. The map changes balance out both sides and time will tell if they’ll work.
    Username: LTU26
    Server: EU

  21. The WZ will be another one of those tanks that needs at turbo to function 🤦
    Username: Cpt_Alpha
    Server: EU

  22. Overall good changes mainly on Siegfried line’s south.
    adsss2 EU

  23. Finally they are balancing some much needed maps 🙂 denizeser2000 NA

  24. The changes look good to me, tank seems meh.
    Username: jackpoc7
    Server: Eu

  25. is it now time to finaly take out Siegfried Line from the banned map list and give it a another try?
    Akademiksi – EU

  26. My favourite change is on Siegfried Line number 3. It seems like now players can play there on both sides👍
    Actually_Alik25 / EU

  27. I like the changes to the maps. Will have to wait and see how the heavy plays before I can comment on it.
    Ingame name fromundacheez
    NA server

  28. Changes on Siegfried Line’s South is a great change for sure, as for Erlenberg it seems a bit lacking. Don’t even start about the new premium, it already seems terrible.
    Username: pirates123
    Server: Asia

  29. I like this changes!

  30. I hope the WZ 114 will be a Christmas lootbox item! I like the tank and balance. ThunderGJ EU-server

  31. WG adding hull down position everywhere so you won’t be able to push anything, they rae just destroying more and more maps with it

  32. Death_PD(Asia)

  33. The map changes seem rather minor. Congrats on 10 years Dez. I’ve enjoyed your content during that time and like to post some of your better tips/info in the Gen chat box of the NA server. Keep up the good work. Regards John4787

  34. ahh new chinese tank i think it will be bad as well
    zombi58 eu

  35. Dear Dez,
    Erlenberg WAS MUCH BETTER erlier, before this snow fall!
    EU Server

  36. Server eu username howard9417 Siegfried line looks intresting cannot wait to see how it works out

  37. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    Siegfried Line really needed those changes, wow, finally.
    EU Server.

  38. Will have to see how the map changes actually play out.
    Rossignal – NA

  39. finally now both teams will be able to play aggressively in the new map changes, it will be less stressfull to hold or attack a side for both sides of the team
    ShadonHunter NA

  40. Great content Ade_Sa Eu

  41. Another prem tank…
    Atleast this time its chinese

    Lughaa on EU

  42. Margeir Gudbjornsson

    It is good to see some change on map. It will changes play style of most people either better or worst. Only time can tell if it is good change or bad. That new premium tank sound way to slow for the meta. EU DarkVikingIce

  43. Looking foewarrd to the map changes , especially Siegfried Line chnages. Not sure about the new WZ-114, but I will nost likely buy it anyways. I have all other premium tanks in my garage, so whats one more that I only play once a year….

    Keep up the greatvideos andthecutting edge information forthe game!!!

    Name =Palenor
    Server = NA

  44. Hi Dez!
    I think the map changes are great. I am ok with that.
    As for that made in China tank….it is still made in China. In nowadays WoT mobility is more important than firepower in my opinion.
    Keep up the good work!

  45. I liked the Siegfriends line before the changes, they should focus on Paris in my opinion, as well as making Fishermans bay more balanced from pushes on 1 line 🙂


  46. the only reason i keep playing this game bcoz of the damn tree at siegfried lineeee!!!

    server: Asia
    ID: imran_killer2424

  47. Love the map changes, looking forward to trying them out. Not so impressed with the new WZ, but who knows, time will tell.

  48. Great content as always. MGFranks NA

  49. Even more camping positions for OP hull down heavy tanks imo.
    ToMaX25 EU

  50. I think the map changes are nice, I dont see any drawback to them but its cool. And the WZ, I think its going to be a fine tank! 🙂
    IGN HolySt_Joseph
    Server NA

    also i have no gold so you dont need to give me all 25k if you choose me, you can just give less if you want i dont mind

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