New WZ-114 vs STRV K – Tier 9 Premium Tanks | World of Tanks WZ-114

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World of Tanks WZ-114, New 9 Chinese Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks New Winter Marathon for WZ-114, The Hidden Tiger. World of Tanks Marathon for a Free Premium Tank.

Video Chapters
00:00 Introduction
01:00 STRV K
03:00 Announcement
05:00 STRV K
16:06 WZ-114
18:44 WZ-114 1
23:40 WZ-114 2
28:30 Conclusion

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– Official article about The Hidden Tiger Marathon:

We all knew that STRV K is not going to be the only 9 premium tank in the game and we didn’t have to wait for long… The WZ-114 is a Chinese behemoth of a heavy tank, but is it any good as well?

What do you think?


  1. STRV K compared to the WZ (in my opinion) is way more playable, but even STRV vs other tier 9 tanks is kinda *WEAK* in many ways.
    But, what you think about the tier 9 premium tanks overall in this game?
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    Have an absolutely fantastic day!

    • Don’t like it, but it is the natural progression. As long as they keep making shit tanks for sale, people will buy them. (I’m trying to like the Tornvagn) the more tanks the better, except veeled wehicles, kill them with fire…..

      NA server NBS_Bulletsponge

    • I am fine with the idea and implementation of tier 9 premium tanks, there are 2 things I’m worrying about I, that all of this is going to lead to tier 10 premium tanks, and two, most of the matchmaker is filled with premium tanks anyway that will never get nerfed.
      Doomsnake11, EU

    • In long run it’s gonna become same as 8 tear now, more than half team premium tanks and most of them gold ammo spamming and that ruins game for free players.
      Usernam: Dowdis
      Server: EU

    • Tier 9 is annoying with tier 7 and tier 8 tanks with stock guns.
      Username Merreterianer[DDPA]
      Server Eu

    • No need to get tiers 9 premium. I already have a bunch of tiers 8 premium for all nations, making enough credits and free xp playing them. Some have preferred MM and cost less to operate than Tiers 9.

      I will got new premium tanks for credits only, no marathon. It is way too hard to grind several hours during 10 days. Also I truly disprove WG trick to double tank price knowing most people will be exhausted after reaching 50% discount.

  2. Hey Dez!
    I will like Tier IX prems the day WG puts 279, Chief and other “super tanks” into Tier XI.
    😉 chaos

    name: HolyBonkLord (don’t ask, it’s my secondary account)
    Server: EU

  3. T9 premiums are okey as long they are “balanced”. They must(should) be a little weaker than the tek tree counter parts becouse they have bonus credit income.
    If wargaming does a bad job like with the t8 premiums then we are doomed. At least my opinion.

    Selku17 eu server

  4. I have mixed feelings about tier IX Premiums and I am worried about eventual power creep like we have seen with tier VIII

  5. I don’t mind T9 premium tanks, as long as they stay at the same lvl as tech tree T9. I only worry that it’ll be the same as the power creep we see with T8 and slowly but surey they’ll get better than most T9 and a bunch of T10 tech tree tanks. And then it’ll be the T10 premiums as good as Chieftan and 279e.

    Name: Niksan_nh
    Server: EU

  6. Well , hello mate! I’ve been watching you for a long time now, but this is the first time I actually try to take part in a giveaway.
    About the tier 9 premium tanks, the WZ seems like a big boring piece of steel , it should be played only in close quarters and with enough protection, aaand one should play that tank only in a platoon because after it shoots , it is very vulnerable. The srtv K , is like a buffed fv4202 , or centurion 5/1 RAAC … it is pretty mobile and a little more entertaining to play , but it is good only in good player’s hands. For me personally they are not worth the money, if one has that much free time to complete the marathon, it’s a welcome tank to the collection.
    username : Shakhalo on the EU server. Keep up the good work ,mate.

  7. as someone who only plays T- 9 / 10 i am all for it but -2 mm sucks and is plan stupidity.
    Server: EU
    Username: kussii
    (Remember PremAmmo is Lower Skilled)🖖

  8. I think tier 9 premiums can be acceptable if there are balanced, like these two tanks. If WG plan to repeat situation like on tier 8 game probably lost a lot and only tier 5-6 be more or less playable, with mean it will be begging of end of WOT.

    Server: EU
    Nickname: sovenus

  9. WZ114 looks like it will match my playstyle, also i like the way it looks. Server: EU username: Alleeexxxx

  10. I think we do not need new premium tanks neither tier VIII nor tier IX ones. There are lots of more issues in the game the devs should rather focus on, like crew 2.0 of which we haven’t heard about since half a year or so. The game is still not balanced in many ways, this should be a higher priority in my opinion.

  11. I am at stage 5. The wz 114 is weak in my opinion. I could pass the bad dpm, the slow mobility, but the aiming time is killing it for me. I preffer the STRV. Server : EU User: gbagaxx

  12. I feel like the “free” tier IX event should be a little bit better, not as good as a tier IX bond vehicle, just a tiddy bit better.
    For the others premiums, well balancing them could be a really good thing :p
    (If only we could play without gold ammo, like a gamemode, yummy)
    Serveur : EU
    Name : Eldar200

  13. I like tier 9 premium tanks because its Fresh and i get a new experimence of the game. The tier 9 premium is balanced. I don’t have one.
    Username Arvidprime
    Server Eu

  14. i dont bother with the marathon events as i do not have the time to spend to get the tank for free so i am lucky to get 40% off if i buy but i dont. so i wont be getting one.

  15. Siniša Paripović

    Tier 9 premium tanks for me are ok. The question is when tier 10 tanks will come.
    Username: Chris_os
    Server: EU

  16. as for the tier 9 give away tanks, i am not bothered one way or the other, WG are going to do what ever they want, i wont get one as i cant afford it.
    NA server

  17. For now, tier 9 premiums seem balanced, and not broken, so i think it’s good. But i hope they don’t make tier 10 premiums, or they’re gonna destroy even more their game.
    Name : Ludogame
    Server : EU

  18. I really don’t like the direction but I guess we can ride out the T9 premiums a while longer… until, of course, we see a T9 Bourrasque. That is honestly when I will probably stop playing. The other thing is that getting T9 premiums will get a lot of the player base to shift from mainly T8 to T9, because let’s face it, AEG put it best – why play T8 when you can play T9 premium and get bonds while at it as well? I don’t know, for now it’s still fine but I will constantly live with the thinking that the next T9 will be the next Bourrasque, T56, EBR or some other meta blaster. Thanks for the comparison, I do have the Strv K and I really do like the gun for the most part.
    TF_DaQuteness / EU server

  19. Premium 9’s is fine as long as they are balanced.They feel like the older premiums in the game, similar to slightly lower in power than their tech tree counterparts. Dandooka-EU

  20. I don’t mind the tier 9 premium tanks as long as they come with a mission marathon only. The Missions in that marathon should be very reasonable for just anyone just spending say 24 hours in total gameplay over the 10 days just to get at least 55% to 65% discount. No more of this nonstop 65 hours minimum crap grind.
    IGN: 0megaZer0
    Server: NA

  21. Tier 9 prem are interesting concept, because its allowing us to get bonds just as we did long time ago, before they make it tier 10 expulsive (talking about random battles ofc). But its scary that they are going to make all the tier 8 prem tanks obsolete and all the money spent in tier 8s will feel insignificant.

  22. I don’t mind the tier 9 Prems they so far haven’t seemed to be broken .
    Morralles EU

  23. For now tier 9 premiums doesn’t affect the game too much, and I lie to get obligation when playing without loosing credits at tier 10. I’m just a bit afraid for the game in three-four year, if we end up getting OP tier 9 premium.
    I did the marathon for strv k and the tank is not really competitive but I have fun with it (the gun can be kinda trolish).

    nickname: Guysper_
    server: EU

  24. My opinion on T IX. premiums: Claus Kellerman – WarGaming’s Plan To Make Your Tier 8 Premiums Obsolete video say all…
    username: oldone
    Server: EU

  25. Strv k is good tank when he is top tier,but tanks with 260 pen and more can easily pen him in cupola that’s biggest mana of strv k.I enjoy playing strv k.I don’t think he is very good credit maker but it’s ok.Gun handling is really good on my strv.I can do snap shots,it know to miss but more shells hit then don’t.I think it’s balanced and playable.
    TarikYT Eu server

  26. Honestly i think that we already had th9 premium tanks,but at th8 … Overall i really hope that th9 are gonna somehow be balanced and capable of balancing match making,maybe even WG learns from his mistakes
    nick: jack90900 server: EU (the one that lags)

  27. I think currently the profit of tier 9 premium tanks is way less than tier 8’s. I think it will be very good if wargaming keeping making this kind trash tier 9 premiums, but buff the profit of it. It can benefit all players in the game, the one who play this tank can earn lots of credits, and its opponent can penetrate it very easily, everyone is happy,
    Server: Asia
    ID: PaPaMaus

  28. I only have the AE for a tier 9 premium because I just started playing again after 6 years away. I think they are fine premiums at any tier is ok to me. coupe89 NA

  29. Not a fan of the Tier 9 Premiums, should have stayed in Tier 8. Just gives the possibility to be more PTW. I have the Strv K and enjoy playing it since it can earn Bonds along with more credits and EXP. PunisherFC on NA server

  30. I think tier 9 tanks are fine and it’s nice to play with then but I prefer tier 8 and 10 more, Obj. 777 is good, but like I said I prefer tier 8 and 10
    Username: Hrvoje850
    Server: EU

  31. Kārlis Blūzmanis

    I don’t mind the tier 9 premiums, if they are balanced. Server: EU Name: Karlos_Gaming_lv

  32. I don’t Know man i really enjoy this tank, its not THAT terrible it hit hard and when fully aimed it hits

    Krimm_ EU

  33. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    Tier 9 Premium Tanks or even tier 10 wouldn’t differ much from the tier 8s. But that is both good and bad thing.
    Newer players shouldn’t have access to the top tiers in the shop right from the get-go. And that was an issue already for tier 8s.
    Beyond that, there are already numerous tier 9 and up reward tanks. It wouldn’t be gamebreaking for vechicles like this to earn more credits as well (especially with WG’s approach to not raise the earnings, but keeping them at “tier 8” level).
    The issue is, tier 9/10 Premium tanks, like all Premium Tanks, need to sell. And that can introduce many toxic mechanics like powercreep. Tier 8 suffers immensely from that. Recently, tier 9 and 10 got plagued by overpowered Reward tanks too.
    Even though, there is a healthy way to introduce tier 9 and 10 Premiums, I have zero confidence in Wargaming to handle that matter properly. That’s why I am (or was, as it’s already in the game) all against the introduction of top tier Premiums in the game.

    As for the marathon: currently Stage 1.

    Username: GpgotSwag
    Server: EU

  34. Hi,

    The Tier 9 premiums look OK for now, but I’m afraid that later on it will be like on Tier 8, that you don’t really see any tech tree tanks and you don’t really keep them anymore, because there is a premium version of it, which is cooler, maybe even better statswise. Tier 9 feels great now, I keep almost every tech tree tank even after I researched the Tier 10 with them, so I don’t want to lose this to premium tanks. tcholoss on EU server.

  35. Well, both of strv K and wz-114 strong, but I think wz-114 stronger. Have a nice day
    Username: miyukinatsume
    Server: Asia

  36. Tier 9 premiums will probably make tier 8s obsolete if they start adding a lot of them.
    In-game name . fromundacheez
    NA server

  37. Hello , i play this game since 8 Years but i dont think tier 9 premiums are a good thing … the most premium tanks are more better than normal tanks and than you have too play against this tanks with youre tier 7 tanks with tier 6 gun …. no fun …

  38. You did 3166 dmg in both battles. Consistancy at it’s maximum
    Tier 9 are broken,,,
    sorin7412 EU

  39. Тихомир Господинов

    Probably tire 9 premiums are somehow next step of premiums. Sooner or later we are expecting to see even tire 10 premiums whitch wold be great (you can play tire 10 without fear of loosing credits).

    name: THe__0nE
    server: EU

  40. I like that the put T9 Premium Tanks into the game becourse there are so many T8 premiums ist boring too buy them.
    I have the Strv K but will pass this one. I want a T9 Medium.

    Server: EU
    Name: Busterstyle

  41. Im at 4th stage not grinding it tank dosent fit my play style at all . and tier 9 premiums is ok al long as they are mediocore not OP .nickmane tosius server EU

  42. T9 were expected but only time will tell what will happen to gameplay when a new “progetto” emerge. In current state these new T9 still dont make tech tree tanks obsolete. They only make T7 feel way inferior. EU: ThwQ

  43. I’m fine with Tier 9 premiums being slowly introduced, but I think WG needs to be careful to ensure they don’t fundamentally replace Tier 8 premiums that players/customers have purchased. By giving the tier 9’s enhanced earning around bonds, is a unique way to give them earning power without compromising tier 8 premium values, imo.


  44. T9 premiums are fine aslong as they are balanced
    Comet995 euro

  45. Right now tier 9 premius are ok, but if they get better than tech tree tanks, like tier 8 premiums, the game will become even more pay to win. And teir 9 is already the sweet spot and will further mess with tier 7 matchmaking.
    Server: EU
    Name: Lightscape

  46. I like them because they are a little weaker than tier 10 and they can play with tier 7

  47. Marutein Falconone

    I think if the tier 9 premiums will stay like the two we have now, I’m fine with putting them into the game but if we get some disgusting stuff…
    Nick: Marutein1
    Server: EU

  48. dont really like them. more pay to win. na server infidelmedic

  49. I agree that T9 premiums should not be meeting T7’s… In that way I would say T9 premiums should not be added. Maybe if they change the matchmaking so they can only meet T8-T10? But then it would have worse than regular matchmaking so no one would buy them. So: against T9 premiums.

    Server: EU
    User: Der_Panzerdivision1

  50. Tier 9 Prems, is not so good if new players buy them, like tier 8. But overall i think it was only a matter of time WG make this move. Claudron on EU

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