Newcomers of 2021 / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

There were lots of new ships, aircraft and tanks their debut in War Thunder in 2021. Third generation fighter jets, advanced MBTs, really special combat vehicles from Asia and Africa… There were many additions to the game’s roster requiring you to adjust your playstyle, but then there were just as many highly approachable vehicles, well-suited for players of any skill level. This is the list of the best, most interesting vehicles of 2021 that are a part of the regular tech tree — so if you’re looking for something new to try this holiday season, any of these vehicles should be a really good pick!



  1. Saggitario still 44K at 9.0 gratz gaijing!

  2. Patrik 'bravo' Gyöngyösi

    How many new tanks are we getting in 2022

  3. lol..such a garbage game…graphics re great really… need any skills in this game but only lucky shoots… nothing more.. if gaijin idiots let you have a kill then you have one..its just wasted time.. a garbage one..this game is an heaven for campers…useless game ever

  4. Why do some pulse doppler radars have the 5400km/h icon (like on the F4J, T2) while others don’t ( like the F4EJ kai)?

  5. Coywolf productions ambient sounds

    So continues to get new aircraft and America gets nothing what’s up for well too ancient ass aircraft but you know what I guess we’ll be fine as soon as the F4 is still wiping the floor with a lot of people

    But it’s sad to see America so under loved

  6. Question: Does WAR in War Thunder stand for Water-Air-Road?

    Water for ships
    Air for planes
    Roads for tanks

  7. Dark wolf moon Warrior Alpha 3.0

    I’d Love to see the Japanese Heavy tank in the game🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. When is the F14 coming?

  9. Would be good if that made lower teir easier and easier low cost research and bring back birds of Steel for concols players

  10. We need submarine fleet 🔥🔥🔥

  11. People of gaijin you are scum for the debt situation.

  12. When can we get a lower repair costs for Swedish tanks, they seem like some of the most fun vehicles in the game but they break the bank a bit when you die

  13. I have a question how are silver lions useful in the grind

  14. Fix this game for gode sake ! Tank reaistic battle is unbalance it’s a nightmare

  15. please add czechslovakia vehicles and aircraft for research thanks and happy new year

  16. add indonesia tech tree pls :>

  17. I would Like to See the Tank Battles last longer. The triple of the Tickets would Do it. Rest is fine, even when the repair are fucked up.

  18. I cant decide wether or not to start a petition or a go fund me page for the repair costs and all that grinding…..

  19. can u plz add squadron mbt for murica
    all we got was m901 at 8.0

  20. and germany got 10.7
    russia has 9.7

  21. Where Bismarck lol

  22. Cowerdnerd Despacito

    I hope we get more navy and air force integration as one of the 6 people who still play
    Naval like maybe a blacked out PBY Catalina armed with forward facing 20mm and 20mm turrets for attacking ships and maybe a convoy game mode for the navy to escort merchant ships while enemy planes and destroyers try to send you to the bottom

  23. the economy is not the best. please fix.

  24. MacBook Air Gaming

    Nice to see someone new, but how is Bruce doing? I wish him the best

  25. ah yes a fun vehicle to get started in the M1A1 HC

  26. Ar 196 in german air tech tree when?

  27. Come on bruce, get better soon… Its not the same without your voice

  28. Marco William Lutz

    2021 was a bad year for War Thunder. the SB air battle mode was systematically dismantled. many SB pilots now fly IL-2 & DCS

  29. We need a bruce decal!!!

  30. We need Brazilian veichles.

  31. Russia get 4 gen 4 jets usa gets smacked down with higher repair costs. Sweden gets a death star. Russia get an almost exclusive feature being dozzers. Ground remain russia gets a 20 year advantage iver usa at top tier air remain russia gets a 20 year advantage in top tier. And people argue the gane isnt biased how is it balenced? The only argument towards balenced is player performance I.e win rate as a fyi the usa win rate ground rb at 11.0 is 37% russias is 67% air is similar but the usa has a 43% to russias 78%

  32. Gayjin: up next are those planes that you have always wanted!
    1.thundercheif…yup thats it, go away

  33. Hey um, instead of adding more content that’s broken can you focus on fixing what’s broken? Or are you not because that takes too much money?

  34. Did you maybe put all the Russian tanks in 7.7 BR and BR 9.3 if you didn’t! why did not you???
    and why didn’t you remove your only tank from 11.0 to say 8.7 because all your most modern Russian tanks are there. so there is no point in him being the only one in 11.0 BR 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    what you have done so that your Russian tanks and especially your KA50 helicopters can not even shoot it in the best SF film in any country!! what Russian tanks and helicopters can do is the very stupidity of the century 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. the voicecrack at 3:30 i love it but i hope bruce comes back soon and that he has no corona

  36. DarkSamurai Gaming

    lover the repair cost shome vehicles are to expensive even at lower rank only if you are subscribe you can manage if not you are srewed

  37. Gabriel Nascimento

    Please add more trucks like the Breda 52

  38. Pls stop updating you make the game worse every update

  39. I beg you to fix the repair cost problem, I shouldn’t have to grind to fly my favourite planes in sim

  40. Gaijin moment 0:20

  41. So y’all gonna give the US a real battleship that can shred the Sharnhorst or are we gonna keep getting fucked for the next year until we get an Iowa Class.

  42. Hi, just to say, French tech tree is unplayable, I f*cking try but the planes are sh!t and they cost more to repair than what I earn in SL on a 5kill for 2Death victory. In a week I reached with the UK the same level I’ve grinded for 6 months. Most of the guns just doesn’t hit when you shoot in the prediction circle, for the same tier, the planes are outdated and are way too expensive.

  43. Wish they had a Russian commentator


  45. just a normal default pfp

    im not playing this game again till you fix it

  46. ah yes the Sagittario 2. was nerfed 3 times within a month if im correct? it flys very well but why bother with a 44k repair cost, cut total ammo in half and removed the good belts

  47. GabHank J. Wimbleton

    Finally you add Scharnhorst in the game.

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