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  1. whats the name of the song at the start?

  2. About time phly got sponsored by warpath

  3. Aaaaaaaand now its 9.3 because the US can’t have nice things

  4. Mohammed Albusaidi

    Fingers crossed they add the Marder or the puma ifv

  5. “Wow, Phly is damn coolblooded. He just stays near that centurion and kills another guy far away. I want to be like him”
    Phly: “Whaaat, that guy was alive!!!???”

  6. Warpath is not a good game and its also not stress free.

  7. Basically USA version of the strf 9040 bill

  8. Pentagon wars. Had to watch it again after this.

  9. So they took the Swedish BILLs that exist at 9.7 which just means 10.7 games because MM lol, and put them on an 8.7 that otherwise does everything else the CV9040 BILL does, including having an autocannon with darts. Thanks Gaijin very powercreep.

  10. oh god the third warpath video today. companies aren’t relying on ads anymore, its sponsors:((

  11. 80% people taking about the king when he say (USA DoNt WANT WAR )
    19% people taking about (TOW_2B)
    1% people taking about the video

  12. George W. Washington

    I’m kind of interested to know is War Thunder happy with him making promotional for other rivals 😜😜😜

  13. You post proof of your war crimes willingly?

  14. Sooooooo, Bradley gets 12 rockets. Type 89 had 6 rockets and was nerfed to oblivion and has only 4 rockets now, with the little advantage of shooting at the move. Is that enough to make Bradley OP in comparison? Where is any sense in this game? wtf?

  15. video volume 80%, add volume 120%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 14:35 Welcome to War Thunder’s understanding of balance; these 2 vehicles have only 2,4 B.R. difference

  17. P2W game war thunder is not more than spend money spent money

  18. The only sad thing about telling phly about aiming lower is that he won’t play the vehicle for a video in at least a year so we won’t know if he noticed the comments.

  19. no! you cant kill stalinium russian armor top down with one hit!

  20. i almost plan on dying at least once tho
    so if i dont die early game and make it to the end with the same tank i almost feel like i wasted an opportunity to level something
    i should just be happy i dont spend lions in those instances

  21. Bahadır Şahinkaya

    Smashing WW2 tanks with modern tech!! Nice job gaijin its almost fun.

  22. How can you repair not only your squad members but all of yours teammates?

  23. Man ı really miss good old Phly. İn past ı was waiting for you to make another video. Now you are just a happy sounding DollarPlays. I don’t really know why you changed but it’s not a upgrade for sure.

  24. Holy cow! That was what he really wanted when he said : Unleash Hell”

  25. Aiming way too high with that tow

  26. Switzerland shows that you need a strong military to prevent war, assuming that’s actually what you want

  27. Usa no war
    Usa sees oil 🤤

  28. Why does the preview show a HEAT effect, while the actual missile is like a downwards shotgun?

  29. Im only waiting for the release of the Puma and then is nobody more talking about the bradley😂

  30. Bro do a video with Italian thanks with italian voice

  31. bull fucking shit this thing is 8.7 it easy even in 9.7

  32. Maxzinus night Fury

    Oof that warpath sponsor

  33. Warthunder needs to add a South Korean tech tree. Just so we can have the Samsung 155mm howitzer

  34. 15:11 Waht the hell?

  35. Warpath is the new raid shadow legends

  36. Its so infuriating watching Phly aim way too high with these missiles. they auto go above the tank, so aiming at the top means they detonate too high!

  37. Can u do the su-17?

  38. 3handred hits on light vehicle and continue run… with bit more of armor…. that game is broken

  39. Aim lower with the TOW2B, it flies higher by itself

  40. Got to love Warpath shamelessly ripping off the GDI emblem from Command & Conquer in their game. 1:33 if anyone is wondering.

  41. Nice video 👍👍

  42. Thomas, The Chaos Train

    Phly has understand one thing:

    Doom’s music are the ones what suit the better for auto-cannons killstreak


  44. USA: we dont want war
    Oil: are you sure?

  45. Phly you’re aiming your crosshair above the tank. The missile already compensates, so you need to aim right at the tank for the missile to be most effective. As it is, it’s exploding farther away than it otherwise would.

  46. We dont want war, we want oil.

    “Iraq sweats”

  47. Emiliano Diaz de Leon

    Phly gets shot by a ww2 era anti air gun. Also phly this things armor is awesome

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