Next Generation Panther Tank | PANTHER II (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Ersatz M10 | Master of Sabotage ( Gameplay)


  1. Phly do t-44-100 and pe8 nuke

  2. This game is full of things that need to be fixed

  3. Stalin's Favorite Gopnik

    Try my most favorite combo

    Attempt (#2)

  4. can we see another cobra king video Phly.

  5. 4k = automatic like on the video

  6. What is that practice map called?

  7. Phly play the M103 plz!

  8. whats that test range at the start and how do we get to it?

  9. Request Series:

    The FirePhly!!!

  10. Take out the most sophisticated light tank and biplane system
    The T-50 and the I-153
    Both of them were out of the spotlight for ages.
    Attempt #43

  11. Can you put the link to the trainning map you used?

  12. Yes Phly, The Object 268 sounds good!! Or show us why the Leo A1A1 is being trashed.

  13. maybe slick didn’t told you but PANTHER 2 IS RUINED

  14. Does anyone know where to get the custom map he used at the beginning?

  15. Take out the American premium Sherman “Cobra King” and the XA-38 Grizzly

  16. a 26 min vid? love that but i hate the panther the turret is just so ugly, but love the tiger 2…. like alot… play the tiger 2 H or the tiger H1…again

  17. Phly you sneaky breeky i heard you voice in devildog’s escape from tarkov video

  18. 25:48 A sigh of German relief.

  19. 9:13 that’s some girls und panzer shit right there

  20. our whole area was not SAKERD….

  21. Play T32 again Phly. That’s an even nastier tank than this thing to play with.

  22. we have to recommendgaijin to lower all panther’s br witn 0.3 (panther a,g,f from 6.0 to 5.7, panther 2 from 7.0 back to 6.7) and increase british tanks with stabilizer and apds br with 0.7 (centurion mk 10 has almost the same gun as the leopard 1 but better armor with stabilizer but in 7.0)
    the problem is uptier, and british apds in br 5.7-7.0 and their stabilizer in br 6.3

  23. where i can give me test map on start video ?

  24. Panther II is so sexy, it needs his own Br ….cause, its sexy and stuff! …..Sex!!! *you know?

  25. Wait how do I find that test place? I want test my shot against all tanks, how I do that? Anyone can tell me?

  26. When will they release ships

  27. It is not like the Panther 2 is bad is something (i myself rarely got uptired when playing this tank) but after Gaijin raised his BR to 7.0 and then raised his weight from 45 to 55 tons, and with Leo1 A0 at 7.7 this tank not worth to play anymore, it is still my favorite tank, you can bounce some shots since it not get your turret, the 88mm is good enough (i never engage russians tanks frontally anyways, even if it is a T34) but the raised BR and weigh plus his cost to repair compared to the Leo made me abandon this tank. In my opinion this tank should be at 6.7 again, the Tiger 2 (H) is, why not this one as well?

  28. First do not play with panther it is too weak for its biarc second do not play with german tanks especially after tiger 1’s they are totally fucked up, third if you want to really enjoy the game go for allied tanks or ussr. The only enjoyable tank could be rakjag tow but you will be cancer till you get there i guarantee you.

  29. That intro is awesome.

  30. PHLY!!!
    attempt 1

  31. Könings tiger

  32. You know whats the difference between Russian and German players? Russians admit they are meta tanks and wehmrs cry they are the under dogs of the game.

  33. Yes plz, have to learn from some one 😉

  34. When those two tanks came up from the hill it looked cinematic asf

  35. Hey phly! I would love to see you take out the soviet t-34 85 d5t
    Attempt #1

  36. I only need the Panther II in order to get the leopard 1

  37. So how did .50cals go thru the turret and hull top armor……….? Something seriously wrong there.

  38. 2 Videos until 2k on the channel!

  39. Joseph Satri Cleofe Villanueva

    Panther 2 no longer “RUINED”! I hope.

  40. I take this pos out and see leos and equivalent more often than anything, this thing gets shit all over at those BRs.

    Edit: the STOCK pos

  41. Soy de River soy de River yo soy

    I am a simple man, i see panther II, I like.

  42. I freaking hate that my panthers and tigers always face post war tanks with sabots and HEAT-FS. Especially the Jagdttiger suffers from it. It has an awesome gun, but it’s reload time and mobility get it killed all the time.
    Facing post war tanks better rounds and anti Heat plates should be available.

  43. bt-7 and mig-17

  44. Dude you were in devil’s last EFT video, Upload some EFT or stream it please.

  45. #lovetheintro #neverstop

  46. How do you get that “mission” from the intro?

  47. Play the rbt7 and kv2 at 9.0 and show capitalist pigs Russian bias

  48. Loving the unloved. The tortoise aka doom turtle. You only have 2 or so vids of it! Would love to see you harness its awesome power!

  49. Do them liek thisss

  50. What is a good combo for the mkpz m47

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