Nice BALANCE, Comrade, Da Da! | World of Tanks Vz. 55 – The Best Heavy Tank?

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Source: DezGamez

of Vz. 55, Tier 10 Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Gameplay and Tank Review. The Best Heavy Tank in of Tanks? World of Tanks New Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree.

Today I am going to play with one of our newest tanks, which is also one of the best ones – Czechoslovakian VZ. 55.

Let me know what you think about that!

in action / мир танков :
– Czechoslovakian Vz.


  1. WG have completely fucked the balance of this game. It’s been pretty trash for a few years tbh.

  2. Finally our country has good tank XD. TVP and VZ.55 are not broken. never was. XD thx WG

    • Both tanks are great and fun to play. Finally a good and balanced tank after the Rhino POS and against the 279 and chief its a worthy opponent.

  3. chiftain X in balance ya?

  4. Don’t worry, it will start getting power creeped as soon as the next new heavy appears.

  5. Its not OP tank. Its balanced and fun to play, with its pros and cons.

  6. Only questions are WHEN and HOW it will get nerfed and become the next Rino. But at least you could probably switch to the single shot cannon and still have a decent vehicle.

    Next reward tank to overpower them all should be interesting. 😂

  7. wat balance comrade?

  8. lol, it has ungodly low Pen without Prem rounds which even then is low. Without gun depression it is squishy. Hell, it isn’t hard to pen it from the front due to the big pimple. The Kran is basically the same with more damage per clip and better pen. Now the fake EBR that can bounce every rounds in the game even with a direct hit is OP, the 2790e and Chieftan are OP. This tank is basic and not really OP.

  9. So its this or rhino. Op or garbage truck.

  10. Hmm…now I know way I failed that fast whit 268:))

  11. I actually think that it’s not THAT strong, it’s like 277 with a clip but worse penetration and turret.

    • But better gun depressionen which makes the turett more meta profe after all gun depressionen is probaly one of the most important stats in wot woth all the rigge line camping

    • @Paul B You’ve got a point, but even using those 8 degrees it’s easier to hit VZs commander hatch than 277s.

  12. It’s too broken

  13. tbh i don’t care if its OP we have so many russian OP tanks so having an OP tank from another nation feel cool if this tank stays good than i am fine with it

  14. Everyone enjoy the tank for the next 6 to 12 months once the nerfs come in.

  15. talk about the premium Tier 10 T56 skoda, oh wait, tier 8 premium, or is it tier 8?

  16. You know Dez, you have a solid radio voice. Work for NPR or the BBC if you ever get bored of content creation.

  17. that tank will be nerf

  18. I feel like grinding this tree but I’m not done I’m still trying to get the Kranvan

  19. Hey @DezGamez have you tried Sprocket yet?

  20. For those wondering why WG goes through and makes broken things for their game. its because they’re losing money when they dont push the envelope, they are running out of tanks that fit within the original theme of the game, and they have to package the new vehicles in a way that makes them a profit. Eventually you’ll see more modern or experimental tanks completely take over.

  21. It’s trash

  22. I feel slightly offended that in the thumbnail Czech tank uses Russian word for affiramtion.

  23. Why are English WoT CCs always complaining about everything? Oh no, a tech tree tank that is better than some other tanks? DISGUSTING! WG should very well know that all tanks should be THE SAME!

    This content is laughable, it gets clicks but its laughable and sad at the same time.

  24. Dont worry when they release T90, that would be the worthy oponent to it or the poor souls in E100, that would be fun for them right? Nothing more sad to be a pinata, why to play such tanks? Dont know! Everybody should be playing OP tanks, that would be even more fun doesnt it? Eeeeverybody the same!! Russian way.

  25. Hi DezGamez, I was wondering, what is the name of the mod that you use regarding those dead tanks’ icons shown in the minimap? Thank you!

  26. Hi Dez 🙂

  27. They will probably nerf it’s specs, like they did with every imba before.
    Type, 268/4, Progetto – recent memories.

  28. I miss the good old days where i could shoot an apple off a tree with my skorpion g so to speak. Now i cant even hit a tank 4 times in a row fully aimed.

  29. Finally someone who doesn´t have a female commander. As a Czech myself, the female voice over makes me cringe myself out of this dimension. It is just beyond awful compared to its male counterpart.

  30. I find the VZ 55 to be balanced bec it feels like a toned down combination of other tanks. Inferior yet similar speed from russian hts, turret armor and depression that of british but weaker, gun handling is good not great, etc. The only thing that makes this somewhat op is the burst damage output everything else like terrain movement, shell velocity, penetration, weak spots, etc are meh.
    This combination makes the tank sweet to use and therefore part of the meta but it’s not op and is ok as it is.

    • i feel like toning down the speed of the next shot by maybe 1-1.5 seconds like the skoda t56 could help. being able to burst almost any tank for 1k hp in 2 seconds without any counterplay is quite unfair to say the least. i say this as im working my way through the tree now and am at the t9 czech heavy

  31. maybe they will move these op tier 10 (chieftain etc.) all to a new tier 11 that shares battles with tier 10s🤔

  32. As soon as everyone got a vz55. WG is going to nerf it. Just like progetto 65

  33. its a good tank but it isnt broken, theyre so easy to bully around esp if you have dpm, plus that pen is trolly

  34. that tank is ridiculously overpowered… but I did 1v1 one in my K-91 and I won; I also wrecked a dude’s day with my death star ^_^

  35. Is it the tank or the player which is beast?

  36. (plays wot for years and youtube for a living) “Absolutely no effort”

  37. Broken tier 10 tanks released since 2018:

    Obj 430U, Obj 268 v4, Obj 705A (iffy but a hull down beast nonetheless), T95 Chieftain, EBR 105, Obj 279e, Vz55

    They are just hell bent on screwing up this game. Game play has gotten stale, every match is a hull down fk fest and if you don’t have a tank that can go hull down then GL with your gaming experience.

  38. Why is there a russian stuff in the name of the video with the Czech tank? Name communist regime doesn’t ring any bells? We have been occupied by fucking soviets for 40 years. Your choice of words is very bad.

  39. seems balanced

  40. Justin justintheman

    OK it’s overpowered who cares cause you have tanks like object 279 and t95 chieftain which are obtained by privilege or very high skill players

  41. Russias way to make up for Prague Spring?! Won’t work!

  42. I started to grind it and when I finaly have it they will nerf it, yous like proggeto, just like EBR ect

  43. “My fat finger”🤣🤣🤣

  44. Imagine having to face these in your tier 8 tanks. Oh wait you do..

  45. HOW THE Fck is vz.55 SOVIET???

  46. Dez can u do a stock t95 with no gun rammer or anything worst gun no premium consumables so you can fell what I fell cause I just got my t95 and I want you to suffer

  47. I like the tank, but I litteraly can’t hit a single shot, i can’t hit a lowerplate let alone a weakspot like kupola and i’m still using the cyclic gun which has (on paper) really good dispersion i just don’t know i cna’t make it work… 🙁

  48. Why does the Jg100 exist?!?!

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