Nice idea to add 600 Alpha Derp! | World of Tanks Steel Hunter Bai Lang

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks New Steel Hunter Tanks, Bai Lang, Huragan Beowulf. The Steel Hunter Tanks 2022.

Video chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:43 SH Tanks Overview
03:45 Announcement
05:20 Announcement Details
06:00 The Battle
15:50 Results and Conclusion

Update 1.17 Patch Release Notes:

So many of you have been asking about the new Steel Hunter season and new tanks and which are the best. I am going to do a quick review about all of them and then showcasing my favorite one.

What do you think?


  1. The Huragan is easly one the if not the best tank in steel hunter with Harbinger or Raven behind it the 5 key ability is great as it can stop people from taking the nodes and can punish tanks sitting still and can catch people running off guard as they run into it and the 6 key is just nice as you can just increase your dmg by so much especially with the 8 shell autoloader or even 6 shell autoloader. If i had to rank the best to worst tank it would be Huragan, Harbinger, Raven, Beowulf, Bai Lang, Varyag, Walkure, Arlequin. Why I ranked the Bai Lang in the middle is because it can have a lot of HP for a LT and has a mean gun but is faster than the other tanks besides the Arlequin but is quite fun and imo not as frustrating as the Arlequin. The Huragan is also a great tank early start has it can deal 340 dmg albeit in 2 shots but it seems to work really nice against other tanks because it still has a relatively short reload for the dmg.
    Server: NA
    IGN: GrimReaperSteel

  2. Hello Dez ,in my opinion Walkyrie is the strongest, but I have so much fun to play with the light tanks, I found the worst is little LT.( izaviv EU server)

  3. My favourite is the harleqin. The HE round at the end are very powerful if used right. However the weak armor is a problem

  4. I use the old school tanks – the Varyag, the Raven and the Arlequin – in order to do the daily missions and I’m satisfied with them. Varyag is for being the 1st in the game and the other 2 for damaging and killing tanks. Later on I’ll try other tanks when I have the steal seals. Also the Arlequin is quite fun with the bat-chat hull and the anti-tank machinegun.

    Ingame nickname: Wild_Bill_KelsoHUN
    Server: EU

  5. Bay Lang looks like the best tank given the need for mobility + very good Alpha + Acid. You can do almost 1000 damage / shot, which is kinda crazy. Raven seems to be the weakest tank now, in my opinion. Overall, enjoyed the Steel Hunter in previous seasons, the rewards were kinda worth it, but not so much this turn so will probably skip it.
    IGN: DarkDelirium
    Server: EU

  6. I think the best one is the Raven with the zone, worst is probably the Varyag.
    EU server

  7. Bai Lang seems best.
    darkmatter44 EU.

  8. For me the best Tank in Steel Hunter is the Bai Lang because of the derp in the late game combined with the light tank mobility. Even in early game you have such good DPM or the auto loader burst with a possible acid shell it’s just incredible. The worst tank however is for me the Harbinger Mk. IV because the only thing that attracted me to this tank was his late game derp with his berserk ability. Now with the Bai Lang there is a better option I just can’t make the tank work in early game. Maybe it’s my incompetence but I just feel a lak of damage and you can’t make up for it with armour as well.
    User Name: Patrick_03
    Server: EU

  9. i like the 3 new tanks the look cool

  10. I think Beowulf will definitely be one of the strongest, but very boring at the same time. Whereas arlequinn feels like the worst. Haven’t touched it this season.
    Username – WNxRazor
    Server – Asia

  11. I think, that maxed Harbinger is the strongest one and Arlequin the worst.
    Name: Skatob
    Server: EU

  12. Nuhan Najiullah

    Hurragun is the best cause of beefyness nd dmg as well. I dont like bei lang cause its difficult survive late game. I like the overall update of steel hunter.
    Ign: arnob047
    Server: Asia

  13. hi dez, love ur content and i 99% watch all ur videos. to be honest i dont play this mode but the light tank whit big boy gun seems to be fun to play with.
    username: loveuman
    server: EU

  14. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    the polish medium is a beast

  15. Waffeltrage Sias

    Hello itsa me Waffeltrage from the EU2 Server.
    I think that the Bai Lang is the strongest Tank.
    The worst tank in my opinion the Varyag is the worst Tank in Steel Hunter because of the missing mobility.
    Thank you for youre content it is really nice.

  16. The bai lang is easily one of the best tanks in steel hunter atm. The derp gun is so good and the HE in it is fun when shooting lights. I still miss the autoloader derp gun when steel hunter came out but this is still fun to play with, together with arlequin.
    Name: Tipsu
    Server: EU

  17. Gustaf Erik Moland

    Huragan stronk derp is fun but no, which is more popular frontline or hunter? Whuztenrauber EU

  18. Raven and Varyag upgrade paths seem to fit my skills and playstyle. bojoing / eu.

  19. Hey Dez, don’t play the steel hunter but love watching others play. Looks interesting, will try this time around. This is useful information about tanks.
    IGN Slowbroevolveyo EU

  20. I think that light ones are good on open maps to hide and scavange without any fights until the final 5 are left. Walkyre sucks on every map, but I must say I enjoy the Huragan the most. MrMikele EU

  21. I think it’s the huragan that is the most powerful tank this season
    That clip together with 6 ability is too good
    Nick: Tobio2002
    Server: EU

  22. My fave is still Harbinger. Good all round, strong early but you do need a couple of beserkers available for end game which are hard to get. Lots dont like Steel mode, but I find it fun but frustrating when you end up in a crossfire against 2 others. Name: FireBrigade EU server.

  23. I love the oldschool Raven, because of the fast clip, but I actually believe that the polish tanks is the best. The worst tank for the beginning is the french light, because of the penetration and less effective amor. Overall i believe the worst tank is the russian heavy, because he have nothing speacial…

    My ingamename is: Caosfloo
    Server: EU

    Thanks for the giveaways and for u content. Good luck tankers

  24. My old favorite was the raiven cause of the clip. But the polish tank has simply a better clip now. Harbinger from uk also viable. Most hated tank: defenitly the valk chause i got outmanuverd by a french light in a game i should have won… greetings from germany IGN: Krumbierehuepfer Server: EU

  25. The Arlequin with the double barrel is rly powerful. You enter the fight, deal 1000 dmg and goes out xD. I dont know wich tank is the worst but the Beowulf is quite hard to play in the early game so maybe this one (Username : Raphifou37 ans server : Europe ).

  26. MisterTrickster

    This will be my first season playing steal hunters and this video was very informational on the new tanks and older tanks in this mode. It seams to me the Bai Lang may be the strongest and the beuwolf is the weakest.
    Ign: FlannaganFloog
    Server: NA

  27. I’ve had some great battles in the Arlequin, that tank is a blast to play with the incredible top speed.
    My least favourite has to be the Raven, I feel like it’s too slow to be an enjoyable medium and a bit weak early game for me.
    IGN: DerpotronTM
    Server: EU

  28. I think Bai Lang and the french one is the most fun to play (at least for me), but Huragan is the strongest overall. At the same time I find the soviet one quite boring and somewhat weak as well.

    User: Dawson0810
    Server: EU

  29. Bro i know lol but i much like playing bai lang

  30. valdemar hansen

    i Think bai is the best and swedish heavy is the worst

  31. I think the strongest tank in Steel Hunter might have to be Walkure, fully upgraded with that heavy armour and turbo charged boost, allows you to do some insane ramming damage. The worst one has to be the Arlequin, the auto loader is cool for sure, but the low alpha and low pen just makes it very situational. Not to mention that many tanks can go just as fast as it with the turbo
    Boost as I mentioned. Of course it has no armour either which is very important in this game mode since no one hides behind cover at all! IGN: OhMyMatt Server: NA

  32. I love Bai Lang, because is very mobile and very fun
    Nick: PRINAI
    EU server

  33. I find that the newly added Bai Lang is not good to play, it is too difficult to play and to be able to do something you have to sweat, for my style of play I think valkure is always the best
    IGN: FedePowa_N1_
    Server: EU

  34. For me best tank is Huragan because is the most enjoyable tank to play, and worst tank is Bai Lang, i dont like 2 by 2 shell shooting.
    IGN: CAR_filip
    Server: EU

  35. Bai Lang is just fun with the strong derp and acid rounds. Quick and efficient.
    EU – A_Pelpe

  36. Honestly i think its between the arelequin and the bai Lang. The Beowolf is great buts its not too difficult to overwhelm. Hurican is also a good tank for burst dmg but for me the tank thats always got me number 1 is ARELEQUIN. IGN: ClubbedComa55 NA server.

  37. Bowt NetterToDo

    I like the light tanks the most. Hate the way they are nerfing all the game rewards.

    IGN: BowtNetterToDo
    Server: EU

  38. I think that Raven might be the strongest.
    server: EU. name: hosamgamer

  39. I still think the american one is the best just because Its fun overall.
    nick :Dan_houdek50
    server : EU

  40. i think its still raven AND the worst seems to be arlequin

  41. marcelinoo25
    In my opinion the strongest tank is harbinger because Its autoloader and mobility and the worst tank is Beowulf

  42. Best tank is Harbinger, because of the Berserker. If you play with the gun that have 500 alpha dmg and reload 6 seconds and u activate the berserker its so op. The worst tank is Varyag. He is slow, dont have much ammo at early game and the varyag is so ugly 😛 .
    username: Lukas_SLOVAKIA
    server: EU

  43. Over view is what we need on this game on the poor run tanks by WOT game you do it right thanks

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