NO AMMO, NO PROBLEM – T-95 DOOM TURTLE (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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NO AMMO, NO PROBLEM – T-95 DOOM TURTLE (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. CL-13A sabre MK 5 and raketenjagdpanzer 2 HOT

  2. Senior Airman Snakekiller

    Hey Phly, what do you think about the new bomber cockpits?

  3. M4A3E2 (76) + P51

  4. (challenge) take the Marder III H out into a 5.7-6.3 BR match, try to get
    up on a hill and look like an AT gun. The Marder is best high tier tank, so
    I’d say I challenge you to get a tank ace in it

  5. Phly… so.

    Well… uuhhh

    Hows this

    Bt-7 racecar and the drunk b-29, all the vodka made him change his name to

    Some hell for you then some sweet relief. Good luck

  6. do a video with that loadout oh our great lord and saviour phly

  7. Jean Alphonse DeBoisMonté

    How do you even buy the same bush several times ? i’m on ps4 and i can buy
    only one of each type

  8. Attempt 16 phly we need you to take the t44 122 and the mig 9 Russia needs

  9. Call your bomber the Enola Gay!

  10. play the mighty M103 with heatfs

  11. Play the hellcat and don’t stop moving the entire match, get at least 5
    kills on the move

  12. Use a 2-OP to get a jet kill Challenge (PO-2)

  13. T-95 Bob Ross! lmao

  14. #2nd time PhlyDailymy challenge for you is to fly ALL of the migs out in a
    air arcade battle and get at least one kill with each of themI’m a big famn
    and would really appreciate you attempting this challengePS don’t forget
    the Mig-3 :)

  15. Change the markings on a captured tank and see if you can kill people n
    stuff (cover the crosses on a german churchill or put enemy markings on a
    tank that is avalible as a captured tank) make sure to include spy songs

  16. Hitlers African campaign war machine:!Pz. IV G and Bf 109 F-4/trop

    Or a challenge: M103 with HE only

  17. Phy! Please Take out the JPZ 4-5 with the Ar 234 C-3

  18. Why don’t you play another heavy? Take out the British Tortoise

  19. 5:22

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. take out the M551 Sheridan and the last flight of the P-51-D30 in the
    Korean War.

  21. Maus no ammo
    Any plane you want
    Cap as much as possible

  22. 6:49 reminds me of reflecting rockets with airblast in tf2..

  23. ehm… were is the bomd button??

  24. (Challenge) play in the maus but you can’t turn left. If you need to go
    left then you have to pivot right all the way around until you face left.
    Have fun

  25. Phly play the Russian reserve planes aka master off Russian bias

  26. Herman the German Sherman and the Duck

  27. Hey Phly my Birthday is coming. SOOO Phly high with Me-262 ,Please fulfill
    these wish for me as a Gift, for my up coming Birthday.

  28. Attempt 2: Yak-1 and T-50 Russian bias is born

  29. We haven’t seen germans for a while. Take out a Leopard A1A1 and a Horten

  30. use kv2 no ui also pe8 with nuke for the lolz plz ps no ui on either

  31. i love the intro!

  32. Russian sniper KV-2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Oh man this reminds me of the Tortoise video you made some time ago.
    Its surprising how much points you can get just by bouncing shots. Last
    time I manage to get the top score as a KV-1 just by bouncing shots, even
    more points than one guy with 5 kills.

  34. wtf why do you get 6 parts of each camo type and i only get 1

  35. B-25 PBJ 75mm FOR THE WIN!!!

  36. super salty I can only use one bush

  37. Play the m3 Stuart at top tier

  38. No i didn’t see it. You told me to close my eyes

  39. Take the combo leopard and ho229

  40. I don’t normally comment but the t-95 is my favorite american tank. I hope
    you take it out again with apcbc shells (penn everythings front when you
    aim and one shot them) after several buffs (better ammo and bushes) its
    acutaly one of the stronkest 6.7 and I really hope you show it off to more
    people so they know they have some options besides only russian

  41. May I see the video where he tried to act like a Panther AI?

  42. I see you have not yet mastered the art of gunbarrel parrying. Keep that
    guard up and protect the cupola.

  43. Lol you play with me and i didnt saw you. 🙁 Im FoyCZ :D

  44. attempt #3: Cromwell and Halifax

  45. Geraldo GamingChannel

    Wirbelwind + Arado at High Tier Realistic Battles. You have 4 guns with
    each 64mm It’s a gift.

  46. The most bounces i ever got in war thunder is when i was in the Tiger II(h)
    Sla.16 Premium, and 11 shells bounced off me. lol

  47. do the same with Maus:)

  48. can you kill tank with 75mm gun on maus?(without AA tanks)

  49. I just realized your channel name isn’t Philly Daily, but instead Fly Daily

  50. Isaac “GEWH TF2” Clarke

    BT-5 and T-34-1940 to the win!
    The walk of the ancestors!

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