NO ARMOUR NO PROBLEM – M56 Scorpion TANK (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. all those TYT bitches are a bunch of degenerates, I see them do that kind
    of shit all the time, worst squadron in wt.

  2. Ze Tiger 1 H!!!!!!!

  3. nice troll phly ???love the content

  4. Premium Command Pz IV H!

  5. do MAUS vs BV 238

  6. Francesco Battistoni

    wt is litterally cpying tanks from wot, one after another, now this one is
    the 10th i see directly coming from wot, will wt get some imagination?!!!

  7. This tank was on the pilot episode of Airwolf, supposed to be Libyan tanks,
    just like the Hughes type helicopters were supposed to be soviet gunships.
    Still cool seeing it in a game.

  8. Fuckin phly with that jumpscare

  9. What about the M 26 Pershing and the F 82 Twin Mustang


  11. i dont know you but i always get tk by a member Of tyt ir kotb

  12. m29 players .. cancer

  13. Awesome choice of music, phly!

  14. Frank of the filth

    the tyt clan is so fucking cancerous in wt, bunch of children and adults
    that act like fucking children, they’re pathetic really, I tk them any
    chance I get

  15. What a wanker this TYT tyrants is.

  16. Toxic mf Tyrants

  17. 8:13 AHHHHHHHH!!!!

  18. 9:35 here’s what makes phly the ace of aces in WT!

  19. the sound scare the shit out of me at 8:09 lol

  20. 3:36 right there, that’s what wrong about the M82 round right now

  21. tyrantas u son of a bi*h

  22. Challenger and wyvern British technology attempt #3

  23. ahhh, classic Phy! Good vid!

  24. So, every subscriber of Phly now wants to kill any TYT clan guy they see in
    match. Rough time for them xD lets do it

  25. M56- The best glass cannon…

  26. Hey Phly plz do the T-34 100 flank and spank and the b-17 Super fortress
    max bomb load ::):):):):):):):):):):):):):

  27. Mitchell Mackenzie

    M46 Chicken Coop Please

  28. Tk the guy and say you were aiming at the enemy but the missile
    malfunctioned. Honest mistake :P

  29. I would like to see a jumbo Sherman or an m12!

  30. War thunder seriously need a better way to punish team killers.

  31. Russian bias t34-85 or su152

  32. that sound make’s it more scary……..damnn

  33. Siti Azwan Mohd Kamal

    nice vid phly

  34. finnthefrog gaming

    that tk guy was a sucker once I was playing a game and their was one enemy
    tanks left so I went to the enemy spawn to see if he was there and one of
    my teammates was like NOOOOO YOU SPAWNKILLEER and tked me

  35. U r awesome at the game

  36. You should have tked that douche, I would have made it my mission to kill
    all his tanks, vengeance

  37. really nice episode today the music added really well to the gameplay :D

  38. how is KS a thing in this game? i will nvr understand….


  40. Ивайло Иванов

    best episod ever :D

  41. *armor

  42. People whining about kill steal are literally the worst type of players.

  43. 3:29 “The name of the game with this tank is just lie and wait…”
    *Oblivious Panther comes in from outta nowhere*
    That timing!!!

  44. do the premium tanks M-46 “tiger”!!!!!

    FOR MERICA AND FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Hey Phly. Best video in a while. Great editing, it was really entertaining.
    I laughed, I cringed, and I was amazed. Good job!

  46. Holy sht that’s some scary Halloween nashorn sht

  47. lol that was so funny like the nashorn jump scare

  48. George Bush want Maus to be a BIG BUSH/50mm cannon 262

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