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Source: QuickyBaby

The Renegade has something to say about my World of Tanks last week!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Can we see the Liberte or AE Phase 1 please Quakybaby?

  2. Even how long I watch quickybaby’s video about autoloaders, my T57 heavy is getting worst and worst. Myabe Quickybaby is just a legend. 😅😅😅

  3. RC Tanks - World of Tanks

    Great Video and info must try this tank oneday Cheers Mate

  4. My favorite Tier 8 premium!

  5. Let’s see you play the American Sexton I

  6. Thumbs up 👍

  7. Can you post a video of the M22 locust? I would love to see it.
    Sorry it’s the low teirs

  8. Downside of the Renegade is that like all US tanks at tier 8 and higher, it has an inexcusable turret tumor because WG hates american tanks.

  9. do a video on the Borsig Waffle-Tractor at tier 8. much sneak, many camo

  10. AT15 Please!!! I wanna know if getting the Tortoise will be a bit of a grind. That is my only tier 8 (Apart from one free rental tank) , so I’m wondering if it will be good enough to play in frontline too.

  11. I’d really like to see the Strv K again. I own it myself but yeah, that weak turret armor lol

  12. Hi QuickyBaby a video on how to play in the M103 please? Love your videos, including the classic ones on this tank and American heavies.

  13. QB dude please cut your hair

  14. I absolutely love my Renegade, and my 65% win rate over 230 battles definitely shows how powerful it is.

  15. I would love to see in this channel a STA-2 or Proggetto 46 vid <3

  16. Tech tree tanks are played usually stock and once you unlock the next tank they are selled to reach top tier tanks thas why win ratio is low in tech tree tanks.
    On the other hand premium tanks are full, and they dont unlock anything so you play the one you like or you are good at it leading to a better games so better Win ratio

  17. Renegade is a good tank, but OP? No……In the hands of the average schmuck, we need that little extra because we are consistently in Tier 10 battles. WG should seriously consider +1/-1 MM. OR use XVM like they allow us. Use players PR when assembling teams. Rock on Tankers

  18. Elc even 90 update with field mods and equipment 2.0 would be nice 🙂

  19. Just won that on console, except it’s a 3 shot autoloader, unless the renegade is a variant of the t54e2


  21. Would be nice if you squeeze a T26E5 Patriot gameplay since i just got it and i wanna see how a veteran player use it 😀

  22. Its no fun to play anymore with all the premium tanks in the game.
    Since there is 2 servers in the game. Why not let one of them be a standard game without premium tanks, field modifications bonds and crew 2.0?
    Then it would be fun to play again.
    Thanks for all the good videos QB.

  23. Love to see you play the is6 again

  24. I’ve thought from the title that you had the same issue as me holding up 5 autoloaders/reloaders/double barreled tanks at the same time in a kv4 blocking near 10000 dmg in 3 min and lose to 5:15. I think there sould be only 2-3 autoloader/high alpha tank in a game.

  25. Your spawn on that map is so op that I can cry. I never go there from the opposite spawn! But hey a cracking game!

  26. And I had hope you will show us pure skill no gold action till bitter end…

  27. Hey man can you please feature the is 5 the next video?

  28. VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A (with all the field mods pls.)

  29. :))) On console Renegade is autoloader :)))

  30. Quickybaby is that kinda nice youtuber that very much sticks to what he and his people love. Yeah he branches out from wot occasionally but there is no better wot youtuber out there for me

  31. Rene is solid but still i didn’t pay the gold this summer.

  32. I would love to see some replays of tech tree underdog tanks 🙂

  33. 1:58 “artillery pretty uch doesn´t exist anymore”-Quickybaby

    I cringe each time you say it. For the rest you´re my Nº1 world of tanks youtuber.

  34. It’s hard to balance tanks when the best performers get played constantly by the super unicums to farm credits.
    Sorry qb global WR isn’t reliable to call a tank op

  35. I’d love to see some videos on AMX 30b

  36. From console player: with autoloader, we are not “big boss”, we are “big ass”.

  37. Caernarvon Action X would be an interesting one.

  38. Id like to see how the Lansen C does with the new modifications and what to improve on it.

  39. I salute guys who have tird mark on Rene, very hard job to do!

  40. I like that we still spin the joke that the average win-ratio is 49% 🤭

  41. how IS5 is so high in tech tree? can you pls do a quick review of it QB? thanks

  42. I would like to see Patriot or Defender at work. Are intersting tanks.

  43. The 7/1 was just sitting still anyway so he should piss off. The biggest problem with eh Renegade isn’t the hull armor since it is a ridgeline tank, it is that useless turret pimple that a tier 6 can easily pen.

  44. what map is that?

  45. QuickyBaby please i want opinion about the Double Barelled Soviet tech tree 😭

  46. How do we know you never show set up and crew so poor game play

  47. 0:51 He was reading the chat 😁.

  48. E75-TS please quickybaby

  49. The Renegade, everything a E5 should be.

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