NO BS REVIEW || M1A1 (War Thunder Gameplay)

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NO BS || M1A1 (War Thunder Gameplay)

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  1. Why cant my m1a1 turn at all? My m1 and m1ip drift on every turn but my m1a1 is ass at turning, before someone says it my m1 is spaded and my driver is maxed

  2. Explain to me why the abrams have the same composite armor on both sides of the turret but the right side is weaker than the left side but if you look at it on the 2a4 and the 2a5 which has less composite the armor is stronger

    • It’s just a mistake on Gaijin’s part, the M1A1 should have the same armour package as the M1IP, but for some reason, they changed the armour between the M1IP and M1A1.
      (M1IP doesn’t have one cheek being worse than the other).

    • @James V. D. Bosch the thing is it should be stronger because the optics blocking it as well

    • @XxAkulaxX Optics aren’t armour though, that’s just Gaijin being shit and having non-armour modules absorb shrapenl like crazy.

  3. It does missing the automated aim system 😉

  4. Vicious Unpolite Games

    Percepiton of Abrams in real life is completely false, the myth of Abrams incredible armor is all made by facing old t72 with most basic apfsd, sometimes not even real t-72 (many where indigenous built in iraq lion of babylon (assad babil) or mix up of polish/ex soviet block t-72.
    We are talking about most basic t-72 frankstein made by multiple t-72 scavenged/sources, + bad equip+ bad ammo + bad manutention (many reports say that they where manually moving the turrets and that the tanks where all in very bad conditions,) vs most modern tank with depleted uranium apfsd.

    IF you go check wich projectiles iraqi had and abrams protection you will realize that they could not pen an abrams from the front . So is hard to judge abrams capabilities when what was against it could not tecnically harm it.

    That not means that Abrams armor is not good, but the statistics are bloated up becouse it faced weak opponents, in reality Abrams never faced a contemporary worthy opponent, but in wt it does and suddently is not that special anymore, people base their expectation on abrams on abram vs t72 iraq performance, wich will be like compare maus vs t34-85 for then find that maus lose its godlike status when it face a comparable opponents like a t54

    • Vicious Unpolite Games the abrams in game isn’t the famed M1a1HA which has good armor.

    • Vicious Unpolite Games

      @ashati Irrilevant even the non upgraded with Du armor package normal m1a1 had 0ver 600m of protection vs apfsds, still untoachable for the iraqi t72 with apdsd ranging from 290mm (the majority still had 1962 apfsds) to 380mm in best case.

  5. @Slickplays No bs review on Type60 ATGM

  6. T64B 1979, M1 abrams 1979, t80b 1984, m1IP 1984, M1A1 1985, ariete P 1986, T80u 1986, M1A1HA 1988, Type 90 1990, m1A2 1992 (first delivered in 1986 but was a tested a long time), t90a 1992, Leclerc 1993, Ariete C1 1995 , Leo2a5 late 1995, Ariete War Package 2002. There you go slick 🙂

  7. The problem with the abrams stats is that it hasnt really fought any contemporary tanks on a large scale. Iraqi T72s were exports, and the T62’s/ T-55’s they had stood no chance to begin with. The real issue is that everyone knows to shoot the tank in the breech because gaijin doesnt understand mantlets, so thats always a weakspot on tanks. I love the abrams with my whole heart, its my background on my phone and I interviewed to build it. (Got to see the whole factory and was as gitty as a school kid), but it will never live up to it’s real life counter part in warthunder.

  8. Law Abiding Citizen

    I still think there is no reason the 2A5 is in game and the M1A1HA not being in game. Shit the 2A5 should be fighting T90 and M1A2s..

    • @James V. D. Bosch No because france doesn’t have a lot of good top tier tanks, it makes sense think about it

    • James V. D. Bosch

      @Bla bla No, it doesn’t.
      Another new wave of MBT’s will have the M1A1 severely outclassed, M1A2 is coming, that’s for certain.

    • @James V. D. Bosch Yep but the abrams fan boys will still be crying trust me

    • James V. D. Bosch

      @Bla bla Just like German fanboys, French fanboys and any other nations’ fanboys, so moot point.

    • Law Abiding Citizen

      Everyone cries about there favorite nation and makes fun of everyone else ?. I still think Russia has it the worst. If there front plate can be pinned they are dead with no chance. They get pinned they explode 9.5 times out of 10.

  9. My theory? No sekrit dokumentz, no good perform tovarisch.

  10. Those black hot segments are painful to watch. Funnily, the Bradley and several Soviet vehicles should have “red” tinted optics for NVG and thermal. I found the red hue to be inferior.

  11. WEEEEEEE *gets hit by hellfire from a heli 4km away* *REEEEEEEE*

  12. I just want the Striker. Not the ATGM vehicle, the new IFV

  13. archaeologistbobo

    M1 is a perfect combination of firepower, armor, mobility, and repair cost. The only two things I dont wanna fight against by using my 105 gun M1 are choppers and Leclerc. Others, including the A5, I can always find ways to deal with them.

  14. Can’t wait till they add depleted uranium Armour

  15. Cristian Gallardo Gebhard

    IRL the M1 Abrams barely fights other MBTs xd no wonder it has insane stats

    • Cristian Gallardo Gebhard still more experience than vehicles that have insane stats from doing absolutely nothing but getting muddy at a range.

  16. I’m going to enjoy my t72 at low tier

  17. Ngl slick but for some reason u remind me of the punisher

  18. Why play this tank when you can play a better point-and-click adventure like Myst?

  19. Hits Abrams and doesn’t kill it.
    Abrams: Omae wa MOU shinderiu

  20. Can u do a review on the IS-7? I feel like its completly useless at 8.3 now…

  21. It’s a RUSSIAN video game.

  22. Lmfao the inking is so accurate.

    I use that tactic so much, but it’s scary to have it happen to you. They just *vanish* without a trace.

    By the way, the xm1 had smoke irl.

    Imagine all the extra inking.

  23. Mind that Abrams was “glorified” during 2 gulf wars fighting very poor quality build and poorly trained export versions of the T-72…
    Abrams meanwhile has a good record of reliability, good ergonomics and such… tanks in real life shines by their ability to support troops the longest time possible with the lowest maintenance, moving on the battlefield with ease and for long ranges…
    In WT, Abrams is put in head-ons fights with tanks build in the same way/concept as he is !
    You have to see the Abrams as the Sherman during WW2, not the best, but always there for the troops !

  24. Slick can you play t72a

  25. You know what I want to say

    AMX-40 next please

  26. So how long would it take to get to this tank as my highest BR tank at the moment is like around 3. I mostly fly aircraft. It took me a while to get to the F-100D in the American tree and a few weeks, maybe a month to get the F-4. I’m not an outstanding player by any stretch of the means. I usually run a premium account. But I really want that Abrams.

  27. I have a feeling we might see the M1A1HA by the end of the year. Possibly the M1A2.

  28. Warthunder coffee mugs when?!?!

  29. Since this tank has no armor at all anyway this tank should have been compensated with the M829A1 “silver bullet” apfsds shell

  30. what do you guys think of mergeing japan with south korea so that japan gets the K1 and K2 and the T80u? instead of giveing japan wierd artilary pieces xD

  31. M1A1 is just a modern sherman. Seems like that sums it up perfectly.

    • PurposelyPernicious

      so far from reality

    • Yeah warthunder made this tank seem weaker than from what it is in real life. But also take into account that they did not add the HA variant (which they should cause the Italians technically got their add on armor one) but it still have yet to come and we don’t even have M1a2 variant so we don’t know what it would actually be like.

  32. Can’t go wrong with a big Freedom Boner lol

  33. I leave later this month to go to basic training for the Army, and will continue in the beginning of next year to do the job training for 19K; M1 Abrams Armor Crewman. I’m hoping that by the end of my 3 year, 24 week contract, WT(if the game is still alive) will have the M1A2. As it is now, I don’t see us getting the M1A2 or any of it’s SEP packages, unless Gaijin can some how find the balance for it with new vehicles.

  34. Muhammad Khalid Saifullah

    so why lepard 2k thermal take away was necessary?

  35. Awfull gaijin nerfed today the traverse speed of M1s leclerc and AMX 40 …. going from 40°/s to 28… and leo is allow to keep it traverse. I will only talk for leclerc as i saw it in demo…. it is 40°/s… But…. well… gaijin need to nerf those nato tanks ^^’

  36. Gaijin had to nerf the thing because if it performed just a fraction as good ingame as it does IRL everyone not playing one would have a fit. And it’s the one time I agree with Gaijin nerfing something to keep whiners down because it would be totally OP otherwise.

  37. I dont get it when people who play US tanks complain about the L7… 350 mm of pen is well enough to kill any tank, you dont need 480 mm of pen at all… Also, if the armor on the M1A1 was the best of any top tier in the game, it would be sooo fucking overpowered… I shoot the abrams soo often, and my shell just does NOTHING, sometimes they just fucking disappear when they hit the front face of the turret… Honestly, people who complain the M1A1 is bad need to hecc off, its sooo fucking powerfull, the US also have the adats, the ah-1z and the phantom, they litterally have THE BEST top tier lineup….

  38. i call bullshit. he didnt show the round when he said he would

  39. 7:30 lol so true. I once cleared a flank of 7 tanks by myself, went through 2 engine smokes, all 12 smoke grenades, 3 repairs, 2 lost crew, and most of my rounds, but I poked out the other end cannon blazing.

  40. the ah-1z is useless. euro-tiger beats it 100% of the time. can’t beat a heli with Stingers that have a longer range than your short range air to air missiles.

  41. Cristobal Alvarez

    They forgot the fucking reactive armor as always I know some people are gonna say it didn’t have it when produced but the us is starting to added and Aps

  42. “T-Series Tank” i got you there

  43. The amount of times I’ve been ammo rackets in the turret (even frontal shots) of the m1a1 and survive the whole match is pretty insane.

  44. All gaijin has to do is increase the the BR from 10.0 to 12.0. Then once the more powerful tanks come along they can drop the once top tier tanks down.

  45. so much bs,
    The gun is meh good against outhere tanks with no armor. any not very good against tanks with armor…. the 2 elefants in the tier….
    Mobilty the same as everyone else…
    Armor us non existant 6 outa 10 round that hit you take out half the crew gun and engine, and 4 instant kills you.
    The tank is terrible and it needs to be fixed.

  46. can you make a video on T-64a because its long since i have seen anyone give it any videos, if you make a no bs review it is even better!

  47. PurposelyPernicious

    Can we talk about how exagerated the turret ring weakspot is in game compared to real life?!

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