NO DERP?1 – O-NI – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Rolling around in the without the derp..


  1. Will be live soon at ! Follow me on twitch so you know when im live 😀

  2. O-nis are pretty easy to pen with sturer emil 231 pen is enough in most cases

  3. Pen pineapple apple pen!

  4. Props to the Waffle for getting out of the cap circle in time

  5. Ah the tank with tits, superb

  6. Only real men plays O-NI with that gun and not that sissy boy using a derp gun

  7. I actually prefer this gun. I get constant monster games with it while the derp is just being derpy and trolls me and gets me killed.

  8. The O-ni was the only tank in the line I played without a HE gun. But that was back before they took more Russian tier 10’s and made them into teir 9’s cause Wargaming logic. Now if I wanted to play this tank again I doubt I would bother with the “small” gun, trying to fight Obj. 263’s, 257’s, etc with only 215 pen would just be complete aids

  9. First I wanted to say I like the style where you do commentary on the you tube videos instead of just posting clips from your twitch stream. As someone who catches most of your streams it’s makes things just different enough to be interesting.

    I think you have the depression thing backwards. The 105 gets almost full depression everywhere (it’s like 1 degree difference). The derp gun gets 5 degrees less over the mini turrets.

    As for the gun choice: Personally I ran the 105 on the tier -7, and the derp at tiers 6 & 8. Sometimes it sucked when I was facing tier-9’s, but tier-7 is in a decent spot MM wise right now, so it wasn’t to bad, and it’s a big enough gun to reliably track people so farming that sweet assistance damage was always a possibility.

    • I think he makes YT video’s mainly for people who don’t watch the stream, so I’m fine with whatever sort of video format. My favourite are the stream highlights.

  10. The only tank in this line that I feel 100% needs a derp gun in order to compete is the OH-HO at tier 8, mainly due to the fact that its armor simply doesn’t hold up long enough in order to lineup any shots consistently without one, whereas the O-NI at least has functioning armor for its tier and below.

    Awesome to see you give this gun a shot on the tier7 though circon, this was for sure my favorite tank in the whole line. Best of luck on the 3 marking.

  11. “but hey guys, we háve to 3 mark them” You choose to 3 mark your tanks, nobody forces you to. I for one couldn’t care less, i know the skill with which you play and the quality of content you deliver without some pixels on a virtual barrel.

  12. I used this gun while grinding the line and it was awesome! ?

  13. Jap Heavy tanks offer nothing of value to the game and, are utter cancer on tier ten clan wars. Especially on suburban and urban maps.

  14. Personally, I think if you are going up the Jap heavy line you should get used to using the AP guns rather than relying on the derp.

  15. Not using the derp, blasphemy.

  16. Listen everyone..counter on Russian op tanks are Japanese bigbox heavies, just facehug and godzila them thru roof :DDD

  17. If you think those boobs are annoying wait till you get to playing the Oh-Ho Sir… Well played!

  18. derp is still much better, i get constant 2-4k dmg battles with it

  19. That has less HE pen than the 105m derps…

  20. *sees circon video*
    “Oh shit gotta stop watching this porn”
    *sees it’s NOT a stream highlight video*
    “Porn it is!”

    Kappa no ban pls love the vids circon

  21. The derp plus the height of the tank made it good against the roofs of heavies, especially as you noted, the low-profile Russian ones. Got sick of being screwed by arty though.

  22. Why were you carrying 100 rounds?

  23. O-NI makes the weebs HO-NI.

    Real talk, though, fuck this tank line lmao

  24. O-ni no derp? All herps?

  25. Funny map…you would think you could see across it…Esp from middle…NOPE.
    At 800×800…Spotting should not be hard..
    Also, look this map up, “Ghost town”…that aint it. its like they Cut down on the Outside wall.

  26. I think that the 105 on the Oni is a much better option. You receive that capability to hold you ground with your shorter reload and the ability to trade with other opponents with the same mediocre dpm and decent alpha. I swear, the gun on this thing is broken and I’ve hit the most ridiculous shots ever with it consistently. The way you used the oni over walls is the best way to use this vehicle. Worrying about the gun depression is not important about this tank and isn’t a ridgeline fighter at all, since your advantage will be diminished by arty if there was any. The game you put out was perfect since you were arty protected for most of the game.

  27. This tank gets 100 rounds of ammunition with this gun lmao. You couldn’t fire all 100 in 15 minutes if you tried lmao!!


    Does anyone else watch that guy skill4u? The amount of 100% barrel Mark’s he has is nuts! I’m trying to get 1 tank to 100% and the matchmaking and so called “teammates” has almost drove me insane! im currently on 99.something, but then thanks to matchmaking ……

  29. Those miniturrets on the O-ni and O-ho are really shitty, blocks the main gun and are just weakspots on a giant slow machine that anyone with IQ above refrigerator temp could pen anyway.
    The ones on the O-is are at least tolerable since they don’t get in the way much.

  30. Not a fan of the Japanese heavies. Seem too unrealistic.

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