NO GOLD ONLY BRAINS in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Today I’m playing on my Free-to-Play account explaining how to make better decisions with the mini-map!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Wait so people left their brains ? long time ago…

  2. Those community contributers has higher RNG than normal players always! Look at those high roll frags…and he is complaining for stb1’s 361 dmg….

  3. Jesus when QuickyBaby explains what goes through his head when he looks at the map in like a minute or so, by actually happens in seconds for him.
    Some big brain right there.

  4. Fuuuuck off

  5. I recently got through the Emil 1 without firing a single premium round, I sold the same rounds I bought when I first got the tank, 70% WR

  6. Oh boy with that kind of title the comments are gonna be…

    Edit: 8:42 “This is free to play problems”

    Tell me about it lmao I don’t even have the credits to mount repair kits on any of my tanks in the first place

  7. Very very nice gameplay from the mastermind

  8. Are you keeping a log on exactly how long it will take you – a highly skilled player – to complete the renegate bullshit marathon? WG needs to look at that and make it realistic for the average players and skilled casuals, not just the unicunts and nolifers.

    • He is doing it on the F2P account and has a timer on the screen whenever he is streaming that.
      WG doesn’t need to make it realistic for the average player. There is no obligation for WG to freely give out their product.

  9. Blitz With Spartan617

    Doesn’t the STB1 have 390 alpha?

  10. But its no brain only gold ???

  11. It’s more like no skill, just gold on many games. 🙁

  12. Next challenge: No brain, only gold and don’t try to look like a noob

  13. Watch the alternative/original ‘cheesy’ version of the commentary on this battle:

  14. Can you do a video on how to be a better tanker four tiers 4 and 5 tanks ?

  15. Good strategy QB, specially with t28. That was hilarious. Congrats!

  16. Hmm. Playing a game. There is an option to have better rounds, but you don’t play the game with them. This does not sound like brains…more like the lack of…. But it was a good game non the less. Almost to the point of making me want to dust of my account. Then I remembered how toxic this game is… so ya. Not a hope in h3ll.

  17. Best tip – Press the = key 3 times in your first battle.

  18. Just a casual everyday battle…

  19. I’m a Mac guy, haven’t played a bit but tried to get back in but can’t…. Has WoT said Fuck off to Mac users?

  20. YOU went in a straight line, should have turned left

  21. well deserved reward prem how much your free to play acc old??

  22. Love these videos when you talk about positioning

  23. now that you’re ruined this map by generating a new meta, would you mind coming up with a way to counter this? i’ve played this map 6 times since you released this video, and now everyone goes for that damn pond from the east and end up slaughtering everyone.

  24. 0:55 if i went there i would get ruhed by that tvp and propably more tanks…

  25. QB..Just a Question..
    If’ Spotting works so well..
    Can you sit sideways behind a Bush with both ends exposed and not be seen…?
    According to the game, From direct front…you should not be able to see them.
    It would be the same as Facing front into the bush with all the front points covered..

  26. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Almost every time I go to that spot I just get yoloed from front and behind and die.

  27. The educational format is great. So many games end up with bad positions and us average players making the most of bad situations. With so many ROFL stomps, the good close games, where these tips will make the difference, are most enjoyable. gg.

  28. and Crap autoloader system that ruined the game.

  29. For better decisions, you must have the ability of judgment. Wot is designed on non Marxist philosophy.

  30. I really like the videos from your f2p account. You said you‘d like to have the „new player experience“. My little problem is, that you‘re having lots of time, to complete this marathons and the premium tanks help you a lot. I understand that you want to use them, but it‘s not, what 99% of the f2p players experience. I just don‘t have the time for this.

    • I think everybody has the exact same amount of time to complete these missions.

    • @Stubbari not everyone is good enough to complete it in the time limit, qb’s plays4free was never about new player experience, it was just him sealclubbing and going up tiers on a new fresh account

    • @Toni Falck Well, what’s stopping them from getting good?

      QB’s _”free_ to play” experience isn’t really about F2P. It’s about new player experience. Grinding stock tanks ETC. That’s not a problem related to only F2P players, new premium players also suffer from that. Free to play experience would be more of having multiple T10 tanks, maybe couple T8 premiums and then showing the game economy while trying to play all tiers.

  31. No fucking wonder I lose every tier 8+ game, this guy is explaining his battles as if it’s a university lecture.

  32. Every game on my account is no gold only brains

  33. Awsome game and map tactics

  34. I have commented 10 times, it’s not FREE and PAY it’s NEW and OLD, I have 65.000 games, 150 tanks, 20 tier 10, 30 tier 9, 40 PREMIUM tanks, all for FREE!!! keep up the good work 🙂

  35. I like the video but OP Italian bs

  36. U are so noob QB !!!

  37. YES YES YES QB, this is what you are all about – skill over OP tanks and gold – winning on hard mode is so much more rewarding!

  38. Great video QB! Very informative. Although I have to say that in my case I usually don’t get the “lightbulb” moment until after I made the wrong play. Then I realize “O shit, I should have done this or that”! I guess that’s the difference between a slightly above average player like me and an excellent player like yourself 🙂

  39. Auto loaders vs auto reloaders? What is the difference

    • Autoreloaders don’t do either single shot or full clip roles best so you need trigger dicipline to use the shots when you feel like is most opportune, this way its more flexible than both without being better at what the other tanks do

  40. We all need this kind of video, QB. We really do. Vast majority of us can’t afford to shoot gold left right and center (apart that it’s clearly unethical), can’t play with premium account, must save credits for next tank in line, can’t play this game long enough to learn to play as good as you. I still hope that you read the comment section and see all of these requests of technical, tactical breaking down the situation, on the field and minimap.

    Presenting us replays with gold spam will teach us nothing (apart, maybe, from spending more money for P2W). Same goes to ‘just another great battle from wotreplays’ without tactical commentary.

    Tip for newbies: The best virtue for wot player is *PATIENCE*. Rushing, peeking out and pushing 1-vs-many engagements, more often than not, make up for a poor play. We tend to play this game as an arcade, when the game (via it’s mechanics) is in fact hard and complicated.

    Bottom line: I know that you, as CC, are engaged in your activity for free (well, not quite, but you got nothing guaranteed), therefore I’m not in a position to request anything. I can only count that my comment will reach you and you will take that above into consideration. Thank you for this vid, buddy. I appreciate that very much and hope for more.

  41. Miguel Sebastian Salazar

    IQ: 1,000


  42. i still don’t get why people think premium rounds/ premium consumables (which are all available with credits btw) equal instant skill, it doesn’t, as quicky baby shows here, whether he was using premium or standard rounds he would be using the same decision making skills, theirs more to the game then just shooting tanks

  43. Love the Standard B its really good tonk very balanced 🙂

  44. 4:53 you did 420 dmg … mary jane blessed you

  45. hey QB first of all: well played. question: “can you do these map control/tactics movies a bit more? they are very nice to learn the maps better and to learn better tactics inside this game!

  46. This map is really horrible. I swear it’s been an imbalanced map in every version that WG has tried to make, because there are always overpowered positions that one team can use but the other can’t.

  47. try using just normal ammo in a bottom tier game when you can’t pen 75% of the vehicles!!!

  48. QuickyBrains

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