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Source: QuickyBaby

Today sirlordgoatgodleaderboss will show you that in of Tanks you don't gold be GODLIKE!



  1. I always use a premium extinguishers on my FTP account. So many of them are given out for different activities that I don’t buy them at all for credits and it’s still about 300+ in the garage

  2. Fantastic work

  3. Truly the most goated of all leader bosses.

  4. “And a high calliber medal for his 6300 experience!”


  5. Lololol not 100% sure I get the reference but still hilarious bahaha

  6. Very good team player KV2, 07

  7. This. This is an example of an old school game in a new school era. What a round. I still play from time to time in hopes of these kind of games

  8. interesting, though I’ll stick with ships. At least with ships there is no premium ammo and if I’m bottom tier in a tier 10 battle I can still deal damage to top tiers if I have them in range and sights.

  9. Finally a replay with ” pure ” skill.

  10. I love these consumable sales. I spent 40 million credits on buying some this weekend. Too bad, you can only buy 999 of them at a time 🙂

  11. This guy is a noob that got lucky

  12. Destatonto Studios

    I remember when you used to send gold and stuff to deserving players in astounding replays. If ever there was a time to bring that back, It is with this one.

  13. I praise Sir Lord Goat God Leader Boss ! I do not take gold rounds as well, and it feels refreshing to see a fellow comrade on that great channel, managed by a sweatlord 😉
    Have a great day QB

  14. Orly a simple side question about the UI.
    I seem to have lost the Roman numerals on the tank icons on the players panel. Ive checked it in settings but no joy.

  15. I miss the old days of no gold shells in the game and actually having to play the game and use brain cells. Gold shells pushed me out of the game along with being able to see people’s stats in game.

  16. More luck than skill

  17. Respect to the kv-2 player at the end 🙂

  18. Never liked the gun on the at 7 because of his weird position

  19. Hey Quickybaby, I was wondering if you could do a updated on the T26E5 ?(I don’t think it’s the patriot lol )

  20. I remember when I was a free2play player waaaay back in time 6 years ago, when I just absolutely destroyed the enemy team with my IS-3 in a +2 MM. Yes with the tech tree IS-3 without any pay2win thingy. No premium days, no gold ammo, absolutely nothing. Tier X MM and I did it. 6000dmg 5 kills. Iam never going to forget that game. I dealt alone with an IS-7(Okay he was down to 300hp but still managed to take it without gold(He was front of me but a little bit sideways and I had enough pen to go through his front tracks)). And yes I was base camping when nobody from my team going to the hill in Malinovka. I just camping at the base, and tried to snipe and I actually made it. Thanks to RNG + to our light tank spotting the enemy team which is pressing from the Hill. I dont have the replay but its fine, nothing special happened there. Just sniping from the back with a non sniper tank and enjoying the RNG on my side + all stars was aligned or how to say. I was managed to hit almost every shot which is very very interesting. XD Couple of non penetartions but its fine.

  21. Small thing that QB kinda missed wich huge impact. Look at the minimap at the start of the game. His Teammate (KV-3) pushed with him! The other players in his team where sitting at the Back of the map (iam not saying they played wrong) because they Both pushed the others followed. So shoutout to his Teammate (KV-3) without him he would be alone in the beginning.

  22. Did my own “test tournament” for blowout games. (One team wiped out, other four kills or less).
    Using all my tier 5,6,7 units. Out of 57 battles, 31 were blowouts. 54% of games were total domination.
    Win fast or lose fast and neither is really fun.

  23. 💰 Make $750 Per Day

    “What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.” _Oscar Wilde

  24. plz never use gold again 😉 you dont need it m8

  25. Sheogorath the Daedric Prince of Madness

    Way more cheaters on war thunder

  26. Using gold shell’s to me is wrong makes me not want to play anymore I noticed that past few months it has gotten worse my crew being knocked out or catching fiire game is becoming a joke.

  27. No idea why he didn’t heal his commander though? I’d say he himself had adrenaline rush lol

  28. I always play like this, with no gold ammo and no premium consumables, because… why would I? I’m want to earn credits to buy the new tanks I just researched, I bearly make a lot of credits in higher tiers and I wouldn’t be using this credits for maybe 0.5% more average winrate if using EXPENSIVE premium rounds/consumbles. Like, winrate is just a number, but the fun i get with playing new tanks is much more rewarding. I personally think people who use premium rounds ALL THE TIME actually just make the game less fun for all the normal people who don’t waste credits/time/money on such a dumb aspect of the game.

    • I agree, no prem consumables, and just a few gold rounds that I don’t fire very often….save my silver for the next tank that I have spend weeks grinding to get.

  29. Well, the kv2 was really a cool guy but ngl, not having at least the gold ammo is kinda stupid

  30. QB praising people for not using premium, meanwhile me who has not fired a single round of gold ammo since I have my account in 2012 lol. Mind you I probably only have around 300 hours in the game with only 3 tier 10 tanks, but still.

  31. Use of gold spoils this game.

    I find it’s the default for players these days. Top tier tanks who can’t be bothered to aim burying t8s in gold.

  32. I see QB still doesn’t run xvm on his replays. He really should. Was this a great player beating a strong enemy? Or was this someone sealclubbing tomatoes? XVM would show us… Come on QB, run the xvm…

  33. I never fire gold cause it makes it too easy and too expensive but i always carry 5 to 10 ammo in case of a very close game ending where the armor is to thick and you can’t flank

  34. that was feeeekin awesome!

  35. Also a dead crew member does not get all the crew xp from the battle.

  36. Seeing this turd of a tank get a nice game like this is rare even with full gold and premium equipment. This tank line is one of the worst grinds in the game. 99% of games every shot you take pens. Most games you are a exp and credits meatball. Like it is said, even abroken clock tells the right time twice a day.

  37. I cant stand the AT7. To me it seems like almost every tank im playing against can penetrate ist. Thats not what this vehicle is supposed to make you experience, is it?

  38. I definitely don’t use my unused medkit at the end of the battle if it’s not absolutely necessary, to save credits. And I appreciate Quickybaby’s tips for f2p players but they often involve using for example durability modules which again cost loads of credits, which f2p player can’t afford 🙁

  39. It’s Lunar New Year … not Chinese new year. Yes Sir

  40. I never use gold, never use consumables and never use premium consumables. There are very few times those would make a difference I have found.

  41. Finally quality content

  42. Staring at goats divides the men from the boys.

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