NO MEANS NO! (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay) Tank Request

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Thanks for watching!


  1. gasblowbackkid (aaron)

    WHOOO first comment
    keep up the awesome work baron ! cx

  2. Tank Request series is back! This time with the Panther G and the Fw 190
    F-8. What tank should I play next?

    Last episode of the Tank Request “American Muscle” (in case you missed it, check it out)

  3. SECOND!

  4. Second Whoo Whoo Good Job

  5. Keep up the good work

  6. it was a su-85.

  7. The MIGHTY MAUS Battleship

  8. Play the T-34

  9. The m3 Lee and the p51 mustang

  10. the su100 was like no means yes and you were like this isn’t consentual

  11. baron still waiting on that ad2 m36 jackson request


  13. beastedghost gaming

    mouse pls

  14. Only tank i want to see is something like the T30. Sadly. It’s not in game.

  15. Mason Cunningham

    custom battle derp sires

  16. M26E1 with the F8F 1B #420blazzin

  17. Can you play a user battle SU 157 with Derp vs Kv2 Derp?

  18. The Mosquito with the 57mm and a tank with a similar BR.

  19. cool the comments isnt showing “show more” at the bottom right now

  20. I vote the IS-3!! But I don’t play war thunder and don’t know the BR so
    someone choose a plane for me! Teamwork comment!!

  21. P-47 with M6A1 MERICA

  22. Darjeeling of St. Gloriana

    Hetzer gonna Hetz, or his big brother the Flatpanzer

  23. Mason Cunningham

    SU 100

  24. Awesome video man, keep it up :D

  25. Cool vid m80 keep er up. Baron have you gotten any hype up for some new
    games? Excited for Homefront?

  26. Stalintanium tonk Is to good

    T-54 1946 (7.3BR) and Il-2 1946
    Use your stalintanium to stop all the puiny shells and get some proof the a
    t-54 at 7.3 is over powered thx:)

  27. the prime minister of Australia is sendind our own forces to reinforce the
    rhine those yanks ands brits can’t hold the AcIV thunderbolt and beafort
    and wirraway

  28. m18

  29. SU-85s usually rape the enemy team. Not like this

  30. T-95

  31. Is 3 and the PE 8 BEAST!

  32. M4 76mm and F-82 Twin mustang! 14 .50 Cal’s of Freedom! ?

  33. Firefly Firefly duo!!!

  34. leopard, play it

  35. 57mm Cromwell and Mosquito, 57mm combo speed combo.

  36. t-54 il-2. Nice work!!!

  37. At the begining it was not a su100 it was a simple su85, if it was a 100
    you would be dead

  38. The M46 and the F9F-2

  39. ayy I was in the last game

  40. take the Churchill or the brithis shermen or the achilles . that tank sex
    was funny. gg nice vid.

  41. I would quite like if you would drive the 1s3

  42. Play the IS-4M, im not that knowledgable about planes, so ill let others
    choose for me ;)

  43. M8A1 + SBD-2!

  44. Baron play mount and blade Napoleonic war and use a rifle instead of a

  45. ju 87 and marder iih

  46. Second_Medic bf p4f

    Tiger 2 with the 10,5 cm gun!

  47. Orlando Alvarado

    IS-2 and the IL-19 1946

  48. Orlando Alvarado

    mi mistake IL-10 1946

  49. Get on the road The Furious Fury M4A3 76 W with Capitan America P-47

  50. Hi baron what exactly are you playing? realistic? or sim?

  51. Baron do a b-29 please

  52. pls do Churchhill Mk3 and Hurricane Mk4 with the op gunpods …

  53. IS-3 and Mig-9, FOR THE MOTHERLAND, FOR STALIN…or go gulag!

  54. T-50 the Racer!!!

  55. pls do Churchhill Mk3 and Hurricane Mk4 with the op gunpods …

  56. STALIN WILL BE PLEASED Play Kv2 and The infamous PO2 because Stalin wants
    people to be sent to gulag

  57. m18 and p47 with maximum firepower:-)

  58. Let’s do Tiger 105 and Hs.129 B3 or the Me.410 with the Mk103 with HVAP-T

  59. Cromwell V and typhoon Mk I a for king and country

  60. Guilherme Perrone

    Loved this one! You’re awesome, Baron!

  61. the beginning remind me Girl und Panzer xD

  62. m3 please

  63. How come him and phly don’t really make videos anymore ?

  64. m3 please

  65. Terrance “Henry” Stoot

    Your Walken impression was pretty cringy dude.

    10/10 would Panther G again.

  66. Me 262s vs p 51s escorting b29 like in red tails movie

  67. baron you have to take out is 2 mod 1943 for da stalin !

  68. Pls SU stap the rape

  69. M4A3(76)W and P-47D-25 with rockets

  70. Baron, I’d like to see you go full Russian. Eat some Stroganoff while
    flying the I-16 type 27 and then trolling some ass with the KV-1 L-11 Heavy
    Tank, and give those tits some hell while doing it all.

  71. MWAHAHAHA Russian Bias time, T10m, Su 122-54 and the Il-28!

  72. for glorous russia!! take out the king of derp, the mighty kv-2, and monser
    pe-8 with nukes!!!

  73. ItzzDustyspartan32

    Churchill Mk.3 with the Spitfire Mk 5b

  74. ta 152 plz

  75. t95 and b29

  76. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    M60 and B-57B with Payload of your choice

  77. M10 and the tb3 devastator with the 100 kg bombs

  78. Gameing Squirrle


  79. KomodoRino Gamer

    Play in the Sherman (105) and the F6F.

  80. Year: 1946 Germany has launched a full mass production of their latest
    weapon and plan a full mass attack on the allies

    Drive out the Maus and fly the HO-299

  81. Hey Baron play the t-34-57

  82. Thanks for the Video Baron ☺

  83. Good work keep it up baron!

  84. T34 STZ. I haven’t found a video by you. Also, you’re my primary source for
    wt stuff

  85. How much did you pay Gajin for the Laser Guided Flak not to 1 shot you?

  86. Similar BR u say… How about no. BT 5 and il-28

  87. Mousis christis and lord arado

  88. Tanner “Zedu” Grandclair

    So I had an idea the other day about a new series for you Baron. What if
    every month or something, you have a raffle sort of deal to pick a random
    subscriber. and that lucky player gets to be part of one of your videos and
    play with you.

  89. Drummercommander

    It’s a SU-85, and slick, it’s been 2016 for a while now xD

  90. Need some more of MURICA M6a1 aka the baby Maus

  91. Team K&N Racing NFS World - ASSASSIN844

    Mr. ”Super Turret” T32 w/ Mr. ”Super Cat” F7F

  92. Take out the Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. J, and the Ju 87 B-2, but you have to make
    it go Bhaaa (start the sirene), before your alowed to drop the boms!

  93. T44 and IL101946 do it!

  94. Christian Spencer

    Easy8 and F8F

  95. Hey baron do Tiger H1 and Messerschmidt BF-109, Classic German forces

  96. A Hero of Leningrad and Normandy – Tiger H and FW-190 A-8 :)

  97. m41 bull dog pay

  98. Baron take out the A39 tortoise and the Lancaster mkIII

  99. hmmmm well how about ze german heavy hitters the narwhale and ze leopard

  100. Paul H (Yogi2101)

    Its so funny to watch this as a german

  101. Daniel “Frosty” Watson

    The pt-76 and russian pby use that Floating power on water!

  102. Conqueror + Hunter F1, Use the power of tea and destroy all incoming

  103. t 17 and hurricane mk4

  104. yep i have a scale model of it

  105. Hey Baron take out the KV 2 the king of derp and the bannana plane H6K2 if
    i am right i guest XD ??

  106. M4A3E8 and P51

  107. For another series baron, do like Phly does and do the challenge series, we
    tell you what to try to do and you try your hardest to do it!

  108. do the Maus with the Ho-299

  109. pick the m3 lee and f4f wildcat

  110. 105 Sherman Derp.Like the KV 2 but merican style -Said a British man

  111. Logan Parrish (Prussian J3T)

    P-47D-28 and the M4A3 Sherman please!!

  112. hellcat and p47

  113. hellcat and p47

  114. Jagdtiger and HO-229 in all it 95mm of OPness

  115. hey has there ever been a ship request series for world of warships?

  116. Sherman jumbo and the A-20G Havoc

  117. M46 “Tiger” & P51

  118. Do some tank destroyers? Maybe

  119. A challenge series

  120. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an all premium match up so here it goes!
    Drive out the Soviet Sherman 76mm and Stalin’s personal B-25. if you don’t
    have these then thanks anyways!

  121. It was a SU-85 no a SU-100

  122. is- 3

  123. KV-2 and IL2 for mother Russia

  124. I think a great idea for a new request series to interact with the
    community is to have a rarer series where people choose a custom battle to
    create and participate in. Just a though

  125. Nick Hecht (OneChanceShot)

    (ATEMPT number 3) Tiger H1 with any of the 50mm Me-410’s

  126. fly out the 262 C2B

  127. Christian Bradshaw


  128. nuclearthreat545

    slick bee stfu

  129. +baranvongames Do kv-2 and the old mighty 2 propeler spitfire

  130. #ProtectYoutubers
    For LostPause

  131. Baron, play the T-35 with HE rounds in an arcade battle getting at least 2
    kills. ( just so you know, I was able to pull it off…but it is going to
    require all your experience) Everyone!!! Like this, and let’s see how he
    does in this challenge!!

  132. Theodore Chastaine

    Hey baron plz upload that full game with the su rape I saw the one from
    slick and yeah I want to see from your perspective

  133. Christopher Walken? Sounded more like Vinnie Barbarino from “Welcome Back

  134. hey baron could you plz play one of the first tier tanks? :)

  135. Sherman

  136. BT-5 and PO-2 for fun

  137. Alberto Demongin

    Girls und Panzer = REALITY!!!!!

  138. Mason Cunningham

    thanks bro

  139. what happen to the tank request series that was going up by 1 tier each
    time? I don’t play war thunder, but enjoyed watching that series.

  140. Do the any British tank destroyer

  141. Christian Zearing

    British Prime: Lancaster B III and the Churchill mk. VII

  142. T34-85 and me262

  143. You could have a RTS/TBS request series, that could be interesting.

  144. Sorry if this won’t work I don’t have the game do the panzer 4 and bf 109

  145. Bacon_sandwich _

    T-54-1951 and la-15

  146. T-32 and the Bearcat with Tiny Tim rockets!

  147. Do the t92 USA light tank

  148. One way to increase the interaction between you and fans…… Live stream
    FFS!!!!! ;)

  149. Baron was getting ready for another night of recording when he heard the
    sound of his front door being smashed off its hinges. There was a rumbling
    noise coming from just outside the door when, finally it found him. The
    door was pulverized into wood pulp as an SU-85 rolled through the door way.
    “Ur ass iz mine!” It roared. “NO! Plz stahp! No means NO!” Baron pleaded.
    But, the SU-85 ignored him as it bent him over his desk. Then, before the
    SU-85 could pull down his pants, Baron felt a heroic presence in the room.
    “NUUUUUUUUUUUUH-” the SU-85 burst into flames then exploded. Baron looked
    to the door way to see his savior, a Leopard 1, staring at its handiwork.
    The Leopard 1 noticed Baron, and lowered then raised its gun in a nod. Then
    it turned around, and left the building. Baron watch the heroine disappear
    into the night and whispered “Leopard 1 is love, Leopard 1 is life. The
    Leopard 1 saved mai booteh, I shall repay him by playing as him tonight!”

  150. US Marine Corps mid-1944:
    M4A1 Sherman
    F4U-1a Corsair USMC

    Do what Marines do best, kick ass.

  151. Yo baron love the vids and I would love for you to play out the Pz 4g and
    the me410 b2 u4 with the 50 that rapes at its br come in ppl lets make this

  152. as soon as i seen no means no i couldnt stop laughing because teacher at my
    highschool recently was fired for trying to get nudes of students so have
    been saying no means no *teachers name* cough mar cough ceee

  153. Torpedus Tuesday, if not Thursday?

  154. Churchill Mk VII and the Firebrand. Have fun wit ridiculous armor a puny
    gun and a plane that fly’s like a bus but packs one heck of a punch

  155. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    M18 and the P51D-5 MARICA !!!!!

  156. take out the T92 and the b-29 superfortress

  157. Centurion Mk10 and sea fury

  158. is the panthers 75 really innacurate or is that just me?

  159. M18 And Dauntless US Line

  160. panther aint slow as tits slick

  161. zmk double the guns double the fun

  162. Po-2/T-10m or firing squad.

  163. The German Sherman and the German p47

  164. Crusader Mk. III or tea and crumpets with the Queen

  165. *SU-85

  166. Calvin Threepercenter

    P400 with M4A2 (76)mm W For the boys back home baron

  167. Y u so bad at planes

  168. T44 yak 15

  169. Easy 8

  170. You made hitler proud

  171. Baron you should do the Ram II if it’s in War Thunder PLEASE I’M CANADIAN

  172. Do the PZ IV and the 75mm duck for the 75mm combo! (Use the PZ VI with the
    closest be to the duck.)

  173. Tortoise and Lancaster 😀 (2ed try )

  174. do the m18 and the jug

  175. the airbornepotato

    Sea anemones? 7:15

  176. I love videos like this

  177. Slickbee is an idiot.

  178. M2A2 FTW XD

  179. I love intro music…Where can i get it???

  180. hi baron, please f6f hellcat and the sherman of your choice for your french
    sub :3

  181. Kv2 tank

  182. Kristian čolak-barać

    played dat panther yesterday

  183. Doctor Velociraptor

    Hey baron, could you post your computer specs next video

  184. do pz. werfer 42 with me-262 with the 42 rockets load out…….spam

  185. baron you should do arcade load out videos, like a wunderwaffen loud out
    with E-100, MAUS, and Tiger 2 10.5 as an example

  186. Alexandre Le Roux

    hey baron r u able to reproduce/recreate the battle of Kursk or D Day or
    the battle of Sedan on war thunder?

  187. For more interaction you should play matches of War Thunder and others with

  188. M5A1 and SBD-3

  189. Tiger h1 and the fw a5 with big rockets

  190. THE tiger and THE duck 70mm

  191. 17:18 lol

  192. Soviet Sherman (5.0)+ La-7 (4.7) with 100kg bombs

    I don’t know why but I just love dive bombing in fighters.

  193. WHAT is this Music you keep using???

  194. Ginger Boy-Watkins

    Baron’s German accent sounded like an ok Christopher Walken impression.

  195. M26E1 and Premium P47

  196. E100 & ME 262 with 50 mil for the fatherland

  197. play ze first panther with a bf109 that haz bombz

  198. Play the M47 Patton and the AD-2!! Please baron

  199. Hunter F1 and the Black Prince

  200. Super HELLCAT And b-17 superfortres


  201. tarmachippo henk

    Do the T34-57 and the Yak-9T

  202. Hey Baron love the videos but i’am request something a bit different, can
    you TRY to make a model, like Airfix or Tamyia. Plane, Tank any thing.

  203. Take out the Churchill 7 with the Stirling bomber for the King

  204. drive the M4A3E2 (76) W and the F8F-1B with the Tiny Tims

  205. Hellcat with rocket AND bombs with a caernarvon/centurion

  206. baron PLZ do the centurion mk 3 and the second typhoon the reason for the
    mk 3… my grandad commanded the centurion



  208. M3 Lee plus P-40 Tomahawk with max bomb load!

  209. T34-85 and Yak 9T

  210. M103 And B57B That Should Be Awesome Combination

  211. how about the kv2 and su152 baron

  212. T34 57 with yak 9k SEND THEM TO GULAG!!!!!!!

  213. Yak 9 And T-54 OP !

  214. Irgend so ein Type den niemand kennt:)

    play the su-122-54

  215. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  216. leopard and me 262

  217. Tiger 1 and bf109

  218. The Tiger 2 H And the Me 410/B6

  219. yo watch vanoss am I the only one who nocticed

  220. NO PLAY
    We need Arcade!

  221. ScipionLaurentiend

    worst walken impression ever…loved it ;)

  222. IS-3 and Pe-8, with tactical nuke

  223. Add a duel series with people, select a comment who has wt and duel them

  224. i was laughing so hard at 7 min 40 seconds when baron said “dude… yea” XD

  225. M18 Hellcat

  226. crusader

  227. Panzerwerfer 42 and the Me 410 A1/U4 plz

  228. Laurentiu Panait

    Baron, yesterday in my country Romania there was woman’s day! Get more info
    on google pls.

  229. Baron take out the M46 Tiger with the p80 shooting star for maximum nuke

  230. Maus and Ho229

  231. +baronvongamez plz play with the is 3

  232. hetzer and mustand

  233. mustang

  234. american john cena! T32 and the B24 freedomator !

  235. Tiger h please!!!!

  236. The day baron got raped…

  237. Lets See the Maus :)

  238. TA-152 and tiger 2 H

  239. +BaronVonGamez Hey Baron what type of ammo do you often use while playing

  240. Gotta love the Delirious impressions 10/10! Great video I love it XD

  241. Its SU-85 not 100 -.-

  242. Hey Baron, big fan of your channel! How about you take out the m18 Hellcat
    please. Have fun!

  243. skullcruncher1361

    I was playing sim the other day and I spawn sniped this poor sob and his
    second spawn same thing happened to him agian

  244. F-84B-26 and T92 or M42 duster

  245. just wondering why didn’t u just drove back when the SU attacked you and
    you were half on him? ^_^

  246. The Combat Commission

    5th Tanks D-day 1× Firefly 3× Cormwalls with Typhoons Mk II /L plz 4 person
    squad 3 cormwalls 1 firefly

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