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Source: OddBawZ

in War Thunder are generally not impressive or are insanely quirky. When it comes to the Chi Ri II in War Thunder, though… it hits the right spot!

The Chi Ri II in War Thunder is VERY good. On paper it looks like a recipe for disaster but when you take this thing out onto the battlefield, you'll find yourself getting back to back.

The Chi Ri 2 has a 75mm high velocity cannon with 150mm penetration, not very impressive when you look at it at first. It boasts almost 100g of TNT filler making it extremely deadly and your first 2 reloads are just 3.5 seconds. That's of the quickest reloads in the game.

The way this tank plays forces you to take your time. It's quite slow but very steady, the gun handling is incredible for a non-stabilised cannon.

One of the most understated tanks in War Thunder for sure!



  2. Jacob Thibodaux

    I think they need to put the tank back at 4.7.

  3. Hey odd! Just wanted to lyk that 3M views is more than half of the population of New Zealand! Just a cool comparison for you

  4. I bounced more shots off the Chi-Ri 2 than a Tiger I.

  5. A phlydaily is on 18:47 min

  6. dog demero

  7. You should try the Swedish counterpart, the Strv m/42 DT. More agile, better autoloader, same pen with 250g of tnt, compact…

  8. I wish that i could play warthunder but whenever i start playing again my mental health takes a steep decline which is the last thing i need

  9. Kin ye hulp me oot? Ah dae nae ken howfur tae speil th’ AGS.

  10. I wonder if some sort of confidence modifier to crew efficiency should be added to counteract the “No armour is best armour” nonsense?
    If a shell turned your crew mate in to a bloody mist that’s going to effect you, especially if you know your vehicle is poorly armoured. Chances are you’ll become at least temporarily very bad at your job, maybe with a small chance of becoming extra focussed. Equally a crew in a very well protected tank might become more efficient as with growing confidence at useless shells pinging off they focus more intently on returning fire?

  11. I really loved playing the chi-ri 2,it was my main “Make money” tank before I had a premium plane, since I always came out positive, and had fun while doing it.

  12. challenge to get few kills with small front gun in future confirmed? 😀

  13. You should do a video on the AEC Mk II!

  14. Can you do a challenge with this tank but you can only kill with second gun 😉

  15. Best low teir heat round.

  16. this is basically a better delat torn. you get APHE as stock instead of solid AP, you it is a closed tank, so no overpressure, and has even a bit better armor. the only thing you lose, is 1 less shell in the autoloader

  17. The tank should have made a polite japanese bow imho ;D

  18. Idk why, but I think the Chi-Ri looks kinda sexy, especially the turret

  19. Japan was fighting T-34’s towards the end of the war also

  20. odd can you do a video on the worst tank arl-44 plz? day 2


  22. Bastiaan Verkerk

    Hey bawz, wanted to say I love the daily uploads!

  23. Stefano Galliano

    The chi-ri is probably my favourite tank in the game, it would be amazing to get the chi-se in game considering they put the ho-ri in

  24. If War Thunder had a hard mode it would be called Japan tank tech tree.

  25. wilco van der heide

    when you gonne play the m36b1

  26. Btw, major congrats on the views. Seriously good videos getting the audience they deserve

  27. Huh, sit on friendly cap and you get 3.5s reload cuz of cap refilling ready rack damn

  28. Love playing the RI butt id rather have the chi to late. Same gun just no auto loader but smaller and nimbler

  29. Day 14 of asking oddbawz to play leo 1 with narval

  30. I love that tank from all the other tanks this tank easily reload faster when the auto loader gets empthy without no need to reload it noice tank : )

  31. He bawz, can you play the m3 gmc at around br 5.3+ it has the sherman 75 basically and it is a speedy boy I love
    Day 13

  32. Arthur Baltazar

    I’m a simple weeb. I see Japanese tanks, I like them.
    Chi To Late best WW2 waifu.

  33. Chi-nu to Chi-ri is a really good time in the Japanese tech tree… Then it’s back to pain.

  34. Day 1: play the T29 Heavy Tank. Think it would make a great vid, it’s similar to the t34 but it gets aphe.

  35. It’s big virtue is being able to follow up quickly on a hit- that is, shots that a wounded target gets clear are much less likely when that autoloader has your back, or a bad hit can be corrected for quickly as well. The rest of it is “I’m the rump tech of the Japanese armed forces”, but it’s just mediocre enough to pull through.

  36. Putting a bush over the second gun and firing around corners or hills is very nice, especially if you have a round in the autoloader. Tricks the enemies into thinking you misfired and pushing ridges and corners

  37. Congrats on the views!

  38. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Japanese tanks usually never get covered. Thanks!

  39. It looks like something you make in sprocket when you try to make a decent looking tank

  40. Mediocre Aim Horizon Main

    tbh even the Chi-To’s reload doesn’t hold it back. it’s just simple Japanese power.

  41. Spawn camping?

  42. Efe the Captain

    Since Gaijin’s using stats to decide the BRs, and since Japan is the worst tree in the entire game (not individual vehicles but as a tech tree and BR lineups), I believe majority of the Japan players are experienced ones(or in other words newer players don’t dare to play Japan tree much). This cause vehicles to go up in BR in My opinion.

  43. Also you should give us a few sentencesin your full natural accent / dialect. 🙂

  44. This thing was my saving grace in the awful grind that is low tier Japan. honestly coulda gone 60% of battles without having to use another vehicle, and Idk how such a large vehicle can flank so easily, but it can, and that makes it good even till 6.7

  45. Thanks for playing this tank. I love playing the weird unique tanks. I’ll have to try to unlock this soon.

  46. LMAO.. that funny IS-1 at the beginning – do silly things and you get what you deserve…. BOING! ;-D

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