No One Talks about the ELC AMX, So Here’s How to Play it in 2019

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. hey lemming you here that they are planning on raising HP of all tier 1-6 vehicles, Dezgames has a video about it, a recent one

  2. Anthony Chartier

    I really enjoy your videos man I watch quite a lot of them I wish I new how much you know about the game I’ve played since beta but man like you know like every gun dmg reload and it’s astounding. I’m now always trying to play to get and be better I’m now a 1530 wn8 overall recent now 2200. But yeah keep up the good work any tips for knowing what you know would be nice. Trying to think of where I go everytime and where to get dmg but I find latly the teams are so bad like you either loose 15 to 0 or win 13 to 3 hahaha it’s dumb .

  3. Samuel Carbonneau

    Quicky would’ve taken that whole 19 minutes to explain the ELC’s stats

    • the presence of fealuthical mammals on this earth troubles me

      and then another 10 to explain the complexity of ELC’s armor using

  4. Antitank99 WoTboi

    I play it like a hit and run td that can adjust to the situation.

  5. NoHomeLike

    with GLD and BiA, it takes about 10 seconds to fully aim the 90mm from a full stop. Either insert the gun into their side armor or bush snipe. Take your pick.

  6. That Valentine in the second game could do with a good old cup of shut the fuck up.

  7. congrats to the amd and the T71!

  8. How the fuck do I play arty?

  9. playing live and showing good game is your strength…

  10. William Fryburger

    I’m sorry, the 75 might be better but I’ll never use anything other than the 90, there’s just something about slapping some poor tier 5 with that… so satisfying

  11. I love that your videos are clearly single takes. Watching QB and his multiple midsentence cuts and edits is annoying. Best WOT youtuber by far.

    • they both analize the game differently both have great content as far as quilty goes ill give it to quicky like if you dont like seeing stats of tanks or how to take them out then skip that part

  12. Yay mi baby, hope they intrlduce ELC EVEN 120 to have elc amx playstile on tier 10:)

    Btw optics are highly preffered, optics and 45% camo… Wery gut gut

  13. Nemanja Kostadinovic

    with full crew camo it is even crazier with +40% camo

  14. I had nearly 700 games in ELC AMX with 1.5k avg damage and 70% wins. They destroyed it and i never touched it again.

  15. The AMX ELC was my favourite tank and my first ever 3 marked tank, then WG neutered it, battered it, assaulted it under the staircase like Harry Potter’s uncle, touched it in a church, then dragged it around in chains, and called it balanced now.

    • 6:48
      “He went ice road, so expecting him to be the greatest of players is a mistake”

      I bet you don’t spot the field on Malinovka stfu team idiot

  16. why are you so jumpy

  17. Used to be one of my favourite tanks until they nerfed it into oblivion. Thanks for the advice on how to use it in its current state!

  18. Keitaro Erushima

    More than 2k games played with that tank but I rarely play it now because of light tank rework. Although it’s now easy to side hug the heavy tanks now with the new 360 deg turret but it works best with the “2” key…

  19. Lemming why do u have not a gunmark on the elc

    • as you noticed i think he hasnt played it much he only has 30k exp on it and hasnt researched either of the next tanks in the next tier

  20. Still a fun tank! Also, I love the 75mm aswell as the 90mm. Elc bis is getting some love 🙂

  21. i always played the ELC like a TD if i was low tier with the 90mm

    • I typically started with scouting (active or passive depending the map), reverted into TD mode and in the end went full retard (was so much fun to circle around slow/tall tanks) 😀

  22. I used to play the old AMX ELC when I first started playing. I wasn’t very good at the game (49 percenter) but I still loved the tank. When wargaming fucked all the light tanks I sold all my tier 5 and 6 lights. Right before the wheeled LTs dropped I picked it up again and played 40 or so games in it. As a much better player now, I won 60ish percent of my games by using and abusing the camo. With a 4 perk crew, food, vents, binos, and optics I had 50% camo, 440 veiw range on the move and 500ish when stationary. This is probably the best scout at tier 5 with this setup and the 90mm gun. It lacks any sort of DPM to kill its way out of a situation but it has legendary camo. Ambushes, side shots, and shoot and scoot are your bread and butter tactics and caution is the rule. This tank is a shitty shadow of itself nowadays, but it can get the first shot advantage better than anything at tier 5 and that makes it dangerous.

  23. No one talks about it anymre because its garbage compared to the old one. For the people who played the old one, this one feels like driving those wheeled vehicles without 1-2 wheels. Sluggish, turns slow, acceleration is bad…. I’d rather drive Chaffee, Leopard or T50 then this.

  24. What perks do you think should be prioritized in these fewer crews tanks ?

  25. Uses small gun.

    *Instantly unsubscribes*

  26. I keep a few HE when I play the 90 for smashing other lights.

  27. I prefer the small gun, it’s a lot of fun with it

  28. I find that with the low profile (especially with the fully mobile turret) when you are right next to a lot of tanks they struggle to hit you and you can murder them.

  29. The ELC was the only tank I could do good in when I was a tomato/potato, always having at least >%50 WR in it. It was the first tank that when I saw it, I just knew I had to have it.

    I remember all the good times learning the play style, abusing camo, sidehugging, walloping people with the 90mm, and speeding around like a Ferrari.

    I three-marked it right around the update, before or after I do not remember.
    The death of this tank makes me loathe WG, and accounts for over half of my hatred for WG.
    I quit this game for over a year and a half after 9.18, and in October 2018 I got a wot craving and came back to grind for the Obj 416, which some people said was similar to the elc, and while I love that tank and got two marks in it, it just doesn’t compare to the good old ELC. I also loved the old 59-16, and the only tank I loved that was spared was the LTTB, and surprise surprise, it’s Russian. I had the amx 13 90, and I will admit they did make that one better by giving it more pen.

    If they released premium tier 6/7 versions of the old lights, I would buy them. I hate giving them money but I would definitely buy those. I still am not over the travesty of 9.18.

    I also despise the wheeled lights and find them abhorrent and cancerous.

  30. DugThatOutMyself

    Would be interesting to see lemmings opinion about the leopard with autoloader vs 50mm

  31. Martin Waterhouse

    Many thanks for the review this has been a bit of a “head-scratcher” tank for a while. I’m pretty much an exclusive 75mm ELC player. Havehad the 90mm researched and purchased a long time ago but never actually used it. Probably a good idea to play a few games to at least familiarize myself with it for the times I’m up against an enemy with one 🙂

  32. Mr. Fearstricker

    Lemmingrush’s situational awareness is so great that even though im watching the video and can observe on other stuff more carefully, he still notices stuff before i do :cri:

  33. I have it is a shit tank. Gf is best light tier 8 and lt 432

  34. Lol, this timing though. I just played my last game in my elc bis to fully research the wheeled vehicles. Loved the video, it really helped in deciding which gun to use.

  35. On the old ELC I had gotten to 93,5% MoE and got stuck around there for many many battles. Then I decided to move on with the crew and sold it. So as the wheeled came out, rebought it, stuck a fresh crew (albeit female) for the grind and after the first battle (Ace btw) got an unexpected present: my 3rd MoE ezpz… just says how much the requirement fell after the LT rework and nerf. BTW went on to 100% MoE during the 20ish battles of the grind 😉

    • eric neitzert santamaria

      I had 100% on te old days, you just needed to do 3 dmg shots and like 500 assist, not high if you ask me, now with the nerfs becouse of I just not getting fun with it anymore I dropped below 95%…they absolutely destroyed this tank

    • +eric neitzert santamaria yep but with the map rotation the consecutive corridor maps could ruin your MoE in no time, if you were so unlucky as I was 🙂

    • eric neitzert santamaria

      +marko trzun now it is worse than before…

  36. Randal and Michelle

    What a great overview of the wee ELC. Well done.

  37. I remember when you could pen is-3s with gold in front with this thing, it was so fun to play. My most played tank to this day, haven’t touched it since the nerf, the nerf was too hard. Getting 3 marks on it was like a dream 😀

    • eric neitzert santamaria

      I had 100% on the mark of excellence on the old days xd. But now with the brutal nerfs I just don’t play it, now it’s almost trash

  38. Killian Kruczko-Cousins

    The elc’s 90mm used to be a knife fighting gun, the handling was always shit but you has the mobility to get up close and personal if you had the skill, the elc’s power to weight is so shot nowadays that you get shit on up close and personal by basically everything…

  39. actually, some people do talk… oh wait

  40. You need to make more videos.

  41. Tommy Halfniger

    no one talks because no one cares after nerf 🙁 RIP OLD ELC 🙁

  42. PanzerFaust 360

    Before the LT change(ELC, Chaffee, T-50-2 etc nerf), I played mainly LT’s. Now, I don’t play them practically at all… Rip 3xELC platoons that destroyed T-29s and ISs with teamwork.

  43. Nino Belov 100%

    Ah the old days of hugging other tanks and destroying them, the old days of sick mobility… When WoT killed my baby ELC that’s when I quit.

  44. Lol 31 90mm APCR and 5 HE shells, 5 skill female crew and 3 marked… still amazing fun even tho I lose 60k every game

  45. I threemarked this tank in the 75mm at the same time I threemarked my Chaffee. But the nerf with -70 PS Horsepower from the old ELC is really a pain as every fence stop your tank and also every puddle every tree every … everything. I enjoy it so hard to troll the Japanese Heavies as they cannot point their cannon at their side down and their side armor is penetratable – even for the 75mm. The 90mm gun is not any longer needed in the meta. I find out that a full traverse turret is much more useful. I wish WG buffs the ELC Engine with some PS. The ELC was the mega troll in the old days. I miss this tank so hard. I cant remember to have so much funny games as in the AMX ELC bis …

  46. In blitz when I use the ELC I play like a fast tank destroyer.

  47. I own the ELC AMX for over a year now and I personally play it with the 90mm gun and just drive up real close were gun handling does not matter derp the enemy in the face, piss off and repeat. Worked pretty well for me so far got 2 gun marks and on my way to the 3rd ^^.

  48. Maus Panzerkampfwagen

    Its shit

  49. hey LemmingRush no bino on elc?

  50. Expert gameplay, watertight awareness

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