No Other Destroyer Can Do That Like Tortoise in World of Tanks – CRAZY DPM

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Tortoise, Tier 9 British Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks The Best Tank Destroyer and The Highest DPM in Tier 9. and Best Replays.

I am going to show you an absolute SLAPFEST featuring one of the best tank destroyers in the game – The Tortoise. This tier 9 British Destroyer was made an absolute beast when they previously buffed it and not it dominates the battles with its crazy DPM… Let’s see how it works!


  1. And this time they didn’t even come in 1 by 1… Nobody was ready for such a crazy SLAPFEST DPM Party. 🔥
    Also, do not forget to take part of the giveaway, like in any other video I upload in October… Big ones are still coming! :O

  2. I miss playing with Tortoise and Badger, I didn’t know they buffed the armour. (Username: L0n3Gr3yW0lf, Server: EU)

  3. I just want to say something beautiful.
    VojvodinaSilbas EU

  4. Always forget how mental this tank is, really need to grind it soon. EU, DestroyerOz

  5. Also 1 of my favorite tank
    Server : SEA
    Username : vahellsimg123

  6. Jeez, 10 enemies with maybe five braincells between them. Three of which were hoarded by the E50.

  7. Your are litarly making the best wot videos in my opinion keep it up


  8. that was 1 in a million battle, nice rng
    Banelings EU

  9. I have T95 a thats epic, good armor and high alpha. Want to go for Tortoise too, but AT15 is sooo trolling me (worst win rate on my acc 🙁 ).
    Novajak11 Eu

  10. That was fun to watch. Will you be testing the VK DERP scout when it comes out?
    Mickleblade EU

  11. Can’t wait to remove the dust from my Tortoise and spread some love for the enemy!

    Server: EU
    Username: Zero_You

  12. Moureau Pierre-Olvier

    WE love you dez, happy anniversary to you and your Channel, Hope that it will continue forever
    Username : pom08
    Server : EU

  13. I love crazy Scouting play lol so how about get -> ELC Bis and Type 64 with the most epic speed buid or/and with the most stealthy buid too. How you would work Flip Wagen to make it at least worth it to play?
    Jugernaut_x from EU server.

  14. gg tort thanks for the vid xKGB_CIAx na

  15. love to play this tank in FL, feels like easy mode
    Server: EU
    Username: destroier33

  16. Okay, I will start this line!


  17. Keep doing a good job
    nando2u / EU

  18. I’d love to have seen the losing teams chat!

  19. Tortoise is powerhous if your RNG is blessed 🙂
    Server EU
    Username : samurajmaki

  20. I can never get over the number of morons who queue up in front of tanks like that. All they needed to do – when they had the 6 tank advantage at the end – was have two tanks flank. That’s it

  21. i really love tortoise and i really want to 3 mark but its difficult
    papa32ni EU

  22. now that i finished watching this video i think that i should try the tortoise after a looooong time. Btw this is a little late but happy birthday dez!!!
    Name: Tipsu
    Server: EU

  23. How painful is the tree before this masterpiece?

  24. I think after grinding e50 I would go for that 🐢
    Nick: Smirenov
    Server: EU

  25. Tortoise and t95 2 the best tanks in this game..

  26. Good battle 👍

  27. 8:11 That insta track repair on E50 was insanely awkward, even when he got tracked 2 secs before.

  28. Damn, what a match!
    Username: skdiddy_
    Server: NA

  29. great game by that turtle 😉 and i also have it on my account so that is something i know personaly my username is sltanker and server EU

  30. Awesome round! I like these game plays, when 1fights vs a lot at the same time!!! And as u asked “Beautyful” XD

    Name: gyula_andrashy

  31. well played
    Server: EU
    Username: Han951753

  32. why we never see your face?:)

  33. phenomenal game exemplifying Tortoise’s strengths. While it has great dpm, enemy should have gone in en masse, instead of 1 by 1.
    bjscherer on NA server

  34. And the DPM of the Badger is better in tier X!!
    ign: egg_FriedRice
    server: Asia

  35. ok, its my new main tank xD
    server: eu
    username : robochiotteeu

  36. That gun! What a porn dpm!
    Nome: eusaf22
    Server: EU

  37. Day 78 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  38. Can’t believe that E50 bounce! What a noob!

    EU server

  39. Balázs Szentgyörgyi

    I just got the t95, so i wont be grinding a tank just like this any time soon
    Name: szbalazs2004
    Server: EU

  40. I’m very tempted to grind the tortoise line. It looks quite fun to play. Once i’m done with the T95 line I will do it.

  41. this tank is one of the only tanks that makes people go back just because they are there, a beast to respect
    alejandrozapataq NA

  42. E50 failed hard
    server: EU

  43. Nice to see, that this british bunker of a tank can have good games 😁
    Server EU
    Username FIN_Perkele

  44. Tier 9 is full of beasts like Tortoise and T95.
    jasa787 EU

  45. Tortoise is slow but when it gets its best matchmaking it can slap really hard
    Username: Felixo95
    Server: Eu

  46. Tortoise hase killed me quit some times allready. Think I will grind it to

    Name Aszen1
    Server EU

  47. tortoise is so good, too bad the badger is the opposite
    ic3dcoffee; NA

  48. I don’t have it yet, only its little brother the AT-15A, but it seems to be a real beast.


  49. Tier 9 is the best well balance tier area to play in, but i dont know how these new premium tier 9 tanks are going to tip the scale

    Username: raprap272
    server: asia / hong kong

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