NO PHLY ZONE – Gepard SPAA 35mm AutoCANNONS (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

ϟ -Want Free GE?
NO PHLY ZONE – Gepard SPAA 35mm AutoCANNONS (War Thunder Tanks)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!


  1. that end though…………WTF happend! XD

  2. Plz do the RakJpzr hot 2 with 800 millimeters of penetration ?

  3. 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b

    lol GSqd. Fuckin nub cancers xaxaxaxa)))

  4. t50 and bt7

  5. Do tiger2

  6. Phly I ALWAYS have dreams about the fw 190 A-4 funny enough it’s my
    favorite plane.

  7. PLEASE PLAY THE M3 LEE (attempt 24–im not lying) JUST PLEASE FOR THE LOVE
    OF GOD—arcade battles if you dare

  8. One of many to Respond to the call for help

    I hope to get the game tomorrow on steam.


  10. Tristan Olde Riekerink

    5:06 “look how cool he sounds”
    wut? XD

  11. play battlestar galactica online!!!

  12. I am new to YouTube so if anybody is looking for something else to watch
    please check me out. Btw I hate doing this.

  13. Phly, phly where do you get your golden eagles?

  14. Please give a time with the Brits, Drive the A-34 Comet with the combo
    who doesn’t love the brits? ?

  15. You play on PC? What do you use for airplane controls, game pad or
    keyboard? Been thinking of starting to play but the interface is not very
    user friendly to beginners to the game.

  16. Sigh Nye

  17. Use the DShk GAZ AAA. That basic Soviet techonology

  18. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville (Vratrix)

    How about the m163 vs the BV 238

  19. the “free GE” is bullshit.

  20. Fun fact, Phly: The Flakpanzer Gepard was also used for base defence, and
    could easily take out a Leopard 2 main battle tank, if within reach ;)

  21. Come on now Phly, Sinai is pronounced ‘seye-neye’. Remember it…

  22. masker gaming chanel

    what software you use to record this game?

  23. Bf 109 G10 in air RB

  24. Play the Hunter plez, sexiest jet imo

  25. thanks for the link :D

  26. love how slickbees new fag squad came after you at the end

  27. My dad drove in that tank

  28. TheLastPXL # Daily Gaming Videos

    its so annoying that you cant transfer the ge when you are logged in with
    steam…. -.-

  29. Pika fucking Bu XD

  30. who else thinks the Gepard is the best looking tank in war thunder

  31. pls play Shilka russian machine

  32. I feel like the Russian teams have some serious difficulties in actually
    winning battles in ground forces.Its really frustrating for the Russians
    with the already horrendous gun depression and the this annoying t 54 tree
    that you mus go through to get the t 62,which is not the best competitor
    for the Leo, but at least it can confront them properly.I believe that
    Russians just need another tank(perhaps the t 64 or the Is 8, what you
    want) and Gaijin should sincerely think to fold the t 54 tech-tree and give
    the Russian players to straight to the more modern tanks.

  33. “Mig 15, Mig 15, we got a ho behind him.” First thing to pop into my mind
    was Mischa with his hoes in that music video.

  34. Shilka with IL-28!!
    For motherland bish

  35. play the M60 American heavy tank

  36. Alpha-Charles Hutchinson

    Why not try some more lesser played, or at least mentioned tanks such as
    the charioteer or the M5a1 Stuart? Show em some love!

  37. P40 and Mustang Redtails combo

  38. Official Boomtish214

    wyvern turboprop pls wolud be awesome

  39. phly i request sturter emil pls

  40. german tank destroyer

  41. It should be possible to fold the radar bowl, because the Player doun´t use
    the radar function to aim.

  42. phly is it for apple as well? (not just android)

  43. When do you do custom battles and how can i join them??

  44. Team killing? I thought that was WoT thing

  45. fly the fury plz zoom and boom

  46. DieterGebieter: Reviews, War Thunder und mehr

    lol you just stole the title from my friend video who won the WT video
    contest this week with his video “no fly zone”. Thats a new low, even for

  47. this is why I don’t play WT. Its just stupid.

  48. I wish you can shoot those guided rocket down in a cross fire with those

  49. play the Conqueror or the Conway plz since I am going to grind for one of
    them thx

  50. You need to try playing on the red team sometime.
    (edit your colors)
    It’s harder than it sounds.

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