^^| No Sleep Operations #2 ”Moist Cake”

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Funny vids, the best background music…Circon is the man!

  2. 4:43 I’d say that was proper moist!

  3. really like the blue purple symbol

  4. This dude iz fucking awesome!

  5. Was not expecting that at all ??

  6. The Salty Half-Elf Bard

    4:45 — You WILL join the balanced side.

  7. What’s the song in the background throughout the video,anyone got any idea?

  8. love it when you are having fun playing WoT. more of that pls :)

  9. awww maannn I missed these T49.memes :(

  10. 36 hour stream. Was it worth it?
    Must be torture.

  11. wow… when that Jg.Tiger got ammo-racked…. i felt his pain!
    Nice shot Circon!!

  12. 26.26.49 – voice sounds a bit ragged; look like u been rode hard and put
    away wet dude:)

  13. I like how you tried to shoot sn00ze but sn00ze is John Cena.

  14. Remarkable how closely sleep deprivation resembles inebriation sometimes.
    Eh, snooze?

  15. That ammorack… xDDD

  16. you shot the m103 over the hill then that killed his driver then you derped
    him in the butt

  17. HOLY ammo rack on the jagtiger XDDDD

  18. Nearly choked when he ammorekt the Jagtiger

  19. If not for sn00ze Circon would probably die by the end of that stream.

  20. Dat ammo rack tho….. One minute Jagdtiger, next minute DELETED!!!

    Bet the Jagdtiger driver was absolutely incandescent with rage after that!

  21. Lmao that ammorack on the jagtiger! :D

  22. 4:40 Top kek

  23. popped that JT like a grape

  24. does anyone know what the song in the beginning is called?

  25. My mom says if I get 50 likes she’ll let me out of my cage for 10 minutes.

  26. I always wonder how you feel when playing so many hours in a row. Don’t you
    melted your brain cells??

  27. oh this game was glorious xD

  28. Going live now @ http://www.twitch.tv/circon with World of Tanks! 🙂 Also for all
    you people that follow only my youtube vids, i am selling a Tshirt again @
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