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  1. what is that counter on the right? and how can i get it? xD

  2. 3rd – Sexy

  3. good meme, da

  4. Is Sn00ze manically depressed?

  5. 25th! lmao Such a weird assed game! LoL

  6. That 704 was 336m away when he got spotted in the end and a tier 8 light tank couldn’t outspot him without any bushes in the way. Good ruski camo da!

  7. That title also applies to the arty version.

  8. Circon ples play the pershing with the 105 derp or the amx40 with he ammo

  9. Nice Slovakian flag

  10. That M103 though!

  11. This was such a gigantic meme game. Sn00ze panicking and killing 2 tanks. WTF man.

  12. Did you see that m103 meme XD XAXAXAXAXA

  13. gunmark at 69% naisu

  14. NEW META for Abbey

  15. 2.462 viewer. FeelsGood

  16. ive noticed if you track someone then your ream mate re tracks them before they repair you both get tracking

  17. should have let snOOze have the ACE……..

  18. why the fuck is that ditch on that map again? just so arty can almost always take one tank with it into grave?

  19. That *RANDOM* M103 player…

  20. Do people still play this game or is it dying?

    • According to wargaming and some sites tracking the servers the numbers are growing. So this is no PR bs. New players playing and straying.

    • Daan Kraaier dying? nah

      many free 2 play game does not simply die

    • My Hentai Girl the game could easily die if people get enough of the shit WG pulls off

    • Daan Kraaier oh please

      countless Chinese free 2 play game never die
      coutless Korean free 2 play game never die

      when a game that have major servers like WoT, it is hard for the player base to drop to such a critical level

  21. What’s that little info menu just above the fire extinguisher ? Like what info is it showing us

  22. You know what would have made that even greater? The moment there were only 4ppl left on enemy team and the 3 surviving tanks on your side had 8 kills between them to invite the last dude for a CC…and on top of that Sn00ze could have had an Ace Wanker with that Arta.
    Apart from that perfectly executed 🙂

  23. you have the slave1??!!! You are awesome!! yousa bombastic circon!!!

  24. 430U Raid Boss let’s go! LMFAO ? Also the Minimap at the halfway point – there were tanks in random spots everywhere like everyone was trying to get away from everyone else. ? 7 M103s downvoted this video.

  25. T92 in AW is tier 2 LT with 76 mm gun. Yes, it rocks up and down on stops too.

  26. What is that pen calc mod? Anyone link?

  27. Fav light tank cause of that ridiculous shoot on the run ability.

  28. Loved that one guys comment about XVM sniping. Trust me my WN8 is laughable and I get with great regularity chased all around the map by arty. If arty gets your scent they just stick to you like glue. Even if you lose them and they are shooting the other side of them map the same arty guy will always come right back to you as soon as your spotted and ignore everyone else. I dunno what kind of social disease arty players have but I hope it’s fatal

  29. The machine guns are to mow down American dissidents.

  30. You could’ve given him the top gun.

  31. That M103 is the unsung hero in this clip

  32. Where is your God now? !

  33. this match is crazy fun

  34. Stalenuggets374 NL4L

    Someone time lapse the mini map with the banjo kazooie song.


  36. What’s special about this tank ? Cause from what i’v seen it looks like just an ordinary tier 8 light tank.

  37. GG. I like the moment when rusian magic happens and 704 vanish .. there should be some special effect for it .. like a magic blur / sthing like :

  38. nice middle chaos

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