No turret, just russian!

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  1. 1ste

  2. Nice game!!! More pubg anytime soon?

  3. good news, Wargaming is going to remove the Clicker shit.

  4. Dramatic music background, and he says ‘We gonna be camping assholes…’


  5. what is that song playing in the background?

  6. it’s lacking gun barrels da comrade blyat

  7. Song at 3:33 thanks

  8. cyka blyat

  9. Circon, what is the song playing in the background??? Great vid too dude!

  10. too many turretless games lately, what happened circon, are you ok?

  11. Error: Could not authenticate user

    After I got my Obj. 263 I sold my SU, I don’t like it the gun can be so derpy sometimes, E100 with its side facing me I’ll sit fully aimed at the turret I shoot and then the shell takes a nosedive and hit the tracks. When you shoot with the Obj. 263s 130mm gun with headphones it’s like angels singing in your ears.

  12. Wish I were on the EU where I could farm tier 10 heavies

  13. IMO one of, if not the best looking TD in the game.

  14. Pls wargaming nerf Circon i cant stand how rigged the mm is that everytime he is in a match his team wins. Im quiting this game!!


  15. man i dont know when circon started listening to music again on his stream, but man it makes me smile. just seems to add to it all, you know?

  16. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    wtf is that depressing Music 😀

  17. Fairly underrated TD.

  18. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I love the title <3

  19. thomasshh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Hope I get to watch these memes live tommorow!

  20. ieeezieee

  21. wheres that sub sound from?

  22. Zack hemsey – the way ??

  23. damn you Circon……………………for making this game look easy!!!!!

  24. to all those wondering the song is zack hamsey – the way i personally prefer the instrumental version which is what my brother used on his short movie

  25. Its Soviet TD, ffs. There are no russian tanks in WoT.

  26. Those snapshots though – well played.

  27. These amazing shots in the first 2 minutes <3

  28. It’s not often that you get to watch tanks evaporate

  29. 6:49 is my new sixth sense warning sound. Thanks buddy!

  30. You should’ve played Iron Maiden’s “Mother Russia” for cover 🙂

  31. do have any Sweden tanks

  32. When Circ memes strike you in the heart

  33. When I saw the fucking title and the tank he was driving I was expecting him to run circles around lights and shit insted I got depression from the music, watched a TD shoot people in the ass and camp in a bush….PERFECT!

  34. Non Turreted TD + Russian= Turreted TD, Non Turreted TD + (Nation Other then Russian)= Non Turreted TD.

    I think my math is right.

  35. Its the music of fury in the teaser !

  36. I’ve commented before Circon about using a snapping aim mod. You said you are using a vanilla client and I believe you, but I still don’t get some auto aim locks like at 3:10. Is it a replay thing?

  37. Having to grind this thing and am 50k xp from top 122 any suggestions?

  38. Is this Mass Effect 3 music? I am curled up in a ball screaming for it to stop!

  39. Trevor Renkevens

    Ayy circon wit the good grammar this time.

    I guess you listed lol. love you bro

  40. guys the time of the video is close to the reload xD

  41. Hey Sir, why do u have italian flag?

  42. Alexander Stoyanov

    I love Object 263 and the whole line as well. SU 122 54 is a great TD glad you played it circ 🙂

  43. Nice teamwork in the north.

  44. Continua così bestione che mi fai impazzì <3

  45. You should play Pershing it is not bad nether is it good

  46. This is still one of the most Sexy TD’s in WoT, shame the gun arc is so crap though.

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