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  1. I fucking hate you sometimes? You should get an achievement for making even the piece of shit JT to look good? Anyways GG as always

  2. After the greatest game ever, is any WOT replay any good anymore?


  4. So Circon, what you think… which tank is better Jagdpanzer or T-10?

  5. Indenero Indenero

    bad music. Sounds like its in a Japanese karioki bar with nobody singing.

  6. holy shit the music is so fucking perfect for this game.

  7. Reply for Jingles

  8. best player and streamer from world of tanks keep it up man you rock

  9. I’d like my jagdtiger ?️oneless

  10. 14:48

  11. When will people understand that sometimes they should do role that’s not native to that vehicle. Grille was MUCH faster than Circon and moron bushwacked… Tiger II is story for him self. Only arty did something.

  12. A little bit of Till Lindemann feeling in the hair at the end when you take off the headphones 😀

  13. The JTg is just better then the JPz E100. Its kinda sad. The only things thats any amount better is the JPz’s upper plate and burst damage. But the JTg can perma track people with its reload and better DPM

  14. Song at the begging,and 7:00

  15. One of the main reasons why i love your gameplays is the music but how can you play that music without getting a strick from Youtube?

  16. Dude!!!!! Your Self-mastering in the end ^^ WHAT A MATCH!! We love you Circon!

  17. i love the laugh?

  18. God bless the 2100 hp <3

  19. thejoedude thefirejoe

    do a game as Jgpz E100 with all HE rounds

  20. DJRuben GamingTV

    Now that is one epic game

    If arty prevents camping, then why did it only punish the only player who tried to push forward while ignoring the… campers?
    Anyway, that was a god-tier gameplay from you Circ. Keep this up

  22. the gaming pizaa

    do the T92 HMC pls that fucking monster I woona see it in the hands of a really good player pls ;D

  23. Great game, great music, great player, keep it up Circon.

  24. Don’t blame arty for having a hard-on for you when XVM is still in the game – Not only that but you have the most kills and are the most aggressive player on your team. Arty would be stupid to not focus you man… Oh look you 1-shot arty. Isn’t Artillery op?

  25. Ok, I’ll be the one to do it as they all say hello to Youtube!

    Hello, Circon’s TWITCH Followers!

  26. Because I’m an idiot:
    What could have the T-10 done better in that position? Spotting? Just not sure – thanks!

  27. Mo Turrets Mo Problems!

  28. Enemies that are eaqualy dumb like your allies results with this epic caries 🙂

  29. Niccoló Pasquale


  30. Hm the memefactory needs some Churchill GC >)

  31. I’m just about to unlock this monster… Now if only I could play as well as Circon..

  32. An honest question, did the stream die after this match or what?
    I just saw the camera go RIP, so i assume he logged off?

  33. I like how nobody in the comments say things like “holy fuck 8k damage and 9 kills and 1800 base xp” because WE ALL KNOW THIS IS FUCKING CIRCON so nobody is really surprised by that magnificent bastards gameplay :))

  34. i ws just litening to wish you were here too, gg, circ.

  35. Good to see that one of the best gun in the game is still kicking ass

  36. whats the song that starts at around 3:20?

  37. Holy shit, Pink Floyd……..god damn. Subscribed.

  38. Gotta love how that Tiger II player is 5th on XP…

  39. I’ll just say this:
    The swedish tier 9 TD is terrible compared to the Tier X. It’s like a slightly better STRV S1 that doesn’t traverse nearly as fast.

  40. Dukes The Lan Guy

    jt is still amongst my favourite tanks

  41. Wow, nj

  42. gud job babe 🙂

  43. The man… The myth…. The Circon.

  44. GG, nice carry right there. 🙂

  45. The man, the myth, the legend!

  46. Great gameplay as always! The title of the song from 14:43 please? Anyone knows? I guess the songlist would be complete then…

  47. Ah yes… the usual arty rant. Come on Circon. You’re better than this. You’re in a wounded and slow TD with the most kills in an area of the map that is practically collapsing from your attack. Go figure who they’re going to focus on regardless of “muh xvm sniping”

  48. 4 minutes just driving thats Wot Guys 😉

  49. quick question since the Russian 122s can go through the sloped swedish td armor can the German 128 also do the same?

  50. The blue Iroquoi

    What was that sound in the background

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